School test: examination for a successful start in school

School test: examination for a successful start in school

Before a child is enrolled, one is school test necessary. The doctors check their physical and mental development. This is important in order to determine the right time for enrollment and to initiate support measures at an early stage if necessary.

The school enrollment: an important step in the lives of children

The enrollment is a very important in children’s lives significant step At school, they learn many important skills – for example, to read and write. In addition, the demands made on the children are changing. While in kindergarten, the game is in the foreground, the teachers in the school already require their own performance.

You get the first time reviews and strive to meet the requirements. This represents an important step for the development of the personality. Most children are looking forward to the first day of school and are looking forward to it with much excitement.

The following table shows how many children go this step each year. In the school year 2017/18, for example, more than 700,000 children were enrolled nationwide.

School enrollment is a very important step in children’s lives. (# 01)

Number of enrollments by state (school year 2017/18)

North Rhine-Westphalia 159736
Bavaria 112397
Baden-Wurttemberg 98790
Lower Saxony 69954
Hesse 52556
Saxony 36615
Rheinland-Pfalz 34799
Berlin 32261
Schleswig-Holstein 24927
Brandenburg 22291
Thuringia 18446
Saxony-Anhalt 18377
Hamburg 16391
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 14076
Saarland 7924
Bremen 5717

What is the school test??

Before attending school, it is necessary to take a school test. This is a detailed investigation the physical and mental abilities of the child. The goal of school enrollment It is to find out if the child is already capable of following the lesson. In general, the test is already about a year performed before the planned school enrollment date. In this way, parents and children have early certainty as to whether this step can be carried out as planned or whether it makes sense to postpone it.

In addition, the investigation clearly shows whether special support measures necessary. If there are only minor deficits, it is not necessary to postpone the enrollment date. In this case, it is sufficient to provide the children in the remaining time a particularly intensive support.

Before attending school, it is necessary to take a school test. (# 02)

The school test is the responsibility of the federal states

When the school test is due, parents want to know in advance exactly what their child is expecting.

  • Which tests are performed?
  • Who is responsible for the investigations?
  • What happens if my child fails the test??

These are the questions of many worried parents. Unfortunately, giving a general answer to these questions is not possible. That’s because the implementation of these tests is regulated at the country level.

In the individual federal states it can therefore to some deviations come. Therefore, it is not possible to accurately describe all the details. If you want to know exactly about this topic, you must therefore contact the responsible for your place of residence school authorities inform. Nevertheless, there are some principles that are considered in almost all states. These are presented here.

As a rule, the local health authorities are responsible for carrying out the school test. (# 03)

The conduct of the investigations: time and examiner

For carrying out the school test are usually the local health authorities responsible. These send doctors and medical assistants to the schools. In most of the federal states it is carried out in the penultimate kindergarten year. This leaves enough time to get better funding if the study concludes that schooling is not yet guaranteed.

In some federal states, however, the investigation is only in the last kindergarten year carried out. It is even to be read of some cases, in which the school test took place only after the enrollment. However, this is due to an excessive demand of the responsible health authorities and does not correspond to the planned procedure. In any case, you do not have to worry about getting an appointment for the school exam. That happens automatically. you will be written pointed out when your daughter or your son’s turn.

In some federal states, however, the examination is only carried out in the last kindergarten year. (# 04)

Check the vaccinations

The first step is usually in the check vaccinations of the child. This is very important for several reasons. Comprehensive vaccinations are important for their health and development. Many diseases that can cause permanent damage can be easily prevented in this way.

In addition, one is nationwide vaccination also very important from the point of view of the entire population. In this way it is possible to reliably prevent epidemics. Therefore, a vaccine review is very important. The school test is a good time for this.

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The Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common problem in children and adolescents. It is considered the most common psychiatric disorder during this phase of life. Investigations came to the conclusion that about 5.3 percent of children and adolescents are affected.

ADHD is characterized by a strong restlessness and a very short attention span. This makes it extremely difficult to follow the lesson. Both children and their parents suffer a lot from this problem during school hours. Therefore, it is important to check already during the school test for signs of this. So it is possible to early one therapy in the way.

Weight and height

In addition, the doctors at the school test to check the weight and height. In this way, for example stunted growth determine. Overweight or underweight can also be diagnosed in this way. All of these problems are a significant impairment of the child’s health and can make school attendance more difficult.

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motor activity

A good engine is for the university faculty also of great importance. This already starts with the kids having to hold a pen to write with. In addition, it is necessary that they guide them with precise movements over the paper. Many preschoolers are still overwhelmed with this task. If the school test in this area deficits For some months, those affected can practice practicing these requirements for a few more months.

language support

A good ability to speak is also indispensable for attending school. The children must be able to express their thoughts in an orderly and understandable way. If this is not the case, it makes sense early on language support in the way. During the test, the medical assistants check that the children are able to pronounce all the sounds correctly. Also a correct grammar is considered.


In kindergarten children usually paint a lot. Therefore, at this age, they should already be able to do simple things independently to draw. This, too, is an important indication of the development. If the ability to paint is severely limited, this is an indication that the school is not yet ready.

One of the most important tasks of the elementary school is to teach the children sufficient skills in the basic arithmetic. (# 05)

quantity detection

One of the main tasks of the elementary school is to give the children sufficient skills in the Basic arithmetic to convey. Those who can not follow the lessons, often gets big problems. An important basis for the calculations is the quantity acquisition. Therefore, the medical assistants check if the children are able to detect and compare the quantities of different amounts.


After all, behavior plays an important role in school success. For this purpose, this test also checks whether the children’s behavior is the same conditions corresponds to the school.

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What advantages does the enrollment examination offer?

The school serves to promote the children and enables them to gain many important skills. However, this also means that certain demands are placed on them in the classroom. These are designed so that an average student can do them well. However, there are some kids where the Development a little slower expires or have problems in a particular area. As a result, they are not up to the challenge, though they already have that Older for enrollment.

This can lead to big problems in the everyday classroom. To avoid this, the school test was introduced. This way, parents learn early on whether the child meets all the requirements. If this is not the case, you can do it yourself with your daughter or with her son to practice and to the deficits work or professional Get help – for example in the context of language support.

School test decides on early or late school enrollment

The school enrollment It is not only important to recognize deficits at an early stage and to work in a targeted manner. In addition, it helps to determine the right time for enrollment.

The following table shows that many children in Germany either prematurely or delayed start school. The school test provides an important clue as to whether it makes sense to wait or even prefer something with this step.

Training in the school year 2016/17

Early school enrollment 18975
Timely enrollment 645647
Late school enrollment 55718

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