Sell ​​old gold – what do you have to pay attention to?

Sell ​​old gold – what you have to pay attention to?

Tips for selling gold

Those who want to part with their gold jewelery should inform themselves before the sale of the current old gold price and the gold value of their own jewelry. This is the only way to ensure a fair price for old gold sales. Here are some tips on selling old gold.

In recent years, the price of gold has almost tripled. One of the reasons is that gold is valued as a crisis-proof investment throughout the world and many investors now want to invest their money safely. Of course, industry demand also influences that gold Price, As gold is urgently needed among others in the jewelry industry and the semiconductor industry. The fact that one e.g. With a few heirlooms of gold can quickly improve the household budget, many people asked the question of whether they should not part with the one or the other treasure that still lies in the drawer. There are now numerous ways to sell old gold. The current gold price paid by the gold buyers, usually depends on the values ​​of the gold exchanges on the Internet.

Where do you get the best gold price?

When selling old gold you should compare the offers of several gold buyers before you sell.

In most cities, there are now small shops that specialize in the purchase of old gold. Even the jeweler of her trust is a good contact point. Commercials on TV want to make you sell their old gold by letter and offer instant cash in prospect. And of course there are always new portals on the Internet that want to buy old gold. However, not all traders who buy up old gold and other gold-bearing items have the intention to do fair business. Often one puts on there on amateur ignorance of the salesmen. Not infrequently, there are price differences of more than 100% when comparing several gold buyers with each other. In order to achieve a price when selling old gold is fair for both parties, you should be well informed as a seller before.

What to look for when selling old gold?

To find out if the offer you receive from a gold buyer for your gold is acceptable and fair, you should first find out what value your own gold currently has. In order to be able to appreciate the value of old gold, you first need only a magnifying glass, because gold jewelry is usually stamped.

In the stamp there are 3 numbers, these indicate how many shares fine gold contains a piece of jewelry. Common numbers are 333, 585 or 750. If you have discovered the number with the magnifying glass you need a small digital scale to determine the weight of the old gold. Knowing the Feingoldanteil and the weight, one can quickly determine the pure gold value of a piece of jewelry using a small formula.

How to calculate fine gold content and gold price?

The formula to calculate the Feingoldanteil is quite easy and quickly done with a calculator. Fine gold content = (grams x fineness according to stamp) / 1000. To illustrate the whole, follow 2 examples.

  • Example 1:A 54 gram gold chain with 585 stamp
  • 54g x 585/1000 = 31.59g fine gold
  • Example 2:A 17 gram gold ring with 750 stamp
  • 17g x 750/1000 = 12,75g fine gold

If the fine gold share is known, you only have to find out about the gold price, you can already estimate the value of your own old gold. A very good source to quickly find the current daily gold price for 1 gram of gold is the website There you will find everything important about the gold price. To clarify how to do that Determine gold value At this point, we can refer back to the two examples and take a fictitious gold price of 43.05 euros per 1 gram of gold.

  • Example 1:A 54 gram gold chain with 585 stamp
  • 54g x 585/1000 = 31.59g fine gold
  • 31.59 g fine gold x 43.05 EUR per 1 g gold = 1359.95 EUR
  • Example 2:A 17 gram gold ring with 750 stamp
  • 17g x 750/1000 = 12,75g fine gold
  • 12,75g fine gold x 43,05 EUR per 1 g gold = 548,88 EUR

Of course, you can find the one determined this way Altgoldpreis do not expect a gold buyer. He will definitely pay less for your old gold, as he has a cost for the melt and must also make profit with the old gold. However, you have such a good guideline to get a fair price when selling.

More tips for selling gold

There are a few more tips & Hints that you should consider when selling gold. Also inherited collector’s items and jewelery in which a lot of manual work is only paid for real gold, but not for idealistic value.

Therefore gold jewelery of the gemstones or extraordinary ornaments should be offered individually if possible, not only to be reduced to its pure gold value. Optically attractive jewelry is often found lovers who are willing to pay more than the pure gold value. Such pieces of jewelry can, for example, find a buyer through auctions. For you as a seller it definitely pays to get several offers from different gold traders, instead of sticking to the first offer.

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