Rochade kids – learn chess for children

The new chess magazine for children, coaches, clubs and school chess groups

The Rochade Kids is the new chess magazine for children in the beginner and advanced level. We are the daughter magazine of the “Rochade Europa”. The first edition of Rochade Kids appeared on April 1, 2018. Since then, over 20,000 children have trained with it.

Issue 11: "Winter chess" from 12.12. erhätlich.
NEW: Special edition "Learning chess for schoolchildren"

  • Published six times a year from 2019 (there were four editions in 2018)
  • 72 pages (A4) chess adventure
  • 5 categories (tactics, strategy, opening, middle game, end game)
  • Over 350 Tasks for Beginners and advanced
  • Printed in full color with lots of colorful pictures

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Chess pieces experience adventure

The young readers are accompanied by our funny cartoon chess pieces, which were specially developed for the magazine. They experience different adventures in each issue. In issue 1, the characters invite us to their castle, have to solve tasks in the magic forest, fight dragons or venture into the ghost cellar, where it is haunted. Issues 2 & 3 are "pirate chess" and "chess in space".

100% color! Promised.

For us, chess deserves more than the usual, sometimes dreary representation in black and white printing. Children should have fun learning chess!
In the interest of the children, the Rochade Kids is therefore printed completely and exclusively in color. Promised. Starting with colorful chess diagrams, the funny cartoon characters up to a lot of colorful pictures that not only Make children’s eyes shine.

The concept

There are 6 sections in each issue: tactics, strategy, opening, middle game, endgame and puzzles. There is a child-friendly introduction to each section, followed by topic-related tasks. Each issue contains 350 exercises with different levels of difficulty, making them especially for young people
Chess players suitable for beginners and advanced players. You can collect gold coins for every correctly solved task. The value of the coin (1 to 5) also indicates the difficulty of the task. There are a total of 500 gold coins. One issue contains training material for at least 2 months.

Special offers for chess clubs and school chess groups

We offer chess clubs and schools special packages so that their children can get an idea of ​​our magazine for themselves. In the club and school package, you can order as many issues as you want for an issue. Depending on the number of booklets ordered, you will receive between 20% and 50% discount. No subscription required.


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