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Child seats from the Römer King Plus and Römer King II series

In the child seats of the model series Roman King Plus it is a top model from the manufacturer Britax Römer, which was created in 1979 from the merger of the leading manufacturers of child seats Britax and Römer. Britax Römer currently holds 36 patents in the field of child seats and child safety. 11 further patents belong to subsidiaries. The model range Roman King Plus was continued by the manufacturer with the Römer King II series. At many retailers, the top models with the designations Römer King Plus and Römer King II can be found in the product range and are also sold by the manufacturer via Internet trading portals such as Amazon and eBay. The models in the Römer King Plus and Römer King II series are characterized by high safety standards, first-class materials, ergonomics and seating comfort.

A model from the Römer King Plus series – the Britax Römer car seat DUO plus, 2015 collection

The Britax Römer car seat DUO plus is a model from the Römer King Plus series with excellent performance characteristics. The comparatively low weight of 9 kilograms enables easy handling and easy installation and removal in the vehicle. Numerous safety systems and control systems of the Britax Römer car seat DUO plus improve safety when handling. The ISOFIX system, a fastening system based on the manufacturer’s own patents, is just as applicable as the fastening of the child seat using a three-point belt. The Britax Römer car seat DUO plus can be equipped with the likewise patented Top Tether system, which is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately. It offers a third anchor point and prevents the child seat from rotating in the event of an impact.

The elaborately constructed anti-tip system under the seat made of high-quality plastics reduces the forward displacement of the seat when driving and the load values ​​in the event of an impact. The deep sidewalls ensure optimal support an upright sitting posture and high side impact protection. The special shoulder pads reduce the forward displacement in the event of an accident and absorb the impact energy. The stress values ​​for the child are reduced. The five-point belt system for fastening the child in the seat has a central belt length adjustment that can be operated with one handle. The headrests and shoulder straps can also be operated with one hand. This makes handling easier when the child is buckled up in the seat. A color indicator shows whether the ISOFIX locking arms are properly locked. Insertion aids for the ISOFIX locking arms make it easier to snap in and prevent damage to vehicle seats and protective covers. Even after buckling up the child in the Britax Römer car seat DUO plus, the seating position can be adjusted in several levels without unbuckling the child again. The well-padded, soft cover is removable and machine washable.

The Britax Römer car seat DUO plus from the Römer King Plus series is suitable for children weighing between 9 kg and 18 kg. It is therefore a child seat in group 1. It is manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Ulm. Like all models in the Römer King Plus series, the Britax Römer car seat DUO plus meets and exceeds the requirements of the law on safe child seats in cars in every respect.


  • Fastening either with the patented Römer ISOFIX system or with a 3-point belt
  • The additional Top Tether fastening system is optional possible
  • Patented anti-tip system
  • Side impact protection through deep, softly padded side bolsters
  • Special shoulder pads for energy absorption in the event of an impact
  • 5-point belt system in a child seat with central belt length adjustment
  • Multi-adjustable seating position
  • Color indicator for the secure locking of the locking arms
  • High quality, removable cover, machine washable


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