Salary: what does a kindergarten teacher earn in austria?

What does a kindergarten teacher deserve? For many years, the law has stipulated the obligation to visit a childcare facility. The mostly half-day visit to kindergarten means that our children spend around 20 hours a week there. We put the little ones in the care of professional educators who take care of the child’s well-being. The question that often arises is how much the people we trust so much actually earn.

Kindergarten teachers’ salary: How much does a kindergarten teacher earn??

Kindergarten teachers earn 1.3x more on average than the median wage in Austria. Compared to the statutory minimum wage, this is almost twice as much.

With an average Gross salary of € 29,156 per year Kindergarten teachers achieve an gross hourly wage of around € 15. A look at the gross net calculator shows that this is net 1,526.49 € monthly are. Holiday and Christmas bonuses are of course also tax-privileged.

A general comparison between the federal states shows that Vorarlberg best pays its kindergarten teachers:

  • In Vorarlberg the average gross monthly wage is € 1,959.
  • Kindergarten teachers are second in terms of salary upper Austria. Your average monthly wage is € 1,837 gross.
  • Lower Austria and Salzburg are close together. While an average gross monthly wage of € 1,824 prevails in Salzburg, it is € 1,823 in Lower Austria.
  • Tirol is in the good midfield with € 1,807 gross per month.
  • In Vienna Kindergarten teachers earn an average of € 1,795 gross per month.
  • The Styria takes the third to last position with a gross monthly wage of € 1,733.
  • Then follows Carinthia with the average gross monthly wage of € 1,728.
  • Burgenland comes in last with an average gross monthly wage of € 1,715.

The average salary is calculated on the basis of professional experience of 11 to 15 years. This also means that the starting salary for kindergarten teachers is usually significantly lower.

Work experience has the greatest impact on salary

There are hardly any allowances for kindergarten teachers, since there is no question of night or weekend work anyway. Instead, professional experience is decisive for how high the gross monthly wages can be. Furthermore, the average salary is then based on the respective federal state. However, it should not be forgotten at this point that different living conditions and living costs prevail in every federal state of Austria.

So what are the conditions to get a high salary as a kindergarten teacher?

  • The starting salary of a kindergarten teacher who has just completed her apprenticeship is between € 26,900 and € 29,800 gross yearly.
  • The first big jump takes place after 20 years of service. From this point on, the average annual salary is roughly € 37,800 gross.
  • After 40 years of professional experience, the next leap follows. Here the annual gross amount already amounts to € 53,000.

However, the federal states have been making constant changes since 2016. The starting salary in Salzburg was raised to a minimum of € 32,000 gross in 2018.

The employment relationship also exists during the holidays

Kindergarten teachers are often also active during school holidays. In Vienna, for example, the fewest closing days exist. Here, every third facility is already open all the time to accommodate working parents.

In other federal states there is usually a summer break of three to four weeks. The kindergarten itself always provides more detailed information. There is no uniform regulation. However, it is clear that kindergarten teachers usually have to arrange their vacation after the vacation. The employment relationship remains intact. Partly consists also the need to make seasonal preparations during the holiday season when the kindergarten is closed. The individual federal states are responsible for regulating such framework conditions.


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