Scavenger hunt idea for outdoor pool – birthday scavenger hunt

In summer, children prefer to splash around in the lake or outdoor pool. With the warmth it’s no wonder. Have you ever been on a child’s birthday thought in the outdoor pool? Admittedly, this sounds a bit complicated, but with the right scavenger hunt idea, such a child’s birthday becomes the event of the year! You can find out how to plan the birthday party here in the article.

What to do beforehand:

You can even organize a treasure hunt in the outdoor pool! There the birthday child can celebrate with all friends. You plan that you will not be the only ones in the outdoor pool. Therefore, it is best to choose a specific area where you can collect all guests to carry out the scavenger hunt idea.

  • Talk to the operator of the outdoor pool. He may be able to mark a small area.

Make sure that every little guest can swim. Or get a little help from other parents who take care that nobody falls into the water. All puzzles should be played on solid ground so that everyone can concentrate on the task – not the environment. This also protects the puzzles from moisture. Children’s birthday ideas

  • Put the puzzles in protective films so that the scavenger hunt idea doesn’t go swimming.

Once the notes have been prepared, plan the route. This can lead you through the entire outdoor pool. However, we recommend hiding the treasure where the game started. Otherwise there is a risk that someone else “appropriates” the treasure.

The best scavenger hunt idea: an underwater treasure hunt

Films like "Finding Nemo", "Big Sharks, Little Fish" or the classic Little Mermaid know and love the children. There is also a suitable treasure hunt with funny puzzling questions about fish and other marine animals, which are integrated into a short story. It is about the animal-loving Captain Flunder, who wants to help the dolphins, which are threatened with extinction. To build a dolphin breeding station, need he hid an old pirate’s treasure of gold. But he wants to keep his treasure, so this scavenger hunt idea becomes an exciting adventure for the children.

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