Root canal treatment root canal treatment frankfurt westend – dentist westend frankfurt dr

Root canal treatment root canal treatment frankfurt westend - dentist westend frankfurt dr

Root Canal: Get your own teeth

Avoid high costs for dentures and implants

Teeth inside have a cavity filled with blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. This is called in the jargon as "pulp" and colloquially as "tooth nerve". The pulp consists of a larger upper part, the so-called. "coronal", and very fine canaliculi in the roots of the tooth (see picture – click to enlarge).

  • What is a root canal treatment??
  • When and why do you have to do it??
  • How does the treatment work?
  • Is she painful?
  • The cashier pays such treatments?
  • Why can you save money with a root canal treatment?

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What is a root canal treatment?

If root canal treatment is needed (you will learn more about the reasons), the pulp must be completely removed and the cavity in the tooth thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Then he is with a so-called. root filling closed as possible bacteria-tight. Because the pulp and canaliculi are extremely small and narrow, root canal treatments are among the most demanding activities of the dentist because of their difficulty.

By the way, in the field of dentistry, the field of root canal treatment is considered endodontics (sometimes called endodontics)designated.

When and why you have to do a root canal treatment?

The most common reasons are a strong one Caries (Tooth rot with deep hole in the tooth) or one tooth injury by accident. Both can cause a tooth nerve to become inflamed and extremely painful. He can also die unnoticed. In such cases, the inflamed or dead nerve must be removed. Why?

The tooth nerve would decompose ("rot") and could cause further pain and inflammation in the jaw and in the whole organism.

How does the root canal treatment work??

After previous anesthesia, the tooth is opened from above and the pulp is exposed. Then the pulp tissue is completely removed with special instruments and the cavity is disinfected. In some cases, it may take a few days to make a medical injection into the tooth to calm it down.

Then the inside of the tooth is pushed to just before the root tip (s) with a so-called. root filling filled. Mostly it will be for that gutta-percha used – a kind of natural rubber, which is obtained from a tropical tree. The goal is to prevent the interior of the tooth from leaving any cavities where bacteria could multiply. Otherwise it could come back to inflammation and pain.

Root canal treatment is not painful?

Root canal treatments are generally performed with anesthesia. That’s why they are usually not painful. In rare cases (when a tooth nerve is severely inflamed), pain may occur for a short time despite the anesthetic during treatment.

Paid the cash desk root treatments?

Statutory health insurance funds cover the costs for root canal treatments according to the principle "adequate, appropriate and economical". That means they pay the bare minimum. Unfortunately, this is not always enough to ensure the long-term success of root canal treatment.

With modern treatment and filling techniques root canal treatments can be performed better and more successfully. This increases the likelihood that a root-treated tooth will last longer. Such additional measures may be required by law. You then have to pay for it yourself. Private health insurance companies usually also cover the costs of modern treatment methods.

Why can you save money with a root canal treatment?

For severely inflamed or dead tooth nerves, there are only two alternatives:

The cost of an implant with a crown or a bridge is a multiple of the additional payment for a modern root canal treatment. So you can not only save money with it. You also keep your own tooth.

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