Salt dough – a secret tip

This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift or last minute gift for the whole family

Salt dough! Children, you can make beautiful gifts for the whole family (for example: Mother’s Day is just around the corner)

The perfect gift or last minute gift for the whole family.

Since Bloggi lives with us, I get to know so nice craft ideas. I know salt dough from my kindergarten time, but that was more like the handprint. Today you can decorate the salt dough particles so beautifully. The pictures look great, right? Which mom, dad, grandparents and friends are not happy about these adorable little artworks? And I love the salt dough pieces lovingly designed by Frieda and Bloggi as decoration in the kitchen.

Making salt dough: what do I need?

  1. Salt, about 1 cup
  2. Flour, about 2 cups
  3. Water, about 1 cup
  4. bowl
  5. Baking paper for the table, if you like
  6. cutters
  7. Easter egg stencil by Bloggi (HERE a ls pdf to download)
  8. Wooden stick for holes, so that you can also hang the pendants
  9. Plakafarbe
  10. brush
  11. EXTRAS: felt-tip pens, stickers, beads, pencil with eraser, colorful pipe cleaners, fashion podge, tissue paper, gift ribbons

Making salt dough: how does it work??

Salt dough is quick and easy. You take a large bowl and pour all ingredients into it. Water, flour, salt. Make sure it’s a decent bread dough. Not too liquid! Always help with flour and salt. You’ll get a feel for the salt dough, I’m sure! So friends and then you hit the salt dough on the table, preferably on a baking paper and then it is called: KRACH MAKE!

With full force you try to push the dough flat. Make sure he gets a nice thickness. Not too thin, you did not want to give a stamp and do not want to fat, then the trailer stops at any bouquet or always turns in the wrong direction. Hahahaha. Do you know that?

If it looks perfect to you, you will take your forms (only for Easter => Bloggi’s Papp-E i (Download it here). Now it’s your turn! Cut out, cut out, cut out … and do not forget: If you want to make pendants, you have to drill clean holes into the particles with a wooden stick! After that it is too late.

If you have made enough salt dough gifts, then go under the supervision of an adult at 180 degrees for 1-2 hours (depending on the thickness) in the oven.

You can also let the particles dry for a day and then put them into the oven the next day and then start working. Also handy if you want to do something different after the many pruning &# 128521;

Then comes the most beautiful part. We decorate our salt dough artworks! See what you can find in the house. Beautiful bows, pearls, plak color, pins, stickers. Be creative!

We proudly present you here (the bloggers are already running away from the sweaty pearls &# 128521; our souvenirs and gifts for the whole family:

Idea for Mother‘s Day: STAMPS

Idea: Modge Podge with tissue paper for Mother‘s Day:

Idea: with loops

Idea: with pipe cleaners and pearls, here’s an idea for Easter:

Have fun and delighted Nadine and Bloggi remain

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