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Senior Dentistry

Dentistry for the generation 60plus

We would like to give you an insight into the treatment of senior citizens in and outside our practice. The share of generation 60plus in the total population in Germany is rising steadily. However, the older we humans become, the more common are diseases in the oral cavity.

Dentist Kathrin Stecher

Since 2008 is therefore Dentist Kathrin Stecher the first practitioner in Hamburg with a focus on geriatric dentistry. Due to this acknowledged specialization for patients of the generation 60plus, our continuously accessible dental practice also offers services that are particularly important for this group.

What is senior dentistry?

The task of senior dentistry is in particular the increasingly common in old age dental diseases such as root caries, periodontal disease (jawbone decline), tooth nerve inflammation and mucosal changes to treat. As important as the preservation of one’s own teeth is if necessary the production of easy to handle and to be maintained, solid and stable dentures from our own dental technician master laboratory.

General disorders triggered by dental disease

For dental disease, a number of studies have shown a close association with general conditions. The presence of periodontitis disease in the mouth with many aggressive bacteria increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, osteoporosis (bone loss), diabetes (diabetes) or cancer of the esophagus, head and lungs 2 to 11 times.
For this reason, close cooperation with your family doctor is of great importance in senior dentistry.

Rescue teeth that have done a lot

Another important component of senior dentistry is the reliable rescuing of teeth with state-of-the-art LASER and microscope-supported root canal treatment, because every tooth counts. In the course of life, the tooth nerves in the tooth narrow themselves further, so that with a higher age often a treatment without a dental microscope is incomplete or not possible. Therefore, our specialization in state-of-the-art root canal treatment with a microscope and LASER is the perfect solution for these teeth.

Bone build-up to restore loose teeth

In spite of good dental care, in a long life gum pockets can enlarge and break down jawbones, so that teeth become loose. Instead of thinking resignedly of tooth loss, it is often possible to build up a bone in order to stabilize one’s own teeth for years to come.

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Why are dental screening so important??

Every 6 months a dental examination and cancer screening of the oral cavity should take place. Thus, diseases of the teeth, tongue or oral mucosa can be detected early and treated. The control of the oral mucosa and the tongue is also very important for denture wearers without their own teeth to prevent pressure points, inflammation, oral cancer or fungal infections. Your health insurance company grants you by regular check-ups a higher bonus for new productions or repairs of dentures. We will gladly issue a bonus booklet for your health insurance if you do not have one yet.

How to keep the oral cavity healthy even in old age?

Professional teeth cleaning is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis (Recommendation of Stiftung Warentest: Book Teeth, 2010). Regular brushing alone is not enough. There are always deposits and tartar remaining in the hard-to-reach areas. These can cause inflammation of the gums, bleeding gums, bad taste, bad breath or holes in your teeth.

Professional teeth cleaning includes the removal of all your dental plaque, the thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth and dentures with special dental tools tailored to your individual oral situation. So your teeth, which have already done a lot, stay healthy and firm for years to come.

Barrier-free access to our practice for geriatric dentistry

Our practice offers barrier-free access without steps from the entrance to the treatment chair. Even with a walker or wheelchair, our practice is easily accessible for you through the elevator in the stairwell. If you are in possession of a disability card due to a medical condition, you will also have two disabled parking spaces 15 meters from the practice entrance. Our practice was additionally evaluated by the Patient Initiative e.V. – Barrier-free, we are one of the first Hamburg dental practices and listed on their recommendation search function.

Treatments tailored to the age are a matter of course for us.

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Our mobility – your advantage: check-ups, mobile professional teeth cleaning and dental treatments at your home

If at some point you are not so well on foot – then we come to your home or nursing home for treatment. Because of our specialization in senior dentistry, we have the necessary mobile devices and instruments for eg. Examinations, prosthetic repairs or mobile professional tooth cleaning portable packed.

Limits of “domestic” treatments in geriatric dentistry

X-rays, plastic fillings or root canal treatments are not feasible for us in the usual quality outside the practice. With progressive general diseases such as increasing dementia or limited transportability, the seniors dentistry limits are shown. Therefore, we are happy that more and more senior citizens are choosing to keep their teeth healthy and to have the necessary dental treatment as long as they are themselves healthy and mobile enough.

Dental care of senior citizens / nursing homes

We look after many patients in the Elbe suburbs in several retirement and nursing homes. In case of toothache or problems with your dentures, we visit you after consultation with the nursing staff in your retirement or nursing home. Often a very complex care transport for a visit to our practice is thus avoidable.

The research work of Mr Privatdozent dr. Alexander Hassel from the Polyclinic for Prosthodontics of the University Hospital of Heidelberg was awarded the 1st place of the Wrigley Prophylaxis Award on the occasion of the annual meeting of the German Society for Dental Retention 2009.

Twice a year dental check-ups in the retirement / nursing home

Within the framework of the Care Quality Assurance Act (PQsG), nursing home nursing services must ensure and supervise the medical / medical care of the residents of the nursing homes to a sufficient extent. These include regular dental check-ups. After consultation with our practice, these can be used free of charge twice a year in the retirement and care homes for legally insured patients. Also, the dental bonus booklet can be stamped and would ensure an increased subsidy of the health insurance for repairs to the dentures.

Training nurses to improve oral care in nursing home patients

We train the nursing staff of old people’s and nursing homes through further education and show tips and tricks on how to achieve a useful dental care for those who are cared for by the generally limited time of care. Participation in the training is certified to all present with a certificate.

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Dentist Kathrin Stecher · Periodontics (gum treatment) · Senior dentistry

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