Root canal tooth treatment

The pulp with countless fine nerve fibres lies deep in every tooth root. The filigree canals are actually well protected inside the tooth. Only one in six patients on average has had to undergo root canal treatment in recent years. “A recent study by Barmer GEK confirms our experience that careful root canal treatment is absolutely worthwhile,” explains Drs. Raymond Metz. “Nine out of ten teeth (89%) are still preserved after three years according to the study. It is important that the inflamed or dead pulp is removed completely.” In the practice clinic the canals are partially disinfected several times before they are provided with filling material and closed. “A tooth treated in this way can do its job again for decades without any problems,” says Drs. Raymond Metz.

An anniversary is always a welcome occasion to review the past. This is especially true when, like Drs. Raymond Metz, you can say: “That’s exactly how I would do it again.” 25 years ago, he laid the foundation stone for the practice clinic that is now known beyond Mülheim’s city limits. A big step “On January 13, 1986, I opened my own dental practice in Dümpten. That was a big step for me,” recalls Drs. Metz. At that time he was the only dentist in the practice, but already attached great importance to modern dentistry based on the latest scientific findings. He could rely on the support of his wife Dominique Metz. In the founding year, she established a range of prophylactic treatments based on an international model. To this day, she continues to train herself in dental prevention and periodontitis treatment. Metz completed an international education in implantology as early as 1990 and acquired the additional focus of activity of the German Society for Dental Implantology. Since then, he has been active in implantology and is constantly further educating himself.

Welcome to our “Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet”. In view of the ever-growing number of foreign patients at our clinic, our internet site is now also available in English. This offers you an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the services offered by the clinic for implantology and aesthetic dentistry ahead of your visit.

English is not the only foreign language spoken by our team, however. Whether you speak Dutch (like Drs. Raymond Metz), Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Bosnian or Portuguese, we have someone in our team who is able to speak these languages fluently and can translate for you – during your therapy, during consultations between dentist and dental technician and for the purposes of aftercare. We appreciate that it’s good to feel understood when your dental health is under discussion. We make it easy for you to communicate your wishes and ideas to us during your treatment and with regard to prophylaxis. And you can also look forward to a warm welcome in your native language!

Click here to go to the German version of the Metz – Heller – Alfers website. We look forward to seeing you!

Your Clinic for implantology and aesthetic dentistry

Our services extend from prophylaxis through implantology and aesthetic treatments to the dental laboratory

Take a look at the services we offer ahead of your visit to our clinic for implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

Our dentists are Masters of Science in Implantology and Masters of Oral Medicine and work according to the very latest standards in international dentistry. The modernly equipped Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet offers the entire range of dental care facilities under one roof, from our dental laboratory through the separate prophylaxis rooms to the operating section. We undergo external checks on a regular basis and are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 / 2000.

Perfect dental aesthetics

We are specialised in the implantation of artificial roots (dental implants) and apply aesthetic treatment methods to achieve perfect dental aesthetics. Methods employed here include all-ceramic crowns, ceramic veneers and bleaching.

Production of your dentures at our in-house dental laboratory

Our experienced dental technicians will be pleased to advise you on the colour and form of your new teeth during your treatment. Your dentures will then be produced at our in-house laboratory.

Our separate prophylaxis area offers effective preventive programmes to preserve the dental health of children, young people and adults.

Our perfectly trained treatment team will ensure that your visit to our clinic is a comfortable and pleasant experience. Extended opening times, the possibility of arranging appointments in the evening or on Saturdays and free parking facilities for patients round off our scope of services.

Our Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet has been awarded the distinction “Dental High Care Center”

“Dental High Care” stands for quality, innovation and sustainability. The universities of Hanover and Marburg only certify dental practices which guarantee their patients the highest possible standard of treatment through ongoing training and skill development and application of the latest scientific findings. The cutting-edge concept applied at our clinic meets these stringent criteria, making us one of only nine dental practices in the whole of Germany to receive the “Dental High Care Center” seal of approval.

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