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Scavenger hunt ideas for the forest have a big advantage for you as parents or group leader: Most of the game material is already there and some stations have been built by the forester or nature. Today we present ideas for the scavenger hunt on the children’s birthday party in the forest. Everything you need fits in a daypack.

Scavenger hunt in the forest: Always find the track.
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Scavenger hunt ideas can be found everywhere in the forest. This time we go on a search with the children: We want to find Puck, the little cheeky forest spirit. The advantage if your treasure Hunt in the forest or the park: you don’t have to be afraid of cars. In most forests, car traffic is rather clear. Before you start the scavenger hunt, you should make a circular route in the forest if possible. You can lay the arrows out of branches, stones or cones or draw them on the tree trunks with chalk. Then you tell the children the story of Puck, the little forest spirit who lives here and has hidden a treasure for the children, which they have to find first. You will soon come to the first station

Scavenger hunt Ideas for the forest: balance over the tree trunk with a Obstacle is an adventure.
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Scavenger hunt ideas: balancing with obstacles

Everywhere in the forest sawn-off tree trunks on the edge of the path The children can balance on it. Find tree trunks where there is no risk of others sliding down. Now you put a branch over the trunk and the whole balancing act is a little more difficult. The whole thing can be increased: Lay a Ü egg for each child on the tree trunk. This has to bend down, which is also difficult when balancing.

And further the children follow the trail through the forest to find the treasure of Puck the forest spirit. But to do this, the children also need to know something about the forest.

Scavenger hunt, but no wild boar schnitzel please!
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Feel forest animals

Packs in a small, opaque pouch forest plastic animals (deer, rabbit, deer, wild boar, fox, etc.) The children must now feel the animals.

Let’s get to our next play station for the scavenger hunt:

Scavenger hunt in the forest: Find the tree with your eyes open?
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Feel the trees

Forms two groups. One child is blindfolded and leads the other to a tree. This must now feel the tree and try to remember it. The other child leads the blindfolded person back to the starting point and removes the blindfold. Now the child tries to find the tree again.

You search and find the next arrows again and come to the next station


Take a hacksaw and the children have to cut a tree slice together. Sounds easier than it is! Because sawing in pairs requires a lot of coordination.

Scavenger hunt in the forest. There you can To you cut off a slice.
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Again you pick up the trail and look for the treasure from the forest spirit Puck. Now you need a slight slope and a mountain rope


Attach the rope to a tree (there are enough of it around) and lay it over the slope. The children pull themselves up on it.


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