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The hiking tour this year led into the Northern Black Forest. The “Panorama Hut” in Schwarzenberg, a district of Baiersbronn, was that selected destination of the hikers. The regional train, S-Bahn and bus made it easy to get to and near the destination. There, the 16-strong hiking group divided into three groups to cover the rest of the route on trails with different performance requirements. Impressed by the lovely mountain landscape, with fascinating views of the Murgtal, the hikers finally gathered in the beautifully situated "Panorama Hut" to end the tour in a convivial atmosphere. The well-stocked hut kitchen, which had something to offer for every taste, ensured the quick regeneration of the hungry participants. At an advanced hour it was the shortest way to Schwarzenberg and back by public transport back home.

Many thanks to Wilmut Klein and Dieter Hengst for the great planning and organization.

Hiking group arrived safely in Friedrichstal

Magnificent view from "Engagement rock" on Schönmünzach

Panorama-Stüble in Schwarzenberg

Last Friday afternoon, in the "Kaiserwetter", at the singer hall, the 11-person group of cyclists started the 30 km long circuit with great anticipation. In view of the sweaty temperatures, shady paths through forest areas were selected as far as possible. Via Friedrichstaler Alle, Postreiterweg and Grabener Allee we went to Eggenstein and then on to the banks of the Rhine, the idyllic "Belle". After a short stopover, we continued along the flood dam to Leopoldshafen and to the stage destination, a popular pub with a private brewery. With refreshing drinks, delicacies from the house and relaxed conversations, the time passed until the planned onward journey flies. The rest of the way to Friedrichstal was tackled well strengthened. Once there, the cyclists ended the interesting and varied afternoon in a beer garden.

Thanks to our 1st chairman Dieter Hengst for the successful organization.

Rhine bank with the idyllic "Belle"

Sängerbund holiday program Barbecue evening at the singer hall

On Tuesday, July 30th, our popular barbecue evening took place for the 7th time, in addition numerous singers and friends of our club came together. After a short greeting from our 1st chairman Dieter Hengst, you could enjoy good grilled food and deliciously prepared salads in a relaxed atmosphere and with lively discussions. Many thanks – once again – to the hardworking team around Anne Lichtenwalter for the good organization of this successful evening.

The future offspring in our choirs??

summer break!

In our last singing lesson before the summer break, our first chairman Dieter Hengst briefly reviewed the first half of the year and thanked Anne Lichtenwalter and her team for the good organization of this evening, which we spent in a cozy atmosphere. We were able to enjoy a variety of goodies. These were lovingly prepared by the singers and were available at the buffet for self-service. A great start to your vacation.

Last choir rehearsal with our mixed choir.

…. then a cozy get-together with great dishes from the buffet

Women’s choir trip to Blaubeuren

Last Saturday 27 travel-loving singers and friends met for a day trip to Blaubeuren. The initially cloudy weather did not dampen our good mood, especially since the weather god meant it better and better with us during the day.

Before we started our city tour in Blaubeuren, we still had time. So we explored the extraordinarily pretty medieval town in small groups before a very competent tour guide introduced us to the historical and architectural works of art in an interesting way. In the monastery church with its famous altar we sang a song – "Let’s sing together …" – and were very amazed by the excellent acoustics.

In the early afternoon, when the sun was shining, the "beautiful Lau" greeted us at the really (turquoise) blue blue pot and told us a lot of interesting things about her life. She emphasized that her life had not ended where Eduard Mörike’s version of the old saga ended his story.

Since we still had some time to go home, some took the opportunity to watch a film in the museum about the underwater beauties of the blue pot.

After a comfortable drive home we arrived tired but very satisfied in Friedrichstal, which greeted us with heavy rain.

We would like to warmly thank our singer and women’s representative Anne Perl thank you for the good organization and planning of this excursion.

Female choir performance at Singing Festival of Unity Hochstetten

On Sunday, July 7th, our women’s choir participated in the Singing Festival of Unity Hochstetten. In front of numerous listeners who appeared in the marquee, we sang the German folk style under the direction of our choir director Aldo Martinez "Pagliacci" in the arrangement of Pasquale Thibaut and Nena the song "Somehow, somewhere, sometime". At the end of our very successful performance we heard our well-known and very lively sung "Egon", arranged by Uli Kofler, who received a lot of applause.

"Sing & Swing ”in Linkenheim

At midsummer temperatures the performance of the choir formation “Sing&Swing ”at the village festival in Linkenheim, on Sunday afternoon, was a sweaty affair. The friends of the Singers’ Association Linkenheim had invited to this. However, the afternoon heat had no adverse effects on the choir members, who, as always, were motivated and highly focused. Under the direction of Aldo Martinez, world-famous hits from pop music, such as "Skyfall" or "You raise me up" performed both sensitively and spiritedly. In the two pop songs "That’s what Friends Are For" and the hit by Michael Jackson "Heal the World", the two choral soloists Salomea and Martina convinced with clear and sonorous voice guidance. The well-behaved moderator Mathias from the host association skilfully provided the connecting and accompanying words for the respective songs.

Appearance at the "Asparagus Festival"

The women’s choir and the men’s choir took part in the "Asparagus Festival" of the Liederkranz Friedrichstal, in friendship singing on Sunday evening. The evening program was co-designed with other guest choirs with atmospheric songs to match this choral musical end of the festival outdoors. Under the direction of Aldo Martinez, the women’s choir sang modern choral pieces by Helene Fischer and Nena and very catchy the catchy tune "Egon". The musical end of the event was set by the men’s choir together with the singers of Eintracht Spöck and the joint choir director Aldo Martinez. Especially the powerful "Chianti song" really fit into this festive atmosphere and was particularly well received by the audience. The attentive audience honored the singing contributions with a lot of applause.

General Assembly from March 26th, 2019

After the numerous members who had accepted the administration’s invitation to a joint dinner and enjoyed it very much, the first chairman, Dieter Hengst, opened the general meeting after a lecture by the women’s choir under the direction of Aldo Martinez. He reviewed the past year with our various events and appearances and gave a brief outlook not only of 2019, but also of the coming year 2020, in which three anniversaries are imminent: Our club celebrates its 110th anniversary, ours The women’s choir has been around for 40 years and our singer hall has been around for 50 years. Finally, Dieter Hengst thanked the choir director and all members for their great commitment to the association.

Then our secretary, André Härtl, gave his detailed review of all vocal and non-vocal activities in the usual skillful manner. The subsequent slide show, compiled by our managing director Jürgen Lichtenwalter, reminded us with many beautiful pictures of some interesting events of the past club year. He then informed us in detail and very precisely about the – quite gratifying – financial situation of our association. He also thanked the members for their commitment.

The award of numerous singers for hard-working singing lessons and a lecture by the men’s choir under the direction of Jürgen Lichtenwalter led to the end of the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

Looking back at our Christmas party on December 18, 2018:

Our first chairman, Dieter Hengst, welcomed the numerous singers and passive members to our singing hall decorated for Christmas. In his review of the year, he discussed our events in 2018 and thanked everyone for their numerous work assignments, without which such companies would not be possible.

Lectures by the women’s choir, the men’s choir and sing & Swing was loosened up by a special lecture by our singer Winfried Goldschmidt, contemplative thoughts for Christmas, recited by Renate Dörflinger, and a humorous sketch, performed by Anne Perl and Renate Dörflinger.

A special highlight was the honors of a singer and four singers for singing in a choir. The chairman of the choir association Gruppe Hardt, Wolfgang Weisel, gave the honors, combined with friendly words of thanks.

For 65 years of active singing, a certificate and badge of honor were awarded:

Karl Schneider, Wilmut Klein and Klaus Novak, who unfortunately could not personally receive the award due to illness.

Choir singing for 40 years Joachim Hornung a certificate, as well Marianne Ritschel for 25 years. The association joined the congratulations and presented a small present. All foreign singers also received one.

At the end of the official part of the evening, Dieter Hengst briefly commented on the coming year and particularly pointed out that our singer hall will be half a century old in 2019, which should then be celebrated properly. He wished everyone a blessed Christmas and all the best for 2019. Afterwards the buffet was opened and everyone enjoyed the wonderful delicacies in lively conversations.


The call for donations for the "Association for the Support of the Oncological Department of the Children’s Hospital Karlsruhe e.V." (FUoKK), as part of the "Golden Autumn" music evening, brought great results. So last week overall 1,100.- EURO be transferred to the association. The symbolic check was handed over at the headquarters of the association, in the Karlsruhe Children’s Hospital, by the two board members Dieter Hengst and Jürgen Lichtenwalter. Ms. Knoll, the chairwoman of the association, warmly thanked you for your generous support through the Singers’ Association ”and also among the donors on the music evening. Mrs. Knoll emphasized the meaning and purpose of her organization and emphasized that the donations are only made available for the medical and social care of seriously ill children. The vocal group says "thank you" for supporting its fundraiser.

Women’s choir sings at the anniversary

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Edelberg house on Saturday, August 11th, 2018, the women’s choir under the direction of our vocal conductor Heidi Winter enriched the anniversary celebrations with a successful performance. Between each of our four songs, our singer and well-known dialect poet Else Gorenflo performed funny and thoughtful things from the past and present written by her. Like our choir, it was rewarded with much applause.

Singers Association – holiday program 2018


The hike offered as part of the Sängerbund holiday program was a “pure men’s business”. Last Friday, 28 bright legs, 28 men’s legs made their way to Unteröwisheim in regular buses and S-Bahn trains to explore the hilly Kraichgau landscape on the 3-source circular route. As the name suggests, the well-signposted path led past three natural water sources. It was possible to marvel at both bursting fruit trees on the edge of the path and quaint and shady ravines. At the end of the varied hike, the heat-stricken hikers literally longed for the intended stop at the local broom business. The extensive food u. The drinks menu had the right offer for every taste and soon made the group happy. As a result, the time until the planned journey home went by quickly. After an interesting and entertaining day, public transport brought the cheerful group back home safely.

Many thanks to Dieter Hengst for organizing the bike tour and the singer hike

Cycling tour

The 2nd day of the Singers Association holiday program was reserved for cyclists touring this time. Last Friday, in the early afternoon, the cheerful group of cyclists started at the singer hall. Away from road traffic, we went on well-developed economic paths through forest and fields to the Rhine and then a few kilometers along the Rhine. The first stage goal, a cozy brewery restaurant, was driven after about 20 km. The personal energy losses were rebuilt with refreshing drinks and delicious dishes. After a long rest, the cyclists set off on their journey home with renewed momentum. All in all, it was a little more than 30 km that the cyclists covered after arriving at their hometown. With a stop at a local catering business, a nice and entertaining holiday program m-day came to an end.


The barbecue evening took place for the 6th time on July 31st. In addition, despite the warm temperatures, many members and guests came to spend a few enjoyable hours at the forest fairground and enjoy the delicious menu with cool drinks. Special thanks go to the Lichtenwalter team for making it possible for us to have this wonderful evening.

General meeting of the GV Sängerbund Friedrichstal on March 20, 2018

At the annual general meeting of the GV Sängerbund Friedrichstal, a large number of active and passive members were already in the singer hall for a meal at 6.30pm.

The first chairman, Dieter Hengst, opened the meeting at 7.30 p.m. and welcomed the numerous members and guests after a song by the women’s choir under the direction of the conductor Aldo Martinez. At the beginning there was a minute’s silence and a song by the men’s choir to commemorate the deceased from among the members.

In the year in review of the first chairman, the many events and special events came up, which could be mastered with choral performances and through the tireless work of the well-rehearsed "crew". A main point was of course also the handover of the business operations of the hall to the tenant couple Frank through a lease agreement, which has already been extremely committed and pleasantly cooperative with renovation and redesign work.

Secretary André Härtl provided an overview of all the important activities of the association of singers – whereby social events such as excursions and hikes etc. were recalled and documented by photos. In addition to the Kerwe, market square festival, Christmas market and song recital, particular emphasis was placed on the successful participation of some singers as tobacco threaders (under Else Gorenflo) in the successful Blankenloch drama “Lenin in Stutensee”.

The statistics of active singers gave a drop of bitterness: Unfortunately, there has been a decline in men. The number of singers, however, increased gratifyingly last year.

A central point in the annual report of our long-time managing director Jürgen Lichtenwalter was the lease to the Frank couple, which went to their absolute satisfaction. The economic report (controlled by the auditors) showed a healthy financial basis for the association. The reporting party pointed out renovation needs that must be tackled promptly. In this regard, his urgent appeal was especially to the young members of the club to contribute responsibly! He especially thanked the "Pensioners team" (!) for many special operations. The helpers were also recognized and valued in all areas. Special thanks to his "irreplaceable family".

Kurt Gorenflo carried out the unanimous discharge of the entire board.

Many members could be honored for years of regular rehearsals. After a song by the men’s choir under the baton of Jürgen Lichtenwalter, new elections were due:

The first chairman Dieter Hengst and the first managing director Jürgen Lichtenwalter were confirmed in office. Hans-Joachim Vollmer was elected as his deputy. The remaining members of the Board of Directors were confirmed in their functions by re-election. Unfortunately, both the popular director of the women’s choir – Elisabeth Hornung – and the longstanding meritorious press attendant Joachim Hornung resigned from their positions due to age and were given a present; Susanne Dressler was newly elected as press attendant and Anne Perl as board member of the women’s choir. After an additional request from Kurt Gorenflo, Heidi Winter was elected as another vice conductor of the choir by acclamation.

With the best wishes for the new year of singing and recovery wishes for the The first chairman Dieter Hengst ended the general meeting of patients in our choir. (BM)

Successful appearance at the summer festival of "Hochstetten unity"

With our male and female choir, under the direction of our choir director Aldo Martinez, we participated in the musical morning pint.

With clear voices, the singers interpreted "On the wings of love", "A light shines brightly in the dark" and spread with Max Raabe’s "That is no problem for women", a cheerful atmosphere in the crowded marquee.

The male choir also impressed with two successful song lectures and brought much joy to the audience.

At the end of the musical morning pint, the men’s choir of Eintracht Spöck, Friendship Völkersbach and the Sängerbund Friedrichstal presented themselves on the stage under the direction of their choir director Aldo Martinez.


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