Samsonite croco children’s suitcase tested

Well this crocodile looks cheeky! The Samsonite children’s suitcase from the from the Funny Face series will immediately take the little explorers to their hearts. On the front of the case, the cute crocodile looks out into the world. An address tag is hidden under his fabric teeth. If you open the case, there is space for a total of 27.5 liters of luggage – as much as in a medium-sized backpack. The children’s trolley was manufactured exactly according to the guidelines of the international flight authority IATA and, with its dimensions of 39 x 50 x 20 cm, fits in hand luggage – even with low-cost airlines. This is a big plus because many children don’t like to drop off their favorite suitcase at the airport. And the rough handling of luggage often proves them right. All the better that the Samsonite Funny Face Croco children’s case can be on board.

Good workmanship and funny design

The travel companion for the kids is made of high quality 300 x 300 DEN polyester and is therefore easy to wipe off. Whether as a present for a larger one vacation or as the first children’s suitcase for the offspring, the luggage from Samsonite Funny Face makes a good impression and is ideal for children who can carry their utensils themselves. The models shown here also offer a handy alternative to the usual travel backpacks for children, since the content can be easily pushed around on two wheels. There is variety in the designs: Instead of the cheeky crocodile, a cute ladybug, a hardworking bee or a clever owl are also available as children’s cases.

Do not overload, otherwise the Samsonite children’s trolley will be heavy

In practice, it has proven effective not to overload the Samsonite children’s case. Otherwise the Samsonite Funny Face Croco is more tough than dynamic. It is best to try with your child after packing to see if they can still move the suitcase well. Otherwise it may have to be repacked – or some things will necessarily stay at home. The material itself can also cope with higher weight. Only during transport you have to make compromises when fully packed.

Side and rear view of the Samsonite children’s trolley Croco

Our conclusion on the Samsonite Funny Face Croco children’s case

Samsonite has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of travel trolleys for adults. This expertise can also be seen in the Samsonite children’s case. The funny design (e.g. crocodile, ladybird, bee or owl) hides a solid, processed case with a polyester cover. This has the advantage that even with a full suitcase, a T-shirt or pajamas extra fits. Hard shell models tend to have a faster layer in the shaft at this point. The Samsonite children’s trolley can be easily pulled by the little ones behind the handlebar. However, some customers complain that the telescopic rod cannot be determined. Also, the children’s suitcase should not be loaded too heavily, otherwise it can only be pulled with difficulty. All in all, this model is recommended for children from 3 years. Some parents report that their 2-year-old child is already getting along with the Samsonite Croco children’s case. Here you should simply decide for yourself how far your own offspring is …

Facts about the Samsonite children’s suitcase

  • Dimensions: 39 x 50 x 20 cm (27.5 liters)
  • Rolls: 2 pieces
  • Material: High quality polyester, extremely tear-resistant, resistant and water-repellent
  • Equipment: pocket on the back, packing straps, telescopic linkage

Unfortunately, the Samsonite "Croco children’s case" is no longer available. But there are various alternatives from the popular manufacturer.


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