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Surely you have already done this experience many times: “What benefits can I actually expect from my statutory health insurance? Is my bonus booklet necessary for that? How much does my dental insurance pay? When do I have my money back? Where do I have to call everywhere now and who actually gets everything from me … “

Always keep track of dentistry

German health policy has become more and more complicated over the years. Especially in dentistry, there is a bureaucratic cost jungle, which often opens up little to the patient. In addition, many statutory health insurance companies have added benefits and various bonus systems in their program.

We help you to keep a clear head, apply for the maximum possible grant from your insurance carrier and take the entire bureaucratic procedure from you. In addition, together with you we will find an optimal treatment process that is tailored to your personal needs. Dentist Roger Barz, practice manager Cindy Mecke and a team of experienced and long-standing employees are at your side to help.

Advice for optimal treatment

In order to be able to optimally prepare and carry out a planned therapy, it is important to us that you clearly formulate your wishes regarding the choice of appointment and the period of treatment. This is the best way to help, because a visit to the dentist should fit well into your professional and private life.

It is also well known that the statutory health insurance does not cover all costs for a treatment at the dentist. Especially when it comes to dentures, which we have made by a master laboratory. In the Zahngesundheit Halle dental practice, all possible additional costs in advance of the treatment will be explained in detail, calculated exactly and handed over to you as a binding cost estimate.

Financing of dentures and professional teeth cleaning

An understandable cost transparency is very important to us. After all, the forward-looking planning of your personal financial budget is just as much a sound therapeutic decision as the actual dental treatment. Of course, we also inform you about ways in which you can finance a more comprehensive dentures over our billing company easily and at low interest rates. A visit to your bank is therefore not required.

But for smaller private services your statutory health insurance now covers a large part of the costs. This is especially true for professional teeth cleaning – in short also called PZR – mainly to. The support you can expect from your health insurance fund can be found out here.

You are planning to take out additional dental insurance?

We would be happy to provide you with tips on which care priorities you should pay particular attention in your individual case before concluding an additional dental insurance. If you would like to know in advance how you can find a suitable dental supplement insurance and which criteria play an important role, then we recommend you this article.

Your contact person is practice manager Cindy Mecke

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