Sell used tires

selling used tires –
what you should bear in mind!

Sometimes used tires from the previous vehicle are still lying around in the garage, because the new car has a different tire size. As a car owner, you wonder what to do with your used tires. A good solution would be to sell the already used tires. This actually sounds more complicated than it is. A wide variety of options are available.

Determining the condition of the tires

The most important thing is to determine the current condition of the tires. On the side flank there is an inscription. The size, load index and also the speed index can be read from them. The load index is listed as a number after the tire size. Behind it is a letter indicating the speed index. Behind this information is the year of manufacture of the tire. This is also an important key figure for subsequent sales. The year of manufacture is important because the material hardens over time. As a general rule, tires should not be more than six years old.

But it is also important to measure the tread depth. The depth of the tire tread is always measured in the area that is most heavily blocked. There are special gauges for measuring. The tread depth can also be determined with a conventional caliper or an inch rule.

Selling used tires through an ad in the daily newspaper

Once all the relevant tire data is known, an advertisement can be placed in the daily newspaper. There are certainly some interested parties who would like to buy used tires. The advantage of this method is that only interested parties from the immediate vicinity come forward. The disadvantage is that not all residents subscribe to a daily newspaper. This reduces the number of potential buyers. In addition, a fee must be paid for the publication of the advertisement.

Selling used tires over the internet

The easiest way to sell used tires is via the internet. There are different portals available, which are even free of charge. Most portals also allow you to post photos of the used tires free of charge. But this method is not only advantageous from the point of view of cost savings. Ads on the internet are read by many more interested parties than ads in a newspaper. Therefore, the sale of the used tires is much faster.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is the fact that used car tires can be searched for on such portals beforehand. In this way, the seller can find out about the existing supply as well as the achievable selling price. This gives them the opportunity to optimize their offer and get the best price.

Selling through a tire dealer

Some tire dealers offer their customers the opportunity to sell their used tires through them. A tire dealer naturally knows the prices for tires very well. The advantage for the seller is that he does not have to take care of anything else. However, the selling price is somewhat reduced because the dealer also wants to receive something for this service. This is a good option for those who do not want to sell on the Internet and do not want to pay money for a newspaper ad.

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