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What the new year brings to the quarter

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Munich – what’s next with the creative quarter, what’s going on at Elisabethplatz and Elisabethmarkt? Big decisions are coming up in Schwabing-West in the new year. The preview:

A few flower pots, little finishing work here and there – but otherwise it’s done. The last construction phase on the Ackermannbogen is on the home straight. With the completion of the 39.4 hectare former military area, the largest construction project in the Schwabing-West district is off the table, but other new construction projects are already being planned.

Exciting project: the creative district

One of the most exciting projects The city of Munich is certainly the development of the creative quarter on the site between Dachauer, Loth, Schwere-Reiter, Heß and Infanteriestrasse, i.e. the area of ​​the former Luitpold barracks and adjacent areas. The new urban district is divided into four areas, of which only one belongs to the Schwabing-West district. The so-called creative field, located in the north-eastern part of the area, is the most advanced in planning so far. Around 325 apartments as well as a primary school and a children’s house are being built here. In the coming weeks, the development plan for this section will probably be submitted to the city council for coordination. If there are no objections, the area will be put up for competition.

New building on Elisabethplatz?

The building project of the Stadtsparkasse on Elisabethplatz is a bit further. The company plans to build around 200 apartments as well as shops and a daycare center with three kindergarten and after-school groups on the former area of ​​the Stadtwerke substation. After the preliminary building inquiry recently passed the city council, the decision should be made in January as to which architectural firm may design the urban residential and shopping district. The End 2017 The individual trades should be taken by early 2018 at the latest.

Demolition of the standl? Fight for the Elisabethmarkt

At the same time, the city of Munich wants to rebuild Schwabing’s treasure chest, the Elisabethmarkt. The old stands no longer meet the applicable hygiene and fire protection requirements and should be demolished. However, there is only one feasibility study for the redesign so far. The favored variant provides nine larger pavilions, which are arranged asymmetrically and loosely grouped two to three stands under one top, roof combine. An underground car park for dealers, customers and residents is planned under the market.

However, this construction project also has bitter opponents. The city’s schedule is shaken by a petition. District politicians and many market traders fear that the protests could drag construction work on and around the square if the construction sites of the municipal savings bank and the market reconstruction are not running in parallel. This year it will become clear what really happens around Elisabethplatz and, above all, how long residents and traders have to live with a giant construction site. Because the status quo supporters will probably not be able to stop the restructuring of the market.

Reconstruction and new construction at the Schwabing Clinic

The renovation of the Schwabing hospital is already underway: In two construction phases, a five-story new building is being built here, which is connected to the listed building by glass bridges across all levels. The house should be ready by the end of 2022 and will house a modern clinic for pediatric and adolescent medicine, gynecology and obstetrics with an attached emergency center. According to an optimistic estimate, the children’s clinic could be completed by the end of this year.


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