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hand boiler

The warmth of the body causes the air in the hand boiler to expand. As the air expands, it forces the liquid to move up through the pipe. When the liquid has moved to the top bubble, the air is still expanding and blowing through the liquid so that it looks like it is boiling.

Sometimes called "Handbubbler" or "Love thermometer" designated. The hand boiler is actually a thermodynamic physics toy.

The explanation given is understandable for laypeople, but strictly speaking physically one uses the dependence of the vapor pressure of the liquid on the temperature.

Take the larger glass bulb in your hand and close your fingers. Now watch what happens. Your body heat causes the liquid inside to rise. It is believed that the liquid would boil.

Delivery in different designs and liquid colors. Unfortunately, a selection is not possible!
Height: 17cm

Catch larvae, sandpipers or tadpoles with the net

Nature exploration for little naturalists! Observe aquatic animals on the banks of a river, stream or calm water and catch them with a net. Larvae, water striders or tadpoles are interesting objects for small biologists to observe. Please do not expose the animals to the sun and put them back in the water as soon as possible.

Net diameter: 230mm
Telescopic handle: 360 – 570mm

Exploring trees, leaves and flowers, reading tracks and making plaster casts – experiments for forest researchers

Your complete expedition equipment drawstring backpack, beetle hotel, landing net, compass, extensive research manual and much more.

About a third of Germany is covered by forest, and the trend is rising; and so that you can still see the forest for the trees, you need this experiment kit. Because the forest – yes, even the one around you – is full of adventure and secrets. So that you can track them down, this box contains complete research equipment for your forays.

What you can discover and experience:

Where am I – handling the compass
Explore trees, leaves and flowers
Discover small animals in dead wood and on the forest floor
Reading tracks and making plaster casts
Who sings there??
Explore the forest at night
And much more

-Powerful microscope
-landing net
-beetle Hotel

In addition you need: some household materials

Magnetism experiment materials

magnetism you cannot feel it, but you can experience its attractive effect in experiments. Magnets can only attract very specific materials – examine this phenomenon she with Experimental material on the magnetic properties of the substances.

Magnets can also repel each other and have a north and south pole. One of our bestsellers for educators is the iron powder box, which makes magnetic field lines visible on which the iron powder is aligned.


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