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We can offer you a very wide range of services in modern dentistry, from simple check-ups of your teeth to complex dental treatment. For this we are regularly for you on numerous training courses and have equipped our practice with the latest instruments and equipment.

Our main areas of expertise include reliable tooth repair using painless LASER and microscope-assisted root canal treatment, or periodontal treatment with LASER and bone augmentation to give teeth a firm hold. As a further main focus of our practice, we offer senior-friendly dentistry for teeth that have already achieved a lot. In addition, children and adolescents are in loving hands through our focus on pediatric dentistry. The introduction of artificial tooth roots (implants) and their restoration with esthetic dentures represent another focal point of our practice, on which we specialize.

In addition, our range of services ranges from professional tooth cleansing, which is recommended as medically useful by Stiftung Warentest, to necessary teeth-preserving measures such as restorations to state-of-the-art LASER treatments.

As a special feature of our younger visitors we have our toothbrushing school in order to provide your child with a suitable brushing technique and good oral hygiene as well as to prevent holes.

With our dental prosthesis manufactured in our own dental laboratory, we offer you a wide range of possibilities, from the smallest inlay supply to large denture solutions, if these are necessary.

Our aesthetic dentistry services give you the opportunity to get back a radiant, even smile through beautiful teeth. With our gentle whitening of your teeth (bleaching) or through thin, ceramic veneers (veneers) your teeth can radiate again in new splendor. Smaller dental malocclusions can be corrected almost invisibly by the modern method with transparent tooth correction splints.

Our rails are designed to protect your teeth from excessive wear and tear caused by unconscious or nocturnal crunching or pressing. Other splints prevent snoring and can protect against respiratory failure.

Especially in the age between 18 and 55 years, an above-average number of women but also men of temporomandibular joint discomfort (CMD = cranio-mandibular dysfunction) affected in the form of rubbing and cracking, tensions of the masticatory muscles and radiating pain in the shoulder and shoulder Show your back. With the completely different forms and causes of the discomfort, treatments tailored to your needs come into their own.

Sport is for many an important balance to school, work, parenting and stress in everyday life. However, one must know that dental accidents are among the most common permanent sports injuries. Many teeth can be protected from damage by a suitable sports mask that has been made by us.

Increasing numbers of artificial substances and environmental factors increase the number of allergies and intolerances among a growing proportion of the population. Therefore, more and more of our patients also want the certainty that your new dentures will tolerate problem-free, in which you will be confirmed before manufacturing the compatibility with an allergy test.

Our scope of services also includes brush strokes to allow the gentlest of gum changes to be examined and clarified with the utmost care.

Many, especially younger patients want to crown their smiling smile with a tooth jewelery stone. We have these in stock in various sizes, shapes and colors.

In order to pass on our successful treatment techniques and concepts, we offer training for dentists and interested groups, nursing homes, the dental industry and the dental associations on various topics.

Together with our many years of experience and our various main areas of activity, we know only one goal: to fully inspire you with a successful, permanent dentistry for your health, because your radiant smile is important to us!

Your dental practice Stecher in the Elbe suburbs.

Cover photo: Michaela Kuhn

Dr. med. dent. Torsten Stecher · Endodontics (root canal treatment) · Implantology

Dentist Kathrin Stecher · Periodontics (gum treatment) · Senior dentistry

Rissener Dorfstraße 56 · 22559 Hamburg · Tel: 040/81 49 42 · S1, stop: Rissen · bus line 286, stop: Rissener Dorfstraße

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