Service center education by language and writing foundation spi

Service center education by language and writing foundation spi

Education through language and writing

Service Center Education by Language and Writing

On the basis of the knowledge that consolidated knowledge of the German language and writing is a central criterion for the educational success of children and adolescents, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research ( BMBF), the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) and the Youth and Family Ministers Conference of the Länder (JFMK) agreed the joint initiative “Education through Language and Writing”.

Within the framework of this seven-year research and development program, measures for language promotion, language diagnostics and reading promotion will be evaluated and further developed. To this end, since September 2013, more than 600 institutions from almost all federal states in pre-primary, primary and secondary education have joined together to form a total of 104 associations, implement coordinated measures for language education and language promotion, and exchange their experiences. In the course of the program, some of the measures undertaken will be evaluated to find out which concepts support children and adolescents particularly effectively in their language development. An accompanying research program examines issues of particular urgency and thus contributes to the development of new tools in the field of diagnostics, promotion and professionalization. The program also supports the necessary training and further education of the participating educators and teachers.

The service center is charged with providing technical and administrative advice on evaluation and development projects in the elementary sector.

Contact, opening hours and directions

Foundation SPI
Service Center Education by Language and Writing (BiSS)
Alexander Street 1
10178 Berlin
Contact: Christoph Schwamborn, Dr. med. Sarah Meier

Goals and priorities

BiSS is a combined research and development program. A selection of the measures taken is evaluated in quasi-experimental studies during the process. The aim of these evaluations is to obtain sound scientific evidence on the quality of implementation and on the effectiveness of the measures. In pre-primary education projects are evaluated that focus on the implementation quality in the field of everyday integrated linguistic education and the optimization of linguistic education at the transition from kindergarten to primary school. In pre-primary education, four evaluation projects, each lasting three years, were launched in 2015 and 2016, conducted by scientific research institutes and universities in Germany. The studies with a formative and process-oriented character aim at a development-oriented investigation of the implementation quality of different language promotion strategies. Above all, they are intended to provide clues as to whether professionalisation measures for language education and promotion are changing the behavior of educators or teachers and whether these measures are suitable for promoting the linguistic learning of children and adolescents.

The networks, which are not evaluated externally, are enabled by program-accompanying further education and evaluation consultations to evaluate themselves.

In addition, a development project was launched in 2016, which is dedicated to the subject of the “professionalization of everyday integrated linguistic education in children with monolingual and multilingual growth”. The aim of the development project is to test and further develop measures and programs of this topic for the effectiveness of which are still insufficient empirical findings, but which are considered to be expedient and, if successful, to be put to practical use.


Funded by
Federal Ministry of Family Affairs

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