Run to the city dear people

"Run to the city dear people, there are many to see today"

The beginning of the song by Rolf Krenzer and Hans-Werner Clasen, who describes Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, was the main theme of the Easter celebrations in our kindergarten this year.
As a Protestant institution, biblical belong Stories about an integral part of our educational work. Therefore, the children get an early insight into the life of Jesus, the relationship to God and the Church. You will experience the feeling of security and security in faith.
Every year Easter gives us reason to trust God’s love and to experience warmth in the community.
With the many stories such as B. von Zachäus, Bartimäus, and the healing of the paralyzed, the existence of Jesus is described for the children and made tangible for the present time. The story of the entry into Jerusalem was worked out in particular. The children experienced with all their senses how Jesus felt then; First of all, the enthusiasm of the people, suddenly the darkness, the change and the hostility that met him, up to the capture and crucifixion, but then of course the relief and joy about the resurrection and the hope for the new life.

A service designed by Pastor Geißler rounded off the topic. Together they went deeper into what had been discussed in the weeks before, in a descriptive and child-friendly way with laying material and meditative music. The knowledge of the children and the stories of Pastor Geißler complemented each other perfectly and made the service a very special highlight of Easter.

It is also possible to introduce children to difficult, uncomfortable and even sad topics, which is valuable for their development.
Pentecost, the next ecclesiastical festival, gives the children an insight into the origins of the church. Although it is processed shorter than other festivals, it rounds off Jesus’ path of life and the relationship it creates for us with the Church and faith.

Our other dates, which are still pending and which we look forward to with pleasure:

May 31st & June 5th, a group takes a trip to the zoo in Karlsruhe.

Our school visit this year is on June 14th, during which the preschool children can take part in a lesson and then visit the school building.

On June 23, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., our summer party takes place in kindergarten, and then there are big steps towards the end of the kindergarten year and for many families towards the end of kindergarten time.

Our preschool children will travel by bus and train to Heidelberg Castle on July 4th and on July 13th they will be invited to visit the Mayor in the town hall.

On July 25th we organize a farewell party from and with the preschool children and then an eventful kindergarten year ends the following week with the last kindergarten day before the summer holidays on August 3rd.

But there is still time until then to experience a lot of beautiful and exciting things together.

Greetings to you all from the heart,
Your kindergarten team from the Probsterwald Evangelical Kindergarten


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