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In our practice you will find a broad spectrum of modern dentistry. In addition to all known types of treatment, such as fillings or the fabrication of dental prostheses, you will find some of our focal points explained in more detail here.

On request, we can carry out treatments under general anaesthesia in our practice together with an experienced anaesthetist.

We have already tried many bleaching methods and let many be again. But this method has convinced us very much. The results are impressive.

Directly in the dental office, 1 session, 1-3 cycles a 15 min… and YOU have white teeth.

With the Philips Zoom light-activated method, the effectiveness of the bleaching gel is enhanced using a special lamp. This has the advantage that the concentration of the bleaching agent in the gel can be chosen lower and is therefore more gentle to the tooth enamel.

Our teeth consist of a crown and one or more roots. The tooth nerve is located inside the tooth. If there is an inflammation of the tooth nerve (pulp) – mostly caused by caries bacteria – root canal treatment may be necessary. This gently removes infections and protects the body from further penetration by bacteria.

Root canal treatments require a lot of time and care to maximize the chance of success. The aim of a root canal treatment is to remove dead tissue colonised with bacteria and to enable disinfection of the tooth by completely removing the infected interior of the tooth. Read more

Dr. Jens Prasse works as a private and court expert.

Our practice is part of the movement “Drilling? NO THANKS”.

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Slight tooth misalignments can be corrected excellently and uncomplicatedly using the so-called inline technique. The teeth are brought into the desired position with the help of various transparent mini plastic splints that have to be worn in succession. The splints are manufactured in a laboratory in Rastede. Depending on the malposition, the treatment takes 4-8 months.

Jaw joint diseases have a wide spectrum of symptoms: from a restricted mouth opening to joint pain and/or joint cracking, from apparently unexplained head and face pain to tension in the neck, shoulder and back area. Unilateral, unspecific toothache, abrasion of the teeth and exposed tooth necks also indicate a dysfunction of our chewing organ.

For many years we have been interested in cranio-mandibular dysfunctions (CMD), the functional conditions of the chewing organ and the various therapeutic approaches.

Today, healthy and beautiful teeth are more important than ever. That is why an appointment with a prophylaxis assistant for professional tooth cleaning is part of a six-monthly check-up appointment with the dentist. Prophylaxis means prevention. Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. During a professional tooth cleaning all teeth are cleaned, hard and soft plaque is removed, discolorations are removed, the interdental spaces are cleaned, the teeth are polished and finally fluoridated.

During the prophylaxis session, you will also receive lots of valuable tips for your home regarding oral hygiene, nutrition and dental health. Up to the age of 18, prophylaxis sessions are paid for by statutory health insurance. For adults it is a small but very effective investment in oral health.

Who doesn’t know them, the somewhat too grey metal-ceramic crowns, the dark metal edges on the gums or the flashing full cast crown on the molar? A purely all-ceramic restoration without any metal is an aesthetically demanding solution without functional losses. Crowns and partial crowns, inlays, veneers, single-span bridges with only one missing tooth can be fabricated today without metal, only from ceramics. In addition to the better appearance, the all-ceramic restoration offers another great advantage: the teeth can be ground much more gently. It is not necessary to sacrifice so much hard tooth substance. Thanks to the latest technology with the Cerec 3D machine, we are able to produce crowns, inlays, veneers, etc. which consist only of ceramic.

An infection of the dental bed is multifactorial in its cause, it is strongly influenced by systemic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, age, oral hygiene, nutrition, genetics, smoking behavior, specific pathogens, etc..

The aim of periodontitis therapy is to eliminate the main germs by cleaning the root surfaces and removing the pathological biofilm. Read more

Today implants are a very safe and durable method to replace lost teeth or to anchor dentures firmly and reliably. However, the dentist should be intensively trained and experienced in this field.

With Dr. Jens Prasse we have a specialized dentist in our team, who is trained and certified according to the rules of the DGI. He has an extensive range of experience. Therefore, we can offer you solutions from a single source even in complex cases with bone deficiency in the upper and lower jaw or in aesthetically demanding situations. Of course, we also offer this treatment under general anaesthesia. Find out how much quality of life an implant can give.

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