A few weeks ago, a public study of clerical abuse in Pennsylvania sparked horror. Now new figures are also becoming known for Germany. A shock for many Catholics.

It was probably one of the darkest years in the recent history of the Catholic Church in Germany. At the end of January 2010, the abuse scandal started rolling and plunged bishops, priests and laity into a deep crisis of confidence. The scandal also opened the way for a new culture of dialogue within the church and triggered a debate on reform.

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Abuse victims must not be petitioners, demands the Federal Government Commissioner for Abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig. The case of the Regensburg Cathedral Spatzen

The German government's abuse commissioner, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, urges that victims of abuse be listened to. In addition, they must be involved in reappraisal processes "transparently" – "no matter whether it is about a reappraisal of acts in the church context, in sports, in a school or at a children's and youth recreation," Rorig stressed in an interview with Spiegel Online on Sunday.

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Pope Francis on 24. May 2019 in the Vatican. © Stefano Spaziani/Romano Siciliani (KNA)

Pope Francis addresses all German Catholics in a letter published Saturday. The main topic is the "Synodal Way" in Germany. In the debate of the local Church, the universal Church must not be forgotten.

Pope Francis has personally intervened in the reform debate of the Catholic Church in Germany. In a letter published Saturday, he praises the commitment and reform efforts of German Catholics. At the same time, Francis urges unity with the universal church. The guiding criterion of renewal must be evangelization.

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In the name of all

Pope Francis listens to abuse victims © Alessandra Tarantino

A Chilean bishop is accused of covering up sexual assaults by his spiritual mentor. Francis invited three victims to the Vatican for several days. What follows from the meeting is unforeseeable.

Silence and listening. This weekend, Pope Francis did what a confessor does to let three well-traveled men unburden their hearts. Except it wasn't about their own sins – but those of a now 87-year-old priest, Fernando Karadima, who sexually abused the men when they were boys. And it involves the current bishop, Juan Barros, who is accused of having known about it.

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Juggling with many balls

Stefan Vesper © Julia Steinbrecht (KNA)

Change of baton at the Central Committee of German Catholics: Secretary General Stefan Vesper plans to retire early next year. The successor should have enough time for upcoming tasks.

"One must have in some questions simply a long breath."As Secretary General of the Bonn-based Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), Stefan Vesper has experienced a stormy time since 1999: disputes about pregnancy counseling and the role of women in the church, the abuse scandal, church resignations and the debate about the future of Catholic lay work, as well as disputes about the organization and financing of the German Catholic Days.

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On the trail of abuse

Movie scene from "Spotlight." © Kerry Hayes

On the trail of abuse

Director Tom McCarthy (l.) and Josh Singer with the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay for "Spotlight" © Paul Buck

Sexual abuse by priests, which is also covered up, not only by church superiors. The film "Spotlight" sheds light on this scandalous topic. Moving, brilliantly acted – and winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture.

No genre is currently as popular with moviegoers as films based on true events. Dealing with the abuse cases by Catholic priests and their widespread publicity was a natural choice under such circumstances.

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Berlin's Interior Senator Ehrhart Korting (SPD) has withdrawn his controversial comparison of May rioters with sex offenders. "The senator no longer wants to maintain the stupid settlement," a spokeswoman for the interior senator said Sunday at the request of ddp. Korting, however, reiterated the moral condemnation of the stone throwers. On 1. In May, the most serious riots in years took place in Berlin-Kreuzberg. At the same time, 273 police officers were injured by attacks from left-wing autonomists.

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Longing for a new conclave?

Prepare critics of Pope Francis the transition? In any case, the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is being misused for a discussion about the person of Francis, according to German Cardinal Walter Kasper.

"There are already people who simply don't like this pontificate, and they want to end it as soon as possible and want to have a new conclave, so to speak," Kasper said in a segment of the ARD political magazine "report Munchen" (Tuesday). They then wanted to prepare this papal election so that it would turn out in their favor, said Kasper.

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In first place in germany

High Cathedral of Paderborn © Olga Koverninska (shutterstock)

The sum also "surprised" Vicar General Alfons Hardt. The Archbishop's See of Paderborn and six other foundations have assets of 2.65 billion euros.

Journalists have been waiting for this figure for several years now. When the archdiocese of Paderborn first published its assets in 2015 and spoke at the time of around 4 billion euros, there was still one piece of info missing – namely, about the pot of the archbishop's chair. This is the legal entity that is directly assigned to the archbishop, and which has been receiving funds for centuries, primarily from donations and bequests.

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The protest movement Maria 2.0 plans a human chain around Cologne Cathedral on Sunday under the slogan "Stand up, don't be silent". Organizer Ute Hucker explains the background and the demands of the movement.

Interviewer: Should only women join the ranks on Sunday?

Ute Hucker (spokeswoman for the Catholic German Women's Federation (KDFB)): No, it is not only women who should join in. It would be nice if women of all generations were there. But of course we are also happy about men. Our goal is to work for a church based on partnership that will endure in the future. And a church based on partnership includes men and women.

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