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EF Academy Torbay

At the EF Academy School in England, Torbay, the quiet town of Torquay, where the school is located, is used as an extended classroom. The close-knit community of students, school staff and Torquay residents is often described as family-friendly, so you’ll feel comfortable in this educational learning environment.

Learning environment at EF Academy Torbay

At our international school in England we teach based on the philosophy that students are successful when they feel cared for.

It is our concern that students at EF Academy Torbay feel at ease and be supported by teachers, supervisors, hostels and host families at every stage of their school career – especially the transition between IGCSE and IB or A-level Program as well as during the university application process.


Educational support in Torbay

Educational programs at the EF Academy Torbay


For students between the ages of 14 and 16 who are looking for an internationally recognized middle school diploma.

IB Diploma

For students aged 16 to 19 seeking holistic education and an international career.


For students aged 16 to 19 who want to focus on a specific area of ​​knowledge.

preparation Courses

For students who do not yet meet the required requirements for their chosen educational program or who want to initiate their stay abroad.

“My host family is great. I know that I can come to them with all my difficulties. They support me and have taken me into their family. “

Read More Darya Bulayeva EF Academy Torbay
IB student
Graduation class 2016

Study and career guidance

Most students apply to universities in England, but our experienced student advisors also support students who wish to apply to universities in the US or their home country. The individual study counseling includes visits to universities and gives our students the opportunity to find out in a one-to-one interview which study suits them best. The results of the A-Levels and the IB will be sent to the students a few months after their final exams in the spring. The University Adviser will meet with the students before and after the exams to help them choose their places of study and confirm one of them.

Meet the teachers and staff

Mark Howe received a Postgraduate Certificate in Innovative Education from Warwick University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Historical Education from the University of West England and a Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in History from King Alfred’s College. Before accepting the position of Headmaster of the EF Academy Torbay, Mark Howe worked at the British School of Guangzhou in China.

Robert Tasker has a bachelor’s degree in undergraduate education and sports with geography from Exeter University. He has worked at a number of educational institutions, both in the UK and abroad. The love of lifelong learning and the opportunity to work with young people brought Rob to education where he can continue to work in a sporting environment. Robert loves to build strong working relationships with students and see how so many global cultures merge to form a large family.

Louise joined the EF Academy team in April 2017 as director of teaching and learning. After completing her studies at the University of Hull with a double degree in French and Spanish, as well as a teaching qualification in modern foreign languages, Louise started her career in Devon. There she taught at several comprehensive schools in the region. She is passionate about teaching and learning – whose development is central to her every day. Her role as director of teaching and learning at the EF Academy Torbay allows her to unite these two passions.

Debbie Chatterton holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and IT. She has been working in the education sector for over twenty years where she has spent a lot of time collaborating with students in preparing their study applications. Debbie struggled at school and found that learning was a challenge that inspired her later in her life, teaching and helping young people to enjoy education and to gain confidence in their knowledge. Debbie loves to be with the students as they admire their courage and enthusiasm for the travels that they undertake.

Annie has taken on many different roles over the last 12 years; Specialist English teacher, trusted teacher and deputy headmistress of a large school with 1,500 students in London. As a person responsible for the well-being and safety of the students, she has a great deal of experience in helping students best. In addition, she worked as an English teacher for a variety of degrees, including the IGCSE and the A-levels. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and a secondary degree in English as a foreign language.

Neil Abbott studied pastoral care and theology, worked for twenty-five years as a pastor of a Protestant church and for 4.5 years as a teaching assistant. Since March 2013, Neil has pastoral care at EF Academy Torbay, including as a trusted teacher. In the past year, his area of ​​responsibility has been expanded to include the academic side of student life; today he is as "Pathway Manager" for students from Germany, Russia, Spain and the USA. Neil enjoys working with parents and students to ensure the success of his students at EF Academy Torbay and in the future.

Pauline Zhang has a BA in Tourism Management and has been working with EF for more than 8 years. Pauline joined EF Academy Torbay in 2015 to work as a trusted teacher and later as a pathway manager. Pauline has a great deal of experience in working with students around the world in academic and pastoral terms, providing advice and support to the students she supports. She appreciates the valuable time she spends with each and every one of her students, and she hopes she will help each student on their educational journey.

Gundel Bonfield has long taught arts and German and has worked at many different schools and colleges throughout England. She was art director at a school in Surrey for eight years. Gundel is originally from Germany, so she understands how challenging and rewarding it is to live and learn in another country.

Liz Clarke has a bachelor’s degree in Literature and American Studies, a Cambridge Diploma in English Education and has taught in a variety of countries including Italy, Portugal, China and Japan. Liz loves to be in a learning environment. Teaching in different countries has enabled her to meet many wonderful people. Outside the classroom, Liz values ​​taking students to the theater and sharing literature from their different cultures.

Mandy graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in mathematics and a postgraduate certificate in education. She also holds a Diploma in Management from the Chartered Management Institute and has headed the Education Department at a continuing education academy. Prior to joining the EF Academy in 2008, she taught a number of math qualifications in secondary and continuing education and has been successfully leading the EF Academy’s mathematics faculty for 5 years. Their goal is to inspire all students to unleash their full potential and enjoy learning.

Maria Jennings graduated from James Madison University in the US with a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish. She also holds a master’s degree in Modern Philology and a postgraduate degree in Education from the University of Madrid. Maria earned further diplomas in Spanish lessons for non-native speakers and in skills and career counseling. She has taught at various schools in the UK and has been an IB examiner since 1998.

Tina Desmond holds a LLB in Law, a PGCE and previous work experience as a teacher of English Business Law and Labor Law at City College, Plymouth, before joining the EF Academy in 2009. Tina enjoys helping others to fulfill their dreams and desires as their teachers have done it for them. The family environment created by EF Academy staff is a special community that Tina and her students will never forget.

Mark Glew holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Accounting. Before joining EF, Mark worked as a certified public accountant. He joined the education sector because he is convinced and enthusiastic that training young adults offers incredible opportunities. Mark loves the diversity, excitement and curiosity of EF Academy Torbay’s international students.

Wendy Daniels holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and physiology and a PGCE. Wendy’s love of biology led her to become a teacher where she could share her passion with the students. She loves to run, ride a bike and sing. She particularly values ​​the wealth of experience that different cultures bring to the EF Academy.

Born in Torbay, Owen has developed a keen interest in sports during his own school years. In 2015, he left the University of Bath with a bachelor’s degree in sports science. As captain of the Athletics Club, he competed both nationally and internationally in competitions. Owen has been part of the EF Academy since the 2015-2016 school year. For the last three years he has been leading the sports department and helping to get students excited about participating in sports activities. He also builds the network for competitions against other schools.

Rachel Galvin has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a PGCSE in secondary education. Rachel has over 25 years of mathematics education and has spent 13 years working at schools abroad. Rachel became a teacher because she loves being able to work with young people in an environment where every day is different. Especially she loves her role as "Head of Elberry House", which underlines their competitiveness and allows them to participate in a variety of activities with the students.

Oliver Chapman holds a BS in Physics and Cosmology from Reading University, a Master in Physics (Gas Correlation Spectroscopy) and a PGCE in Secondary Science. Oliver has been working at the EF Academy Torbay for nine years and has previously taught physics at high school and at university level. Being able to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of physics is one of Oliver’s favorite parts of the classroom. Oliver also heads the Robotics Club and is head of the Oyster House this year and looks forward to inspiring students for extracurricular activities.

Sean Kirby holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Manchester and a PGCE in science at the senior level. Sean has ten years of teaching experience and has taught science at several schools in southwest England before joining EF Academy Torbay. Sean enjoys teaching and learning in an environment that is a little different every day. The kindness of the students we have here at the EF Academy Torbay is something that Sean greatly appreciates.

Chris Nicholls has a bachelor’s degree in history and a PGCE and has been involved in outdoor education for many years, where Chris has led adventure activities and worked as an IB CAS coordinator. Chris’s mother worked in education for many years and Chris decided to follow in her footsteps. The role of the CAS Coordinator has led Chris to integrated curriculum activities, an area of ​​education that he truly enjoys. The great people he works with and the diverse and fantastic students he helps with on their educational trips are some of Chris’ favorite pastimes at the EF Academy Torbay.

Dan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Italian and a Master’s Degree in English as a Foreign Language Teaching. Dan has been teaching English for more than fifteen years in countries such as Thailand, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. With a passion for language, Dan enjoys working with young people and is convinced that the key to student success is that they speak English. Dan’s favorite part of working at EF Academy is the students.

Tricia Asquith has a BS in Physics and a PGCE and has many experiences as a teacher and leader in physics, math and science. As a woman and a physicist, Tricia wants to encourage more girls to study a male-dominated subject. She is thrilled that this field is advancing as more and more girls take on these jobs. Trica’s favorite pastime at the EF Academy is to be with the students and tell their stories and see how they develop into young adults in society.

Lisa Barlass has a bachelor’s degree in health and group practice as a pediatric nurse, is a registered nurse and has a postgraduate degree in counseling and psychotherapy. Lisa has over twenty years experience as a pediatric nurse overseas and in the UK. Her role as a school nurse at the EF Academy Torbay brings together all her previous experience in the clinical and emotional support of children and adolescents. She loves to work with her students and to learn more about her life and her cultures

Andrew Thain has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a PGCE and has more than 10 years of teaching experience at various schools in the country and abroad. Andrew believes in creating a better future for individuals and society – and education is an important part of that. Working in an international environment is one thing Andrew appreciates in his position at the EF Academy Torbay, where he is enriched daily by all the different cultures and languages ​​around him.

Fiona McGinnes has extensive experience working in local schools and has been a member of school boards for several years. She has an education in the field of early childhood and education, but also enjoys working with teenagers. Fiona enjoys working with the other nice employees of the EF Academy Torbay.

Mark Howe principal

Robert Tasker Deputy Headmaster – Student Support

Louise Blondell Deputy Head of Teaching & Learn

Debbie Chatterton Director of University Counseling

Annie Coombs Pathway Manager

Neil Abbott Pathway Manager

Pauline Zhang Pathway Manager

Gundel Bonfield Head of the Faculty – Art

Liz Clarke Corrick Head of the Faculty – Linguistics

Mandy Meek Head of Department – Mathematics

Maria Jennings Head of the Modern Languages ​​Department

Tina Desmond Department of Humanities & Right / dorm office

Mark Glew Head of the Department of Economics & computer science

Wendy Daniels Head of Department – Natural Sciences

Owen Styler Specialist Sports & dorm director

Rachel Galvin Mathematics teacher and director of the "Elberry House"

Oliver Chapman Physics teacher and leader of the "Oyster House"

Sean Kirby Science teacher and director of the "Saltern House"

Chris Nicholls Coordinator – extracurricular activities

Dan Luly Coordinator – English as a foreign language

Tricia Asquith Physics teacher & BTEC Progamm line

Lisa Barlass school nurse

Andrew Thain English teacher and IB coordinator

Fiona McGinnes Head of dormitory care & guest families

clubs & activities

The EF School in Torbay is located on England’s South Coast, which invites to a wealth of activities on and on the water, such as. Sailing and coasteering. Through collaborations with on-site facilities, our boarding school students have free access to the local climbing center, gym and swimming pool, as well as discounts at some restaurants and cafes.

Other clubs and activities that students can attend:

  • "The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award"
  • Art Club
  • photography
  • Science Club


Clubs and activities in Torbay

    • They have the opportunity to do so in the classroom, but also in leadership positions in their spare time, be it in sports, in the Model United Nations Club or in the student council."

      Read More Debbie Chatterton Director of University Counseling
      EF Academy Torbay

      The campus

      The private school in England of the EF Academy in Torbay has impressive facilities and is located in a beautiful location by the sea. The campus is very safe and is just a few minutes walk from the picturesque town center.

      Our campus facilities at our English school were designed to inspire. The art studio has large windows overlooking the sea – perfect for landscape painting. The state-of-the-art science laboratories are ideal for experimentation and research, in class and in study groups. Our international private school in Torbay is perched on a hill and stands out with its school building in the style of a modern castle.

      Torquay’s cafés, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants are just a few minutes’ walk from the school. Here you will experience how students mix with the local population and become part of a close-knit community.

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