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Abuse scandal in the US church: ProPublica publishes documentation © Victor Moussa (shutterstock)

The U.S. church has promised transparency in dealing with abuse. In fact, documentation on "credible suspects" is incomplete and flawed, according to the nonprofit organization ProPublica.

Larry Giacalone carried his dark secret for more than four decades. Just three years ago, it filed a lawsuit. Former Boston priest Richard Donahue allegedly sexually assaulted him in 1976. The abuse case of the then-twelve-year-old never ended up in court; however, the archdiocese compensated Giacalone for his "physical and emotional injuries" with 73.000 dollars.

Christina Cherry

The President of the Family Federation of Catholics, Ulrich Hoffmann, believes in the success of the reform process Synodal Way in the Catholic Church. He confirmed this to the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung" newspaper.

"The Synodal Way has set a lot in motion. It is an important learning field for the culture of debate in the Catholic Church." In the meantime, opinions and attitudes are allowed to coexist, and real discussions are possible.

Hoffmann went on to say that he was optimistic that this could be used to change the German church, as well as the universal church, to some extent: "It is good if we as a church do not get in the way of the work of the Holy Spirit too much. And the way becomes spiritual not by praying at the beginning and at the end, but by a way of talking to each other, of listening to each other, which knows how to respond courageously to the signs of the times."

Christina Cherry