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A wolf in sheep’s clothing

A wolf once decided to dress up to be able to live in abundance. He put on a sheepskin and grazed with the herd after deceiving the shepherd through his cunning. In the evening he was locked up with the herd by the shepherd, the entrance was barricaded and the whole fence was secured. When the shepherd got hungry, he slaughtered the wolf. Some people who have appeared in strange clothes have lost their belongings.

to Aesop (after 600 CE)

The wolf and the sheep

A wolf that had eaten its fill saw a sheep lying on the ground and realized that it had thrown itself out of fear of it. Then he came up and encouraged him: "If you tell me three truths", he said, "I will release you."
Then the sheep said: "First, I would rather not have met you at all. Second, I wish now that you were blind. Third, all wolves may die! We have done nothing to you, and yet you are our worst enemy."
The wolf could not object to this openness, and he let the sheep run.

The fable shows that the truth sometimes makes an impression on enemies.

The black sheep

1. Once upon a time there was a black sheep,
that had white brothers.
It chewed peacefully, silently, and well
The grass of the meadow again.
But the brothers mocked,
Because it was as black as coal.

2. Then tears fell big and heavy,
down in the grass of the meadow.
Every day it grieved more
At the mockery of the brothers.
Because it’s hard to be all alone
To be a poor black sheep.

3. Now a wolf came along,
he howled scary.
Nine white sheep bleated very much
And fled to the area.
Nine sheep fled from the ten,
The black only remained sad.

4. The black animal sneaked up to the wolfe
With a low neck.
Come here, Mr. Wolf! I’ll wait here.
You can grab me quietly.
Complete my resume,
And eat me Sorry on!

5. The wolf started to stand on the spot
Licking your lips.
But the fur, the black fur,
Fills the wolf with terror.

r stands. He’s lying. A leap. Insight.
The wolf flees back to the forest.

6. Nine sheep around the edge of the meadow
Marvel at her brother.
Nine sheep are looking steadily
The wolf, the bad bitch.
However, the wolf no longer appears.
Nine white sheep are amazed.

7. The black sheep was valid for two days
As a hero for his brothers.
It was happy and chewed well
The grass of the meadow again.
But when the third day started,
Then the spotting started again.

The sheep and the wolf

After it roughly met,
That a wolf here and a sheep there
Come together at a stream,
And taken on both sides:

So the sheep said, what am I doing here,
That you with cheeky killing
Always strive for my life,
And slaughter me so relentlessly,
If it brings my accident,
That you succeed in your street robbery?

With nothing! the wolf let itself be heard,
You are very wrong, my good friend,
Because if I try to eat you right away;
It’s not meant so bad.
The instincts do not arise from hatred,
In my inclined to you chest;
Your sweet meat awakens my desire,
I only eat you out of sheer love.

This is how some false friends do it,
He chats about nothing but love,

But then gives the sharpest blows,
When he seems most pious.
But when the wickedness is clearly illuminated,
And you ask him about it:
Is he still so cheeky to say:
It is badly beaten:
But I meant it well.

Daniel Wilhelm Triller (1695-1782)

A short story:

Once there was a shepherd who looked after his sheep in a lonely area. Suddenly a brand new Cherokee Jeep appeared in a large cloud of dust and stopped right next to him.

The driver of the jeep, a young man in a Brioni suit, Cerutti shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses and a YSL tie gets out and asks him:
"If I guess how many sheep they have, I get one?"

The shepherd looks at the young man, then at his sheep grazing peacefully, and says calmly "Okay".

The young man parks the jeep, connects his notebook to his cell phone, goes to the NASA website, scans the area with the help of his GPS satellite navigation system, opens a database and 60 Excel spreadsheets with tons of formulas.

Finally, he prints a 150 page report on his hi-tech mini printer, turns and says: "You have exactly 1586 sheep here."

The shepherd says: "That’s right, choose a sheep."

The young man takes a sheep and loads it into the jeep.
The shepherd watches him and says: "If I guess your profession, then give me the sheep back?"
The young man replies: "Sure, why not."

The shepherd says: "You are a management consultant."
"That’s right, how do you know that?" the young man wants to know.

"Very easy," says the shepherd, "first, you come here even though no one has called you. Secondly, you want a sheep as payment for telling me something I already know, and thirdly, you have no idea what I’m doing here because you chose my dog!"

A story by A. de Mello:

A shepherd pastured his sheep when a stroller spoke to him.

"But you have a very nice flock of sheep. May I ask you something about the sheep? "
"Of course," answered the shepherd.
"How far do your sheep run about a day?" Asked the stroller.

"Which ones, the white ones or the black ones?"
"The white ones."
"Well, the white ones run about 6 km a day"
"And the black ones?"
"The blacks as much."

"And how much grass do they eat every day?"
"Which ones, the white ones or the black ones?"
"The white ones."
The whites eat about four pounds of grass a day ”
"And the black ones?"
"The black ones too."

"And how much wool do the sheep give about every year?"
"Which ones, the white ones or the black ones?"
"The white ones."
"Well, I would say the whites give about five pounds of wool at shearing time each year."
"And the black ones?"
"The blacks as much."

The stroller was amazed. "May I ask you why you have a strange habit of dividing your sheep into black and white on every question?"
"It’s quite natural," replied the shepherd, "the white ones are mine, you have to know."
"I see! And the black ones? "
"The black ones too," said the shepherd.


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