Shaun the sheep – the film

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Release date: 03/19/2015
Rental: StudioCanal
Direction and script: Richard Starzak, Mark Burton
Actors / actresses: With the voices of Justin Fletcher, John B. Sparkes, Omid Djalili, Richard Webber, Tim Hands, Nick Park and others.
Camera: Charles Copping and Dave Alex Riddett
Running time: 85 min
Format: Digital, color
Rated: Without age restriction
FBW predicate: Particularly valuable
Age recommendation: 5-10
Grades: 1st to 5th grade
Subjects: Adventure, community, authority (s), freedom, friendship, pop culture, rebellion, travel, animals, city, trust, values
Subjects: German, subject classes, art, ethics, preparatory classes

Sheep also want some fun sometimes. Shaun and his friends get it through a sophisticated plan: first, dog Bitzer is distracted by a sophisticated bait and then the farmer is transported to the land of dreams using the tried and tested sheep counting method. Now the dream of free access to is being fulfilled fridge and remote control and the party can begin – but the nasty pigs really disturb the mood.

The starting point of Shaun the Sheep – The film is therefore a familiar standard situation for the series that has been produced since 2007, which regularly ends in Germany in Germany "Show with the mouse" you can see. In the seven-minute short films that presents "strange animal", as it says in the title song, with its weird >

Shaun’s escapades celebrate the joyful breaking of rules with good will in principle – which becomes even clearer with a length of 85 minutes. Another peculiarity of the series’ narrative style is maintained over the long haul, namely the complete absence of spoken dialogues. Instead, it growls, dodges, squeaks and mows on the soundtrack. The film thus represents a tradition of the W >Shaun the Sheep – The film thematically Chaplins Modern Times (1936), in which the tramp gets into the gears of technical modernism. In Shaun the sheep there is the additional effect that humans and animals meet much better at eye level if the problem of the common language is eliminated.

The sheep also have to deal with the challenges of the technologically and media-upgraded present unplanned. Actually, they had laid the farmer to rest in an old caravan, which then started to move on its own initiative and headed for it size City is rolling. After being driven out of the living room by the pigs, the entire herd sets off to bring their farmers back. Through this expansion of the scope of action, the film also opens up one new Imagery. Its visual >

Author: Stella Donata Haag, March 5, 2015

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