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Save up

Many useful saving tips to save money for the whole family. With discounts and simple psychological tricks the household budget is spared. And at the end of the month you can make yourself or the family a little surprise.

Saving in the household for housewives

For housewives there are many ways to save. With tips for normal shopping in the supermarket for the everyday things in life or special offers in special shops.

When ordering on the Internet help, discounts or money back programs. Even with insurance or contracts you can save a lot of money.

Working efficiently at home with savings options for the home office

Maybe you are one of those people for whom working at home is a real dream. The free time, the cozy atmosphere and the lack of work paths are extremely attractive.

21 saving tips when shopping in the supermarket

Especially in this day and age, it is important to save when shopping in the supermarket. For families, food is the second largest monthly expenditure, and there is great potential for savings here. Especially in the present time it is very important for many […]

11 tips to save electricity and reduce electricity costs

Electricity costs are constantly increasing and there is no end in sight. How can I reduce my costs without sacrificing comfort??

8 tips to save money on the Internet

Tips on saving money while shopping on the Internet. Thus, you can save a lot of money on the Internet. Because shopping on the Internet also saves a lot of time. Although you hear again and again that it does not have to be cheaper on the internet, it is […]

13 simple tips for saving money in the home

Simple tips and tricks for saving money in the home are particularly suitable for housewives. Those who cleverly save, have more money for beautiful things or for retirement. Save in the household and better you the household budget.

Save with budget book lead as a cost control

With the budget book lead to get more cost control in the household budget. Now saving more than family with the use of a household budget with bookkeeping. Save more for the family and for bad times now. A household book will help you.

19 savings tips on debt in times of financial crisis

If you have personal economic difficulties and it gets tight financially, it means saving. Then you have a personal situation in which you should prepare yourself. You now have to save and tighten your belt.

5 tips to travel with children despite financial worries

Every year, just before the summer holidays, there seems to be no other topic for children to talk about than the upcoming holiday. Everyone tries to outdo the other or the others.

5 unbeatable tips for saving energy in the home

The annual bill flapping into the house is a real nuisance for many households. But that does not have to be, because with a few simple tips, the energy costs can be drastically reduced. And the best thing about it is that our power-saving tips work without loss […]

The savings potential of LED lamps is enormous

LED lamps are among the most energy-saving lamps on the market. You can replace the bulbs, which are no longer available, that can still be found in many households. The savings potential in terms of electricity costs is immense. Another advantage is the long service life, […]

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