Setting your coffee machine correctly: from grind to fill quantity

When the coffee from the fully automatic machine If the espresso doesn’t taste the way you want it to, it’s usually because of the settings – after all, the machine only does what you tell it to do.

And here you’ll learn exactly how you need to make a correct adjustment of the fully automatic coffee maker to make sure that what comes out tastes. Because perfect coffee is no coincidence and you can find out now which parameters really matter – either to read or as a compact video!

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The espresso setting on the fully automatic machine as the basis for good coffee

First let’s take a closer look at what is actually a perfect espresso what makes. because it is the basis for all popular coffee specialties, such as lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white and more. Recipes of all coffee classics and the hottest coffee trends can be found in the coffee knowledge blog on our homepage.

In the following, we take a look at the settings on the machine itself, like the grind on the fully automatic machine, the throughput time and the temperature. Finally, here’s a helpful checklist on how to get the best out of any fully automatic machine. But now back to the perfect espresso, compactly summarized at a glance in the following table!

The right type of coffee

For fully automatic machines we recommend our espresso roasts. The roast aromas and acids are nicely balanced so that the respective aroma comes to the fore. You can find practical tasting packages at RAUWOLF!

Grinding degree

The water quality

Coffee consists of 99% water, so the clear liquid plays a key role in determining the taste of the coffee. fully automatic machines today have a built-in water filter, which you should change regularly.

The right amount of water

27 ml; usually the minimum that can be set for fully automatic coffee machines

The perfect amount of coffee

single: 10.8 – 12.5 grams

Double 18.5 – 21 grams grams

Set the maximum amount of coffee in the fully automatic coffee maker!

coffee to water ratio

Flow or. Extraction time

brewing temperature

Now you know, what it needs for basics, to make a good espresso. In the following, we will go deeper into the material and look at how and where you can set the the fully automatic machine correctly.

Fully automatic machines in the test

I have tested the premium models saeco xelsis, de longhi primadonna soul and the jura WE6 in the video.

Adjusting automatic coffee machines: these 7 steps are the key to good coffee

We have already said that every fully automatic coffee maker, no matter how expensive, only makes as good coffee as its settings allow it. That’s why you’ll now find the 7 most important levers you need to operate for perfect coffee enjoyment.

1. The right beans

Basically, you can choose between the following preparation methods for fully automatic coffee machines filter and espresso roasts choose. Nevertheless, we recommend our fresh espresso roasts for unforgettable coffee enjoyment from the fully automatic machine. With this type of roasting, the acids are broken down more without building up too much bitterness.

The result is a low-acid coffee with a wonderful fullness of aroma for the perfect espresso, with milk for cappuccino, extended or whatever you like best.

2. Grinding degree for fully automatic coffee machines: the right way to do it

The coffee machine grinding degree can be adjusted manually on most machines. In most cases, you will find a small dial near the bean hopper that can be moved from a small bean (fine grind) to a larger bean (coarse grind).

With modern machines the be able to adjust the grind digitally, simply call up the respective setting on the display.

Adjust grind manually

Set the grind on the fully automatic machine

As for other preparation methods the grind and the quantity determine the throughput time. For the fully automatic machine applies here:

  • The finer the bean is ground, the stronger and more bitter the result.
  • Too coarse a grind, however, can make the coffee sour and give it a little body lend.

Most fully automatic machines grind the coffee unfortunately too coarse and that even with a medium to fine setting. Therefore, always select the finest grind on your fully automatic machine right away!

Rauwolf tip: mostly "fine" is not fine enough! For the most machines under-extract the coffee. You are interested in the topic of grind? Then check out our guide to the perfect grind.

3. Set dosage and intensity

Also the amount of coffee can be changed on most fully automatic machines. In concrete terms this means: how much coffee powder what the machine should use to prepare your drink? To do this, you select the strength of the coffee.

With almost all machines, the be adjusted on the display and with some still means rotary control. The weaker, the less coffee powder is ground for your drink.

Adjusting dosage and intensity

Most machines use as standard too little coffee powder for the beverages. This can be seen in the fact that the coffees then have little body. To counteract this, you should adjust the intensity of the fully automatic coffee maker tend to "strong – more powder is used and the taste is fuller with good quality coffee, without the coffee machine coffee tasting bitter.

Rauwolf Tip: most vending machines work with 6 g of coffee per portion. In order to achieve the fullest body and the best aroma, we recommend that you use our rauwolf coffee a dosage of 11.5 g of coffee per portion.

Determine the amount of water

4. Determine the amount of water

Depending on whether you prefer to make an espresso or a lungo, the fully automatic machine will select a pre-programmed amount of water. However, this is not always optimal, so it should be absolutely controlled and readjust if necessary.

As a rule of thumb for espresso 27 ml and for a lungo/extended/caffe crema 90 ml. With most machines, however, you can adjust the amount of water change it by yourself and adjusted to your taste.

The more water, the weaker your coffee. For large coffee cups, you should therefore not change the amount of water. Prepare a "double lungo" instead. So the coffee is not over-extracted.

5. The right temperature and throughput time

With some models, you can also adjust the set water temperature manually. The aromas develop best at 89-95 °C, depending on the roast. Our RAUWOLF coffees need exactly 93 degrees to develop their full aroma. Use this temperature as a guideline for your coffee preparation with the fully automatic coffee maker.

In addition to the grind, the amount of water, and the temperature, the cycle time an important parameter, when it comes to the perfect setting on the fully automatic machine. A good guideline for most machines is the following:

Adjust the grind so that ideally you have a cycle time 27 seconds Reach. Unfortunately, this only works with a few fully automatic machines and the throughput time cannot be set directly, but is a the result of the interplay between grind and coffee quantity. Nevertheless, you can try to get close to this value.

6. Clean your fully automatic machine for the best coffee taste

Will the fully automatic machine cleaned regularly and correctly, this will affect the taste of the coffee. Proper cleaning includes the care of all surfaces, the drip tray, the water tank and the brew group.

the latter is inside the machine and can/should not be removed from every machine. Some modern coffee machines have an automatic cleaning program that cleans the brew group well.

We recommendFollow the cleaning recommendations in the instructions for use. Depending on the hardness of the water, limescale will settle in the machine sooner or later. As this influence the quality of the hot beverage, you should descale the fully automatic machine at least once a month. But please use only use the products recommended in the instructions for use for cleaning.

7. Do not leave the coffee beans in the machine too long

Coffee tastes always better, the fresher it is. Therefore, you should also make sure that the coffee beans are not simply left in the bean hopper of the fully automatic machine, as the beans lose their aroma very quickly in the air. This is because many bean hoppers have a large capacity, and if all the beans are then filled into it, they should also be be consumed as soon as possible.

Rauwolf Tip: fill the container with only as many beans as you need in one day. In our resealable packs, your coffee stays fresh!

Coffee for fully automatic machines

Setting the fully automatic coffee machine correctly: the ultimate checklist at the end

So that you setting your fully automatic coffee maker correctly whether at home or in the office, you must pay attention to the following points, which we have packaged for you as a checklist. Because with these settings on the fully automatic coffee maker nothing stands in the way of perfect coffee!

  1. Set the grind of the coffee machine as fine as possible.
  2. The brewing temperature of the fully automatic coffee machine should be 93 degrees celsius for RAUWOLF coffees.
  3. When it comes to the amount of coffee, the following applies: the more, the stronger the coffee tastes, and for fully automatic machines, this means selecting the maximum amount of coffee in the settings.
  4. For fully automatic coffee machines, the quantity per cup for espresso should be 27 ml.
  5. The extraction time is 27 seconds.
  6. Clean your fully automatic coffee maker regularly according to the operating instructions.
  7. And when it comes to coffee beans for fully automatic coffee machines: go for espresso roasts fresh directly from the roaster!

Have you already tried our tips? Do you still have questions about the settings of your fully automatic machine or have we forgotten something? Share your experience feel free to comment and let us know about it!

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