Scavenger hunt in rainy weather ☂

The miserable rainy weather is making a spanner in the works and you are looking for inspiration for fun children’s games? Or do you already have a spontaneous treasure hunt for inside, but don’t know, like you to implement them? Then don’t panic! Make yourself a tea, get pen and paper and in no time design a scavenger hunt that does not require any preparation. You can find out how here.


You don’t need a lot of time or accessories to start this fun scavenger hunt indoors. Simply integrate your own four walls into the game with clever tasks and puzzling questions and simply leave wind and rain outside.

Time spent: 30 minutes (game), 5 minutes preparation
Suitable for: Children, rainy weather
Where: At home, inside

Sheet of paper (one for each hunter / one for each team)

Optional a clipboard

A small bag or backpack in which the items are placed

Optionally a small price

Of course, it doesn’t work without preparation time, but you won’t need more than 10 minutes with these instructions. Promised! Most of the time you will need to adapt the tasks to the number of participants and the age of the children anyway.

My test report on the cryptex

The following task examples are intended for games for 4 to 6 year old children. If yours small Hunters are older, of course you have to increase the difficulty. The items to be collected may be rare or difficult to find, or computing and thinking tasks may be integrated.

Find one of these items at a time and put it in your pocket. Can you find everything and that treasure Hunt successfully complete?

Find a round object.

Find a square item.

Find a silver and a green item.

Get hold of an object with at least 2 tips.

Did you have a coin that was minted in 2002??

Who’s the youngest on the team? Find the coin that was made as close as possible to his year of birth.

Find a picture of an animal in the newspaper and cut it out.

How many steps lead from one floor to another?

How many wheels do all toy cars have together??

How many legs did all the chairs and tables in the dining room add up to??

Formulates the tasks optionally as a riddle:

I am heavy. I am strong. I’m stuck to metal. (Magnet)
Without me you would lose your shoes in the race. (Shoelaces)

Make sure you have a nice game in bad weather with a few good ideas.

We suggest that you write about 10 such points on the sheet of paper and hand them over as a to-do list. If an item is found and put in your pocket, you can check it off the list. That should keep the kids busy for a good 30 minutes with a lot of tricky fun and also take into account the urge to move. A small price in the form of sweets or the like can also be offered – but does not have to be.

The arithmetic, reading and writing tasks can be adapted to the school status and are great for playful learning.

Have you ever done a spontaneous scavenger hunt for children or other good ideas for rainy weather? Let us know and we’ll be happy to add your tips to the list. Simply use the comment function or write us a message on Facebook or by email &# 128578;


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