Seasickness – we tell you what really helps

What really helps against seasickness – we are happy to advise you

Gentle sound of the waves accompanies the sunset on the horizon, behind which foreign countries wait. the thought is enough and the wanderlust is aroused. Cruises are for most people the idea of ​​a dream holiday par excellence. Meanwhile, this goal has come within reach, because nowadays, families or young couples can afford a boat trip. So what stands in the way to realize the dream and to put to sea?

It is the misgivings about the unknown seafaring world, in which one could not gain experience. Very widespread is also the fear, one could be seasick. But even if you get a flabby feeling when traveling by plane or by car, that is not a hindrance to a cruise. Our cruise experts know the problem very well and are available to advise you in the selection.

You have been planning a cruise for a long time, then you are at the Cruise Consulting on the internet just right! With us you receive professional advice on all topics related to boat trips. Here you can learn more about the really important topics such as the choice of route, travel time and the right cabin.

Seasickness: The choice of the route, the season and the cabin are decided > Stabilizers on the side of the cruise ship reduce the ship’s movement

If you suffer from seasickness, our service begins with the selection of the right shipping line and route, the right ship and the choice of the right season. The right sailing area and a season in which the sea is rather calm, without storms and strong winds, ensures a pleasant sea state on your cruise. The ship size also plays a very important role, because the bigger, the better. Because small ships sway much more than the big ships. In addition, the choice and location of the cabin is very important and not to be underestimated. We recommend a cabin in the middle of the ship as this is the quietest point on the ship. In addition, the choice of a balcony cabin, where you can constantly get fresh air and have a clear view to the outside, just right for people with seasickness.

In addition, we recommend cruise ships beginners only those ships that are equipped with the latest technology and over stabilizers feature. These reduce the wave motion of the ship.

We answer all questions about seasickness

Friendly, helpful and solution-oriented service is very important to us. Our team is always at your disposal for any questions about seasickness. We look forward to your inquiry! You can reach us by phone at 040-60014478, e-mail and about that contact form on the website.

I can help you to choose the right route and the right ship.

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