Sanibel Island in southwest florida

Sanibel Island

A beautiful island in Florida is Sanibel Island

The island of Sanibel Island is a very nice destination in southwest Florida and can be reached from Cape Coral in 30 minutes by rental car. The distance is 15 miles and you drive south to Fort Myers Beach to McGregor Boulevard and then you can stop at the Tanger Outlet Fort Myers if you want. This is practically on the way and there you can buy cheap. When you are done, you will continue to a tollbooth where you have to pay a fee for the crossing of the Sanibel Causeway. The bridge is very nice and the best way to get the photo because you can take great pictures. Then you come to the island of Sanibel Iceland which is just gorgeous. There is still untouched nature and you have there its peace. There is no mass tourism on this island and you will definitely be thrilled to have found this place.

The islands of Sanibel Island and Captiva Island are definitely an insider tip for the tourists since there are mostly only locals who visit in the evening a restaurant or fishing there. Only 6,500 inhabitants have the island and there can only live who can afford it. The real estate prices are accordingly high and numerous rich Americans and celebrities live on Sanibel Island. Directly on the Gulf of Mexico is the island and there are very beautiful beaches and sunsets. Certainly one of the most beautiful in Florida and this one looks best at the lighthouse Sanibel Lighthouse. There are also plenty of parking spaces where you can park the car for a fee. Otherwise, the parking on the island is very scarce what you can imagine. Sanibel Iceland is also known for the large shell deposits and you can collect them there as well.

You should also visit the Bowman’s Beach Park where there are plenty of parking spaces where you can park for a fee. The beach is very nice there with few visitors. There are also showers and a barbecue area. But you should always spray in well because there are also many mosquitoes. You can also see alligators, raccoons, manatees and numerous species of birds such as snowsflies, snake-necked birds or pelicans. However, the island of Sanibel Iceland is located directly in the catchment area of ​​tropical storms called hurricanes. The last big storm was in 2004, when Hurricane Charley swept the island and of course caused a lot of damage. But it is still a beautiful paradise in the southwest of Florida that can be reached quickly from Cape Coral. Many souvenir shops are also where you can buy shells. Another highlight there is certainly the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge where you can drive through the car which is very impressive.

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