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Program – Saturday 25.08.2018

12:00 – 12:50: Cooking Show with Serkan Tunca: Crossover Meets Tradition – Oriental Vegan Cuisine
Since his childhood, the kitchen has been an artistic retreat for him. The colorful colors of the fresh food and the variety of ways to devote themselves creatively, make his heart beat faster today. Serkan Tunca’s apprenticeship as a cook is now 20 years ago and every day in his profession has been a pleasure so far. Since 2010 he lives and cooks exclusively vegan and works successfully as a chef of a well-known vegan restaurant in Munich. In Munich and the surrounding area, Serkan Tunca works as a freelancer on seminars and workshops where he shows how simple, varied and colorful it is to live and cook vegan. The cook wants to inspire people to take care of their diet and prepare them themselves, fresh and with pleasure. Cooking is and remains his greatest passion – professional and private!

13:00 – 13:45: singer-songwriter Kendy Cable
Kendy Gable is an American singer-songwriter who combines poetry and history into an unforgettable melodic experience. Known for her extraordinary voice, she has thrilled not only in Canada but also in Europe. She has already released three albums in 2011, 2014 and 2017. Growing up on a small farm in the mountains of Pennsylvania, Kendy is also home to Melbourne, New York City, Los Angeles and the Catskill Mountains. Their connection to nature and their urban lifestyle create a unique sound. Right now Kendy lives in Berlin where she works with musicians and producers like Claudio Donzelli (Mighty Oaks) on new sounds.

14:00 – 14:45: BERLIN STRENGTH
Berlin Strength is a small gym in the heart of Berlin on the RAW site in Friedrichshain. Surrounded by graffiti, street food and clubs you will find the location. Just like the location, the equipment is RAW, which means you have everything you need for powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, functional and calisthenics training. And for those who want to have morning exercise, there are Early Bird courses – every Monday and Friday from 06:15 functional training sessions for beginners and advanced students. Bodyweight units and barbell exercises, both of which strengthens your everyday life and makes the group even more fun. In the Old School Gym you will find everything, except unnecessary bells and whistles and no devices that dictate your movements. Grab Trap Bar, Texas Power Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar, ZKC Bar, Swiss Bar, Safety Bar, Axle, Farmers Handles, Yoke, Log, Slam Balls, Prowler, Tire flip, Paralettes, Kettlebells, Chalk and scrumptious vegan shakes Smile on your face, come on over!.

15:00 – 15:50: Cooking show with Anna-Lena Klapp: Vegan summer kitchen – enjoy seasonal and sustainable
In the summer months there are numerous seasonal fruits and vegetables available, with which the cooking can be designed not only very delicious, but also sustainable. Author and blogger Anna-Lena Klapp shows two simple, vegan dishes in her cooking show, which will enrich every barbecue party, and gives tips on how to implement a sustainable, vegan diet in everyday life.
Short Vita: Anna-Lena Klapp is Specialist for Nutrition and Health at ProVeg Germany and lecturer for “Sustainable Nutrition” at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda. She has been living vegan since 2009 and has acquired an extensive knowledge of this lifestyle and its effects on humans, animals and the environment. On her food blog she regularly publishes vegan recipes and writes editorial articles for various print and online magazines. In the fall of 2016, her first book entitled “Vegan Sweets – Classics to Do It Yourself” was published by Neunzehn Verlag.

16:15 – 16:45: fashion show
The latest highlights from the vegan fashion industry!

17:00 – 17:45: Hannah Jaha – singer songwriter
Hannah Jaha stands for young, modern soul pop. Born in Mannheim with Gambian roots, she writes songs in German and English. The stories she tells are often commonplace, but Hannah’s words and her velvety voice make her music something very special. Above all live, the 26-year-old enchants with her sympathetic, honest manner and presents her listeners her wonderfully beautiful world.

18:00 – 19:00: KAFKAS – Pop, Electro and Punk Spirit
At a time when it seems increasingly difficult to sell even physical sound recordings, it is not necessarily the safest option to release an album without a larger record label in the back. Nevertheless, KAFKAS decided to release the 6th album again on their own label, despite the available offers. Low budget, no prestige and limited capacity, but full passion, strong beliefs and a confident sound carrier – these are the ingredients. In the case of KAFKA, the courage has more than paid off. And so the results are well above expectations. But that’s not what it’s all about in the first place. What the band means is not measured and expressed primarily in numbers.
Even off the sales figures, the band could look forward to pretty stories and experiences. So the last single was chosen as the personal wedding song at at least two weddings. Both times the bridal ladies heard the song on the radio and thought it would be just the right wedding song. A great honor, the band thinks.
Is the mixture of pop, NDW, electro and punk spirit only a niche and genre music? If, then only because of chronic underestimation – but certainly not by lacking, positive response from the listener or audience. KAFKAS got a chance, so the feedback is almost always very good to almost euphoric. This proved also the appearances in the Hessen television, a rotation with RTL, a contribution on SAT 1, a place 1 in MTVs rock zone, as well as mountains of listeners convinced radio listener.
Now Mathias Jakobs (Milky Chance) versions of "What you are missing" and the video clip of Christoph Mengeler ready to go. The single can already be heard in the program of the Mc Donalds branches. As a special there is a version with the friendly players of the ‘Heimatklänge Giesel’. Hooray!

19:15 – 20:00: HYLL – Stoner Rock
Bloody fingers, smashed sticks, sweat drops soak the floor and walls. “Incredibly explosive [. ] they do not let you down! “BBC Radio described this band. HYLL is concentrated energy that is collected by the three members on stage to pass it on to the audience. They stopped in England for several shows during the summer of 2018 and traveled nationally during a Germany tour in 2017. All that remained was sweat, stretched neck muscles and scorched earth. The style can be described as a modern style of Stoner Rock; a mix of grooving beats, catchy vocals and explosive eruptions. The common passion of the members becomes aware of the audience at the latest with the Jams. As an integral part of the live shows are the improvised, heartfelt spontaneous fireworks to HYLL shows, such as the surprised eye and ear drift of the listener after each gig. HYLL – an experience.

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