Safety 1st roadmaster set – travel system

Type: Kombikinderwagen
Seat with rest position: Yes

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A travel system for every trunk, but not for every car seat

The Safety 1st Roadmaster Set travel system can be folded in two easy steps and reassembled just as quickly. A clear advantage of this model is the fact that when folded, it can be easily carried in the trunk even in a small car. The child seat adapter for Maxi Cosi is included, but does not fit every car seat.

Travel system means that the Safety 1st Roadmaster can be transformed into a station wagon, sports car or buggy if required. Thanks to these versatile applications, the child can be born from to Kindergarten transport in this stroller. The small front wheels are very agile, which is particularly practical in shops or on the road. The Safety 1st model is equipped with pneumatic wheels. That is perfectly fine for the city. Nevertheless, one should be careful not to overlook broken glass or the like so as not to risk a flat tire.

Overall, the travel system Safety 1st Roadmaster Set makes a very positive impression. It is a reliable, multifunctional stroller for the big city.

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The Safety 1st child buggy has a padded backrest, which can be adjusted to a comfortable, relaxed position .

Customer reviews (175) on Safety 1st Roadmaster Set – travel system

If you buy cheap, you buy 2 times. Try in the store. read reviews.

  • Advantages: simple construction
  • Disadvantages: unstable, small shopping basket
  • Suitable for: infant
  • I am: parents

We bought this car used and I was annoyed. I would have bought new.
It is normal for a car to show signs of wear and tear, but when it comes to construction I don’t need to be surprised. But unfortunately you only see it when it’s too late.
The shopping basket is much too small, so if you stuff too much stuff, the bag will drag on the front wheels. Conclusion: the fabric rubs through.
The front wheels have (for whatever reason) small fenders! In winter when there is snow, everything gets stuck in there and the car can only be pushed over the snow instead of being rolled.
the sundeck leaves no longer lock themselves completely when folding up, so that the sun always shines in.
The tub is so small that my little one didn’t fit in at 7-8 months and we had to use the buggy attachment. Unfortunately it was still March and we couldn’t use a beanbag without problems.
And finally: The push bar, which can be reduced in size, broke on the right side a week ago, so that I only push and pull with the left side of the car. (DANGER TO LIFE if I want to pull the car and child up the stairs.
I am currently ordering a new buggy on the Internet, but this time I am really reading the experience report.

Totally fine for the price

  • Advantages: easy handling, simple construction
  • Disadvantages: small shopping basket
  • Suitable for: short trips, infants and toddlers
  • I am: parents

We chose this stroller because I have a small car and the one I chose didn’t fit. This fits wonderfully, can be quickly folded up and set up easily.
The front wheel suspension is. OK. You can see that there are feathers in there, but they are so tight that they only move when you apply more pressure, that’s why "rattles" he something if you over paving stone or the like. moves.
What bothers me is that from the beginning the KiWa had a light egg in the rear wheel and the heavier the child is, the more the big wheels tilt towards the X. But I have to say that I travel a lot with it. And what is also annoying is that when you have to go over the curb or a few steps up / down that it creaks on the handlebar. And the shopping basket could be a little bigger.

I have to say about the belts that the company made improvements! I have a belt system that can be taken apart with clips. A footmuff can also be attached this way!

All in all, this KiWa is really completely okay and qualitatively ok for its price!

Qualitatively disappointing

  • Advantages: simple construction
  • Disadvantages: unstable
  • Suitable for: short trips, infant
  • I am: parents

If the article is a little bit back, I would also like to write down my experiences with this stroller.
The price is positive. The fact that the baby seat fits on it made it easier for us to do our shopping at the beginning.
Unfortunately there are two major shortcomings in my view. For one thing, unfortunately, no footmuff fits in the buggy attachment. This shortcoming has probably been remedied with the newer model – unfortunately that doesn’t help us anymore.
I find the bad quality of the bikes and their mounting much worse. We are not big walkers, but we were out regularly on weekends. After 1.5 years, ours daughter is old, the car is useless for a second child, even though we haven’t been using it for half a year. In plain language, this means that after about a year the wheels are just scrap – especially the rear wheels. We switched to a small buggy at the beginning of the year. We could at least use a footmuff.
Now the second child is on the way and we need a new stroller. So the positive (the cheap price) is completely obsolete.
Suspension is nonexistent.
Annoying and a shame! And no chance that anything could be changed about it.


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