Sega toys home planetarest homestar pro

Sega Toys unknown – Ultra bright white light LED 3W – shooting star function and timer function. 800 g light source: 3w ultra bright white light led with a smooth transition from the wall to the constellation Projection surfaces: ceiling, wall or other flat surfaces Projection distance: 200-230 cm adjustable focus Projection area: circle with approx.

Two interchangeable projection screens with the fixed stars of the northern hemisphere make it possible to observe the night sky as we see it. 270 cm diameter regular German / eURO plug Recommended for ages 6 and up Sega toys branded device from the market leader home planetarium star projector.

Including 2 discs – many additional disc motifs optionally available. Put Imagine watching the starry sky while sitting comfortably on the couch. In the pack projector, ac power supply, two interchangeable projection screens with the Fixed Stars in the Northern Hemisphere Many other discs available Technical Details 60

Sega Toys home planetarium Homestar Pro / Star Theater black – 000 stars dimensions of the projector: 16, 9 x 15, 1 x 15, 1 cm weight of the projector: approx "sternschnuppen function" you can help something to fulfill your wishes! The projection angle and focus are adjustable and a practical timer is used for automatic switch-off.

Bring 60,000 sparkling stars from the sky to your room.

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Sega Toys slide set earth and moon by day and night

Sega Toys Homestar – Get everything out of your Sega home planetarium. We now offer 4 additional discs. Here the double pack earth and moon by day and earth and moon by night disc. Compatible with sega Toys Homestar Pro, Pro2, Star Theater. You may never be able to visit space.

4 additional discs are available as double packs. Earth and moon day and night. Earth and moon by day – the globe over the Indian Ocean with a full moon in the background. The discs show images of the far side of the moon, the earth day and night. The lights of Europe and the Middle East.

Sega Toys Earth and Moon slide set by day and night – space travel improves that live on the earth" Alexander Gerst confirmed this to the press shortly after he returned from the ISS in November 2014. In addition, NASA’s wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer shows the Andromeda galaxy at astronomical magnification. Do more with your Homestar Original.

But with the new discs you get the chance to bring the beauty of the universe home. Southeast Asia during the day, as well as Japan and Australia at sunset. Earth and moon at night – Earth with a full moon in the foreground.

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