Scenes from the heart

The 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg has become world famous with her climate strike. We have read the book for you.

content of the book

Anyone who thinks that the book is only about Greta will be disappointed. The book is written from the mother’s first person perspective. In the first part, Malena Ernmann writes about her career as a famous opera singer. Then she tells about her daughter Greta, who goes on a hunger strike. For a long time it is not found out why Greta does not eat anything. It was only much later that doctors realized that Greta had Asberger syndrome, which is a form of autism. In the book going it is often about diseases.

Only in the second part of the book is it discussed how yourself the whole family is committed to the climate. The author describes how the family buys an electric car and decides not to fly anymore. In many short chapters, all readers receive information about climate change, such as how harmful aircraft are. Much is written about how little politics is concerned with climate change. Greta speaks in just one chapter. By the way, the book was published before Greta’s school strike.

My opinion:

First the most important finding: It is not a children’s book. (It is also not sold as a children’s book, but it appeals to children and young people because of the cover – at least I think so). Even if Greta Thunberg speaks millions of children and young people from the heart: The book is definitely not for children. I find it very misleading that Greta can be seen on the cover of the book. Because actually it’s mainly about the mother, Malena Ernmann.

I recommend the book to teenagers 14 years and older, actually even older ones. The reason: I find it very difficult that the illnesses are discussed so much (not only by Greta, but also those of the sister and mother). It was about Greta’s hunger strike, autism and sometimes also mother’s bulimia. It writes in great detail how much food Greta consumes per day. As a climate activist, Greta has become a role model for many kids. Some may want to emulate her, I see that as a problem. Nor could they understand why the book deals with the diseases so extensively.

Definitely every climate protector gets a lot of information about climate change and why the topic is so important. Another good thing: Greta’s family donates all the income they make from the book to several climate protection organizations.


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