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Wedding insurance: enjoy the best day of your life carefree

You marry soon? Then secure yourself now for unexpected events. The wedding insurance covers the costs incurred in case of failure or postponement of the celebration.

You marry soon? Then secure yourself now for unexpected events. The wedding insurance covers the costs incurred in case of failure or postponement of the celebration.

You marry soon? Then secure yourself now for unexpected events. The wedding insurance covers the costs incurred in case of failure or postponement of the celebration.

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The wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a couple. Often future spouses are planning their celebration for months; after all, everything should run perfectly. But the most beautiful day of life can quickly become a nightmare: From the insolvency of the organizer, the accident of a close relatives on arrival to the illness of the groom on the wedding day – Unforeseen events of this kind can endanger the whole wedding. It is all the better if you can at least protect yourself against it financially. More and more insurance companies have special wedding insurance on offer.

Which events are covered and which are not?

For event of all kinds there is the so-called organizer liability. After a similar principle, a wedding insurance works. Soberly, the wedding is a celebration that you can assure like other events. Depending on the provider, this ensures the following things:

Failure of the wedding location, for example due to damage or insolvency

Sudden unforeseen illness, accident or death of the bride or groom or a close relative

Damage or loss of property, such as wedding dress or wedding rings

Unexpected failure of the photographer

Cancellation of the hotel room

This applies when the wedding fails or postpones and the bride and groom will incur costs. The wedding insurance pays, for example, for the cancellation costs of the location, deposits or advance payments for restaurants, the cake, hotel rooms and flowers and the fees of freelance speakers or photographers. The celebration can then be made up later if necessary.

Not everything is covered:

Pay close attention to the insurance conditions. The services may vary depending on the provider. Take into account that certain events explicitly excluded are. In rainy weather, a break shortly before the wedding celebration or when one of the bride and groom gets cold feet, you usually get no insurance benefits. Even events that are not directly related to the wedding are not automatically insured. These include, for example, the hen party or bachelor party.

Who is insured and how long?

Better finish early

Do not close the wedding insurance too short notice. Most insurers have one waiting period for example, 30 days. The wedding celebration must therefore not take place beforehand. Often the insurance cover is valid for many months, so that you can complete it early, as soon as you know the exact date.

Of course, the insurance coverage for bride and groom applies. But other people can be secured with it. This includes close relatives such as parents, children or siblings, as well as persons important to the ceremony, such as the witnesses. If these parties fail unexpectedly and the wedding has to be postponed, the insurance pays the costs incurred. Again, please read the terms and conditions of the insurer to find out which people are protected in detail. Each provider defines the group of people differently.

Also note the period during which the insurance is valid for the wedding. You can already complete this if you are using the Start planning. Many policies run for many months or even years. Then you are already secured as soon as the first arrangements are made and something goes wrong early.

How useful is a wedding insurance?

Whether a wedding insurance makes sense, can not be answered flat rate. But there are a few questions you can ask yourself:

How much is the wedding? Could a failure of the entire celebration bring significant financial losses?

There are long notice periods for the location / church / caterer / band / photographers and the cancellation fees are very high?

Have the insured persons risky hobbies or occupations?

Are the bride or family members just before the wedding abroad or travel close family members from abroad?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you should consider insuring your wedding. Especially if the celebration is your financial budget completely exhausted or you even had to take out a loan, it is worth a break-even insurance.

Wedding insurance: costs are calculated once

With the wedding insurance you pay only once, because this is a temporary event. The premium amount depends on the sum insured. For example, you pay between € 10,000 for an insurance amount of € 10,000 180 and 200 euros. Most insurers offer a maximum sum of 25,000 euros. If necessary, you can also get an individual offer, which lies above. In addition, a deductible is possible. With it you pay a part in case of damage, but have a lower premium.

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