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Tips for our patients

1st recall:

A “recall” is a practice-organized patient re-ordering service,

  • which require special care due to an increased caries or periodontitis risk
  • which have been included in special follow-up programs (e.g., after periodontal treatments, implant restorations, etc.)
  • for which a professional tooth cleaning is particularly important due to general pre-existing conditions (diabetes, heart valve replacement, tumor patients, etc.)
  • who want to keep their naturally healthy or refurbished dentition above average for a long time,
  • attach particular importance to her well-groomed appearance.

In practice, the recall program runs in such a way that, after the content has been determined, the patient is automatically requested by the practice to provide follow-up / control in agreed regular intervals.

2. Repair service for dentures:

We offer a repair or relining of a detachable construction on the same day if delivered before 8:45 am on the same day. This is made possible by a separate messenger service, which significantly reduces delivery times.

3. Denture cleaning:

Please use our laboratory prosthesis cleaning and treatment. Within two to three hours, each prosthesis can be exempted from hard and soft coverings, including the resulting discoloration, by appointment. However, this procedure is not suitable if the denture materials themselves are discolored, here only helps the replacement of the affected materials.

immediate implants

The term "immediate implant" describes a procedure that makes it possible to replace a no longer worthy tooth by an implant after its removal in the same session. This is always predictably possible if the surrounding tissue of the tooth is inflammation-free and sufficient own bone is available. The immediate introduction of implants is a relatively new procedure.

Loss of the last teeth

With beautiful and solid teeth sure talk, laugh, bite and chew. Who does not want that? Often the changeover to a removable denture (especially if one’s own teeth were still in function) is experienced as a noticeable loss of quality of life. Among other things for this group there are tooth reconstructions in which the palate remains uncovered as in the natural dentition.

Please contact us if you see any problems here.

removable stable-base prosthetics

"stable- Base” describes one of the traditional forms of care with removable dentures. Its objective is to treat its own teeth in a manner that is gentle on the substance, by reducing the number of abutments and in the long-term nature of care by excluding future changes at the base.

Aesthetic dentistry / beautiful teeth

The so-called "Aesthetic dentistry" Focusing on the desire of many patients to largely hide dental changes on the teeth or jaws (often in the context of dentures, tooth preservation, zhanbetter diseases or orthodontics) for others, or conversely, to significantly alter and improve the cosmetic effect.

Periodontitis / gingivitis

Inflammatory periodontal diseases are the result of infection with a range of pathogenic germs that derive their energy from food and their presence and metabolism ultimately leads to bone loss and the destruction of the periodontium with tooth loosening and tooth loss. Chronic periodontitis is always preceded by gingivitis, which does not affect the bone.

Peri-implantitis / inflammation in the implant bed

Inflammations on implants are closely related to the causative agent of periodontitis in terms of triggering germs. As here, bone loss is always preceded by inflammation in the mucous membrane (mucositis). However, it differs significantly in the course of a periodontitis on the tooth, because it very quickly, the first signs are not appreciated, comes to large-scale bowl-shaped burglaries around the implant.

Restorations made of milling ceramics

In the so-called Cerec method I am dealing with a computer-assisted production method for primarily full-ceramic reconstructions mostly on individual teeth, ie fillings, partial crowns, crowns and veneers. It is possible to realize the production in a single session, since the construction can be milled out of a solid ceramic block via a connected milling unit.

Dentures, crowns, bridges, prostheses

The following information includes dental prosthesis designs such as crowns, bridges, partial dentures, and total restorations, as commonly found on both natural and artificial teeth. Special features of dentures in the esthetic zone

Recessions to tooth and implant

Gum Disease

The causes can be many:

  • Predisposition (the teeth are too large in relation to the available bone bed, the covering gums are usually very thin),
  • Positional anomalies of the teeth,
  • faulty oral hygiene (in case of faulty technology, the plaster tooth pressure causes the bony tooth as the gums "weggeputzt"),
  • Piercings at anatomically unfavorable place
  • Consequence of inflammation, especially in thin biotypes.


Caries, periodontitis and peri-implantitis as an infectious disease

Much of the damage to dentition in Central Europe is caused by caries and gum disease or by inflammation in the area of ​​the periodontium. Generally speaking, these damages are caused by an unfortunate alliance of

Tooth preservation with fillings and partial crowns

There are a plethora of very different restorative materials and fastening techniques. When deciding which material is best for you, consider the following considerations:

Plays the fill color a role?

What length of time do I expect from the supply??

Periodontics, periodontitis, periodontitis

On the other side of the fortieth year, more teeth are lost due to damage to the periodontium than caries.

Periodontal diseases are the result of inflammatory changes in the periodontium with loss of supporting tissues or a noninflammatory decline of gums and bones (recessions). Very often these are combinations of both.


We predominantly use full titanium screw implants that have been in clinical use for decades (clinical use on patients began in 1965). For each indication, a suitable screw is available with different lengths, diameters, surfaces, designs (parallel-walled / conical), helical pitches, etc. More recently, zirconium oxide (Zr0) all-ceramic implants have been used in selected cases.

tissue regeneration

A tissue regeneration goes far beyond one "normal" Wound healing out. While “only” an inflammation-free and stable tissue is the goal here, the destructive process should be completely or partially reversed by regenerative techniques, ie new tissues in their original form and function should be created by means of the body‘s own forces. For this purpose, a wound is usually produced.

TMJ and muscle pain

Please contact us if you have noticed opening or closing noises in the temporomandibular joints, if pain, even headaches, are plaguing you.

Tooth preservation by root canal treatment

The healthy tooth has vessels and nerve fibers for its supply. As a result of very strong or long-lasting stimuli, as e.g. By bacterial strains in dental caries, deep or leaky fillings and dental crowns or mechanical stimuli such as impact on the tooth substance, etc. can be caused, it can lead to an irreversible inflammation or death of the nervous and vascular system.

Stress- and fear-free treatment

We endeavor to make these as stress-free as possible for our patients, even in complex treatment procedures. Nevertheless, the use of additional adjuncts, such as the use of nitrous oxide, sedation or general anesthesia may be appropriate. This is especially true for anxiety patients.

Pediatric dentistry

For parents of children from 0 to 18 years: information on proper home prophylaxis, choice of dental food, professional prophylaxis in the dental office. A roadmap for healthy children‘s teeth.

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