Search engines for children – These Google alternatives exist

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If children are to use the Internet freely and autonomously, not all content is suitable. Rather, a filter is needed that hides content that is harmful to minors. In this guide, we introduce you to the best-known and most popular search engines for children.

The Internet magically attracts children. After all, there is everything there that makes children’s eyes happy. From videos with feature films or the little ones’ favourite heroes to colouring pictures and games, the Internet offers numerous leisure activities. But where can boys and girls find the content they want for their eyes? The search engine giant Google is rather unsuitable for kids. It displays everything that matches the search term. And so children could unintentionally come into contact with sites that are harmful to young people.

So that children and young people can only click their way through a protected and child-friendly world, there are special search engines for children. These restrict the Internet to child-friendly and tested content. This allows the web to be explored, tested and used with children’s eyes. Also for parents these child-fair sides have a large advantage. Because children do not know the dangers and release fast and with few Klicks costs. That cannot happen on child-fair sides usually.

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What is a search engine suitable for children?

Every adult Internet user knows normal search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google. After entering a term, these tools display appropriate content. Suitable for adults. With child-safe search machines it concerns strictly speaking no real search machine at all. Because these Tools do not search really the Internet. Rather it concerns here that child-fair web pages are stored and prepared in a kind gigantic catalog. Before a link is placed on these pages, it is checked by an editorial team. As a rule, for example, only websites without advertisements that meet certain quality criteria are included. On these pages the young people can try out, learn, read or play without worries. For example, children can easily find newspapers for children on the Internet or stream their favourite children’s programme.

Below are some of the popular searchable sites for children, where they can search and find their favourite sites. – the first German-language children’s search engine

The children’s website has been in existence since 1997 and is aimed at children and young people between the ages of 8 and 12. But there is also content for preschoolers. Thus children find in the play range for example simple plays, which one can serve also without being able to read and write. In addition on the web page naturally the Web catalog with web pages from A such as Afganistan to Z such as zoo animals is to be found. In the news section the little ones discover news that interests them, and under videos there are links to popular children’s programmes such as Ene Mene Bu on KiKA. Older girls and boys can even join in and submit their own stories. Last but not least, the children’s portal can even be adapted to their own needs. Naturally there is also a search field and search results, which are optically prepared for the small ones. – the search engine for children

The homepage of is kept simple and reminds a bit of the Google search. At the top there is a prominent search field, just like the adult model. Here the Kids can enter the desired search term and receive like with the search machines for adults suitable hits. In addition the small ones find news, video Tipps, inquiries and Surf Tipps in the magazine style. Also a range for adults with useful information gives it on – Homepage for children and teenagers

The SWR Children’s Network is more than just a homepage for children and young people. The contents are initially presented in the design of an online magazine. The central theme is the Tiger Duck Club, which many children know from television. Those who like watching videos and want to learn something new are in good hands at For small children and preschoolers, the content might be too demanding. With the search function the young people can browse through the archive and find the right information.

In this guide, we have limited ourselves to advertising-free search engines for children, which not only offer fun and games, but also impart knowledge. In our opinion, advertising does not belong on children’s sites. This not only distracts, but also poses a danger. After all, advertising should lead the user away from the current page. If you know of other interesting search engines for children, we would be happy to hear from you at [email protected]. We update the article gladly.

However, child-friendly search engines alone do not make the Internet child-resistant. Parents should also think about how they can secure their children’s computers with technical means.

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