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Quiet and creative city in the southeast of Mallorca

About Santanyí

Santanyí is a municipality and a city in the southeast of the island – a pretty, rural and authentic Mallorcan place. With a privileged location inland, but very close to more than 48 km of beautiful coastline and the second largest natural park of the Balearic Islands, this village is with its golden sandstone buildings surrounded by breathtaking nature.

If you combine these requirements with a relaxed atmosphere and a few fine restaurants and hotels, you will get the ingredients that make Santanyí so special. Below we provide you with all the information you need to enjoy a visit to this quiet, enchanting southern town.

history & Culture

The surrounding environment, the light and the ambience in the city seem to have been made for creative people and have many over the years international artists attracted. Today, art in Santanyí still plays a central role and you can discover many different galleries and workshops in the narrow streets of the peaceful village.

The locals know each other and like to spend some time with their neighbors. Visitors enjoy watching the daily routine of a ‘café con leche’ or a glass of wine from one of the many terraces of the main square.

You do not have to look big to look for traces of Santanyí’s pirate-heavy past to come across. The fortified city walls and the Porta Murada (city gate) are still symbols of the fear of previous generations of constantly threatening attacks by pirates who plagued the city. The Moorish invasions were so prevalent in Santanyí that many people slept in the locked church of the city.

Drive in the nearby Cala Llonga and look at the remains of the 18th-century fortress, built to ward off attacks and where you can still admire the loopholes for the cannons. Various defense towers were positioned along the coast, including the Torre d’en Beu, in Cala Figuera.

The original name of the city, Santi Annini, means ‘Lamb Of God’, a symbol that can be found in the church and in the coat of arms of Santanyí.

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main attractions

Whether for the scenery, out of curiosity or artistic interest: Santanyí is definitely worth a visit and the best time to go there is on weekends. Saturday is market day in the city, so you should be there early. In this way you can also enjoy a breakfast in advance in one of the cafes and watch the hustle and bustle of one of the most beautiful markets on the island. Take a look at the galleries or stroll through the mart stands with tons of curios.

One should have a rather early dinner in one of the excellent restaurants in Santanyí and then do not schedule the live music in Sa Cova miss (start at around 9:30 pm). If you are lucky, the owner Juan will join the band and play the guitar – but even without his performance it will be an unforgettable night.

A great way to spend Sunday is one Boat trip to the nature reserve Cabrera. The island is famous for its beauty, rare animal and plant species and crystal clear waters, which is a paradise for divers. The day trip can be booked directly in the port of Colonia Sant Jordi, boats leave at 09:30. Do not forget your picnic basket, as you will spend the whole day walking, sunbathing or snorkelling.

The boats return at around 17:00 Colonia Sant Jordi A good time to wind down the weekend in one of the bars on the marina’s new promenade and enjoy a cool twilight beer and the best views of the harbor.

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What to do in Santanyí

There are many Galleries and art studios In Santanyí and a walk through the streets is highly recommended if you are looking for a special piece of art or decoration for your home.

One of the most fascinating galleries is the Galeria Sailer right on the main street. The Australian sailor couple presents a stunning selection of pre-Columbian textiles and antique ‘Kalims’ in a renovated 17th-century townhouse, combined with modern paintings, sculptures and glass objects.

Visit the Casa de Arte, to get to know the dynamic work of the successful Dutch artist Gemma Leys. Gemma also regularly runs workshops for aspiring painters in her home in Santanyí.

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For boutique shopping, head towards the Plaza Mayor, where there is e.g. the Italian designer fashion store It Center and there’s the cult that offers young fashion and designer jeans.

The Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc products in their eye-catching containers are omnipresent on the island. This wonderful, natural gourmet product is harvested nearby, in the salt pans of Es Trenc. Gourmets and buyers of souvenirs will love the official Flor de Sal store, which is also located in the main square.

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When Lucie Hauri launched East 26, she launched the Center under the motto “We create your living spaces” and this vision has made it a reality. When you enter East 26, you enter Center of creativity one that goes in different directions.

The center wants people for their own design projects and inspire in everyday life.

Mediterranean Lifestyle at the East 26

East 26 is the address for Mediterranean lifestyle in Santanyi. A combination of delicious, high-quality Fuisonscuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. […] Mediterranean Lifestyle at East 26

This is for an organic wine tasting Son Alegre winery unbeatable near Calonge. As one of the Majorcan bodegas who produce their wines under strict environmental conditions, Son Alegre welcomes visitors by appointment.

Son Alegre winery

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If you enjoy lonely walks, there are plenty of choices in the Santanyí area, thanks to the network of coastal paths. Visit the nature reserve Mondragó (follow the signs from Santanyí to Cala Figuera) or drive via Llombards to the lighthouse of Ses Salines.

Here you can either walk along the beaches Colonia Sant Jordi walk (about 1.5 hours) or you can go in the opposite direction and follow the rugged coast to the Cala Llombards (2.5 to 3 hours, good footwear required).

Colonia Sant Jordi

Our ins >Colonia Sant Jordi

A ten-minute drive from Santanyí will bring you to the golf course Vall d’Or, a small but beautifully landscaped place with fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Coves and beaches at Santanyí

The picturesque harbor Cala Figuera It is only a few kilometers from Santanyí and the romantic Mediterranean feeling is hard to beat. Here you can get a real idea of ​​what the island was like before mass tourism reached it.

About 6 km from the town of Santanyí is the more developed Cala Santanyí with some big hotels – here it can be a bit busy. Nonetheless, there is a beautiful beach with pristine water and surrounded by pines and palm trees.

Cala Santanyí

Cala Santanyí is a holiday resort in the southeast of Majorca whose family-friendly beach is awarded the blue flag. You can expect crystal-clear water, as well as good diving and snorkeling opportunities. […] Cala Santanyí

cafes & Restaurants in Santanyi

Santanyí is one Paradise for gourmets with countless, wonderful and interesting restaurants located in the pretty streets.

In the marketplace there are now two restaurants that have joined the trend to combine food with art. Sa Botiga offers daily breakfast buffets in German style and on the upper floor changing exhibitions are presented.

“We want to make it easier for people to access art,” explains owner Bernd Tonagel, who himself creates small works of art from old ‘tejas’ (typical Mallorcan tiles). The café itself is cozy and an inviting meeting place for many locals.

A little further down the street you come across the French L’Art de Vivre, which also invites the visitor to experience art and at the same time gastronomy. The owner Danielle is a passionate artist and her paintings decorate the walls of the restaurant. Take a look at the changing exhibitions of these talented locals.

It’s always popular It Cantonet, Serves elegant, Mediterranean dishes with a touch of Asian influences in a romantic, old building.

The East 26 restaurant is located in the eponymous lifestyle business East 26, on the one hand with creative interiors, art and more versogt, on the other hand, also houses a real estate agency. All under one roof. The restaurant offers a creative, seasonal menu that instantly recognizes the Mediterranean and Asian note. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner there – the restaurant is open all day – and there are tapas and snacks in between.

Mediterranean Lifestyle at the East 26

East 26 is the address for Mediterranean lifestyle in Santanyi. A combination of delicious, high-quality Fuisonscuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. […] Mediterranean Lifestyle at East 26

Restaurant Es Cantonet

Just the right place to enjoy light Mediterranean cuisine with Mallorcan and Asian influences. […] Restaurant Es Cantonet

If you like Italian food in a relaxed and special environment, try this Bacco with its colorful courtyard. An evening of delicious tapas in a warm, lively atmosphere at the bar Sa Cova is a must, so to say.

A few kilometers away in the village of Ses Salines and highly recommended for a visit, lies the enchanting Café-Restaurant Cassai, Serving fresh, tasty food with a commendable designer team.

Cassai Gran Café & restaurant

What a stylish place for a meal (or coffee & Cake) in the village of Ses Salines – between Santanyí and Es Trenc. […] Cassai Gran Café & restaurant

Restaurants in Santanyi

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Hotels in Santanyi

If the way home should be too far and you would like to stay here, it’s worth it S’Hotelet de Santanyí try. This beautiful, stylish boutique hotel in the heart of the village features works by artist Gemma Leys.

A few kilometers from Santanyí in Ses Salines, two more recommended accommodation options await you. The Hotel Rural Es Turo is a charming finca hotel overlooking the island of Cabrera, while the C’an Bonico a characteristic, historic manor house furnished in Scandinavian style.

The newly opened health & Wellness hotel Cal Reiet on the edge of Santanyí, brings a new luxury standard in the category of boutique hotels in this area. It has its own dedicated yoga studio, organic restaurant and spa – the perfect retreat location.

S’Hotelet de Santanyí

This 5-room hotel in the traditional Mallorcan town of Santanyí is modern but at the same time comfortably furnished and is close to beautiful white sandy beaches. Book now! […] S’Hotelet de Santanyí

Cal Reiet – Majorca’s Top Wellness Retreat

The holistic retreat Cal Reiet in Santanyi focuses on the connection between mind and body & Soul. Highly recommended! […] Cal Reiet – Majorca’s top spa retreat

Hotels in Majorca

Mallorca is the ideal place for your holidays with a variety of hotels for every taste. Beach hotel or boutique hotel, you will find it here.

Events in Santanyí

Artists need an inspiring environment that they can live in Bar Sa Cova which has become the general nighttime meeting point. Jazz fan Juan fulfilled his dream of opening a bar nine years ago, creating a gathering place for locals and expats, artists and musicians. The cosmopolitan crowd at Sa Cova is very relaxed and the atmosphere here is very special on the island. There is live music on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and Juan’s latest idea is a small theater in the back room performing French, Spanish, English and German songs on Sundays.

The Feast of St. Anthony, which is celebrated on the 17th of January means a magical night for Santanyí. The animals are blessed (a deep-rooted tradition in Mallorca) and the evening before, big campfires are lit..

Santanyí Festival International de Música (International Music Festival) runs from April to September. The concerts are free and can be found in special and symbolic locations such as Churches or monasteries take place and bring many talented artists to the city.

Autumn fair “Sa Fira” in Santanyi

Culture and trade combine at this family fair with interesting stalls, bouncy castles, sporting events and art exhibitions. […] Autumn fair “Sa Fira” in Santanyi

annual blessing ceremony in various villages & towns of Majorca, you will have more than a great photo opportunity … […] The blessing of the animals

Festivals and holidays in Mallorca

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Living in Santanyí

A substantial number of Santanyis 3000 residents are expats, making the city an easy one international flair and to bring wealth from overseas into the economy.

In search of a good life, Santanyí discovered a long time ago and the area is extremely popular for both tourists and many German residents. The reliable sun of the south, the proximity to Palma and the attractive, rural surroundings in combination, make Santanyí a very desirable place to live.

The real estate market is familiar with the traditional, authentic nature of this corner of the island and is aimed at fincas. It’s hard to find townhouses that still need to be restored – most have been bought by Germans and beautifully restored.

A few minutes drive from Santanyí, in Alquería Blanca, you will find the real estate agency Lucie Hauri Real Estate Agency, which specializes in property in the southeast of Mallorca, including Santanyí.

Lucie Hauri real estate

Are you interested in properties in Alquería Blanca, Santanyí and the southeast of Mallorca? Lucie Hauri and her team have over 30 years of real estate experience on the island. […] Lucie Hauri real estate

If you need advice on buying, selling or renting a property in this or any other area of ​​Mallorca, take a look at our selection of professional real estate agents on the island.

Real Estate Agent in Mallorca

Mallorca’s best and most experienced estate agents help you to find your dream home on the island. Whether you are looking for a luxurious villa or a rustic country house! […] real estate agent in Mallorca

The surroundings of Santanyí

Of the Mondragó Nature Park can be reached via S’Alqueria Blanca or via the roads to Cala Figuera. This vast area contains various ecosystems, including the pristine coastline, dunes, lagoons and pine forests. Visit the beautiful, natural Cala Mondrago beach for a glimpse of one of the park’s red gulls.

Cap de Ses Salines, 10 kilometers south of the village of Ses Salines, is the southernmost point of the island and a place to experience wild, harsh beauty far away from the crowds. The Cap, with its lighthouse dating from 1863, is an excellent starting point for walks along the coast, which offers spectacular beaches and coves.

Twenty minutes from Santanyí is the fishing port Colonia Sant Jordi, Surrounded by some of Mallorca’s best and most unspoilt beaches, it is also the starting point for excursions to Cabrera Island.

Reminiscent of the white beaches and bright blue waters of the Caribbean Beach Es Trenc, which seems to stretch endlessly and is something special on the island.

Ses Salines

You will discover history and rural splendor in the southeast of Majorca with this detailed Gu> Ses Salines

It Trenc

The crystal-clear water and the 2 km of white sandy beach with a pristine nature make the beach of Es Trenc one of the most popular on the island. […] Es Trenc


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