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Pregnancy yoga is a big favor to you and your baby. With targeted body and breathing exercises, you prepare yourself and your baby for the forthcoming birth. The Asanas strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance. The breathing exercises give you tools that you can use during contractions, or in everyday life, where you can use them to calm or feel good.

The better you know your body, the more balanced your body and mind will be during birth.

Course Details

FABIZ, Altenbraker Str. 12A, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Mondays, 13:00 – 14:15 o’clock

From 6 January 2020

How much

  • 10’er ticket: 100 € (valid for 12 weeks)
  • 5’er ticket: 55 € (valid for 6 weeks)
  • Single: 12 €
  • Trial lesson: 5 €

Your teacher

Katrine Kroløkke Allibert

Katrine is committed to providing a healthy workout. Together we will talk about and develop body postures, perception of self and breathing exercises. Her work with children, teenagers and adults at all levels is pure pleasure for her.

Katrine offers the perfect combination of typical yoga methods and accessible classes for every level. She always adapts everything to you.

Bastien A.

I always recommend Katrine to other women who would like to be fit again without taking on too much pressure and stress. But with the fun factor in it.

Charlotte K.

You can only be thrilled with Katrine! Demanding but communicative, personal and friendly. Her courses help me to reach my physical and mental goals. Top!

Susie S.

Sounds good to me?

Pregnancy yoga in Berlin – with ease towards childbirth

A pregnancy becomes more and more strenuous, especially towards the end. Maybe you don’t always feel comfortable in your body and you have health problems that make your everyday life more difficult. However, a few exercises can help you to bring a little lightness into this time. With a course for pregnancy yoga in Berlin you will soon feel a little better and be able to master everyday life better again, because the exercises help you to relieve your back, forget the stress around you a little and simply feel better again.

Pregnancy yoga in Berlin cannot be compared to normal yoga, because the different exercises are tailored to your needs. This is not about you reaching your sporting limit and trying to keep it in order to go one step further. Pregnancy yoga in Berlin should help you to relax, listen to your body and relieve your pain. The courses in pregnancy yoga in Berlin are tailored to the different trimesters of pregnancy and also give you a few tips for everyday life at home.

What advantages do you have with pregnancy yoga?

A little exercise will do you good during pregnancy. However, you should not overexert yourself and should only be active as long as you feel good. Pregnancy yoga in Berlin is ideal for you, because the sport is calm and lets you relax both mentally and physically. This prevents complaints that are normal during this special time. This will relieve your back pain and can even combat nausea a little. During the exercises you will also be able to meditate a lot and forget your stressful everyday life.

During many exercises during pregnancy yoga you can fully concentrate on your body and your baby and prepare for the birth. This is another great advantage of pregnancy yoga in Berlin. Because here you relax your muscles with special pelvic floor exercises. This has a positive effect on your delivery and your baby can be born with fewer complications.

What exercises are recommended and what do you need to keep in mind?

No matter which exercise you do during pregnancy yoga in Berlin, you should always listen to the signs of your body, because you know best how far you can go. If you are uncomfortable with an exercise, you should better stop it or at least step back from it.

Special exercises during pregnancy yoga help you to relax, loosen up your muscles and alleviate discomfort. There are a few small things to keep in mind during the different Trisemster exercises. At the beginning of pregnancy you may still be struggling with nausea, but your stomach is barely visible. Nevertheless, you should already follow a few rules. So you should not overexert yourself or do exercises that twist or squeeze your stomach. So avoid exercises that would train your abdominal muscles.

In the second trisemester you should also avoid the prone position and jumps of any kind. Both are not good for your baby and can cause you pain. You should also do the various turning exercises slowly and only towards the open side. In the last trimester your belly is clearly visible and certainly already very heavy. But also in this phase pregnancy yoga is very advisable. Since your body’s centre of gravity has now shifted considerably, you should definitely refrain from exercises that involve a reverse posture (e.g. standing on your head). Especially calm meditation exercises are appropriate at the end of pregnancy. They take away some of your fears about giving birth and relax your muscles and mind.

bottom line

Pregnancy yoga is the ideal sport for you if you want to relax your mind and body and prepare for birth. Our courses for pregnancy yoga in Berlin are completely tailored to your needs, the exercises are specially designed for each phase and help you to forget your everyday life.

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