Root canal ingolstadt, dentist dr

Root canal ingolstadt, dentist dr

Modern root canal treatment (endodontics)

When a tooth needs to be saved …

In our dental office Ulmer, Valentinis & Colleagues is the long-term preservation of your teeth first of all. That’s why we do everything to save an already damaged tooth. If the disease is already advanced, provides a root canal treatment, the so-called endodontics, The last step before the dentures dar. She treated Inflammations of the tooth interior, the e.g. caused by deep tooth decay. Bacteria penetrate to the pulp and destroy the root tip.

Symptoms of root inflammation

If the disease of the tooth root is not stopped in time, the jawbone also becomes inflamed, which can lead to the infection of the entire periodontium. A root inflammation usually manifests itself in severe pain, but in some cases the patient feels almost nothing and the bacterial infection can spread further. Whether there is actually an inflammation of the tooth root can ultimately reveal only an X-ray.

In this area, one of the greatest advances in dentistry has been made in recent years, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art materials.

In the past, the diagnostic and therapeutic resources were limited and many teeth had to be removed sooner or later. Today, however, with a modern root canal treatment, the tooth can be preserved in the long term. This also applies to those teeth that used to be considered hopeless. This is achieved by the use of a dental microscope and / or a loupe. In combination with the finest instruments and high-tech methods for the preparation, disinfection and filling of the root canal, micro-fine structures and ramifications of the root canal can be found inside the tooth and treated gently.

Modern diagnostics with surgical microscope and endometry

We have modern diagnostics and treatment techniques, to give you one long-term treatment success to secure. In our dental practice in Ingolstadt we additionally carry the root canal treatment under the operating microscope up to 25x magnification through which makes even the smallest ramifications of the root canal visible and thus allows a precise treatment. With electronic measuring devices, the so-called endometry, it is also possible to measure the length and depth of the root canal and thus also the amount of the later root filling.

Sequence of a root canal treatment

Prerequisite for the root canal treatment is a dry, saliva-free and germ-free environment through a rubber dam. This is a sterile foil, which is clamped like a collar around the tooth to be treated with a metal clip. First, the dentist uses graceful handsets to access the interior of the tooth to remove inflamed tissue and bacteria. Thereafter, the tooth is cleaned with ultrasound and disinfecting rinsing solutions to subsequently seal the tooth with thermoplastic material, the root filling. The root-treated tooth is then reinforced with a dental crown to maintain its stability and withstand chewing loads.

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the tooth nerve has become inflamed or dead. This happens when bacteria, for example through a tooth decay, reach the tooth nerve. This inflammation usually manifests itself in pain, but rarely can it be painless. In both cases, however, the infected or dead tissue and the bacteria must be completely removed from the interior of the tooth and the root canal after treatment and disinfection bacteria-impermeable be filled.

What is the cost of modern root canal treatment??

Root canal treatment is complex and therefore relatively expensive. The statutory health insurance unfortunately only refunds the conventional therapy and that only under certain conditions. But one is private takeover of the costs usually cheaper than a denture that you would have to wear without a successful root canal.

You want to know more about modern root canal treatment? Arrange an appointment now in our dental practice in Ingolstadt and Manching!

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