Safari with children – family vacation in africa, rhino africa

Safari with children - family vacation in africa, rhino africa

Safari with children

The highlight of your African vacation with children

An African vacation with children, including a safari, is a unique, impressive experience that leaves unforgettable memories with all family members. From toddlers to teenagers to parents all have different needs and desires, which should also be fulfilled on an adventurous experience in the bush and in the savannah. When putting together your safari tour, we take into account points such as cross-family entertainment, correspondingly large accommodations, common activities, moderate driving distances and of course a child-friendly environment. Our travel experts will assist you with the planning in order to fulfill all your wishes and those of your children and to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

What to consider on a safari with children and what activities are offered

Since not every lodge is suitable for all age groups, it is important to choose accommodation that is family-friendly, offers a special program for a safari with children of all ages, and guarantees maximum security. Based on the expert knowledge of our travel advisors, we can help you choose the right lodges. Children gather a lot of impressions on a safari. It is therefore recommended to combine a safari with a beach holiday so that your offspring have enough time to fully process these impressions.

The best time to go on a safari with children depends, of course, on your travel destination. If you don’t want to travel to a specific country, you can find a suitable time each month for one of our travel destinations in Africa. If you already know where to go, it is best to travel during the cooler, dry months, as this is the most comfortable for you and your children.

Specialized lodges in South Africa or Botswana, for example, offer numerous child-friendly programs: from various games, learning, outdoor, sports and art activities, game drives with the whole family, bush walks, "junior ranger" training and scavenger hunts to offers such as a children’s club or a children’s pool. While your children spend adventurous hours, you can relax in the spa with a massage or by the pool, or simply enjoy the luxury with a romantic meal.

Ideal accommodations for a safari with children

These are some of our selected favorite accommodations that offer a variety of child-friendly activities and guarantee an exceptional family experience.

The Londolozi Varty and Founders Camp in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve near the Kruger National Park are perfect for a safari with children from the age of six. The diverse children’s program consists not only of fun activities, but also of educational offers where your children can learn more about Africa, wildlife and survival in the wild.

The highlight of the Gondwana Family Lodge is the “Kids on Safari"-Program: Various outdoor activities are offered for children of all ages. Your offspring can take part in an educational trail, design their own cave paintings and take part in various social, sports and art activities such as the production of chains, potters or astronomy.

The Madikwe Safari Lodge in the north of South Africa is one of the newest lodges in the region and is particularly family-friendly. In addition to special family game drives, there are numerous bush activities in which the children can playfully approach the wilderness. The stay is free for children under the age of six.

Find more child-friendly lodges here or contact our travel advisors to book your safari with children and experience an unforgettable family vacation.

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