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A covenant for life (IV)


"It’s surely a little strange for you not to know anyone here, isn’t it?" Anne was pleased to be addressed in a friendly manner. "Yeah, I’m a little scared." "Well, it might be a little easier now. I am Yvonne, by the way, ”introduced the stranger from the bus. "I am Anne." "Now you can see the step in a heap because the student representative is elected and the step supervisors present the timetables."
Yvonne led the uncertain, but somewhat relieved Anne into the already well-filled auditorium. There were still a few places left in the middle. Yvonne got stuck to a chair with her right ankle. "Ouch!" They had just sat down when Yvonne held her ankle. She looked down when he missed it: "Crap, now I’ve got a fat jog!" "Can’t you take off your stockings?" "Nah, that’s a pantyhose," scolded Yvonne. "It’s hard for me to take them off here without firing up the boys’ imaginations." But maybe I can help you. "" Can you fix running stitches? "No," laughed Anne, "but I still have tights in my backpack. It should fit you. ”“ Oh, that’s great! ”Yvonne’s face brightened again. "But why do you have tights in your backpack?" "Well, even if you don’t see it like that, I also wear tights under my jeans." Show! ”“ Not here. ”Anne blushed a little because she feared the whole assembly hall might be listening to her conversation. "Okay, we’ll sort it out when the whole thing is over here. Is stupid now because I’m running as a speaker. Hopefully you don’t see the running mesh on the podium so much, ”worried Yvonne.
Two teachers introduced the courses, their times and the teachers. "Ui, we are together in many courses," said Anne. "Yes, I’m also pleased. You really seem to be a nice guy. "
The speaker election dragged on. 15 students applied for 6 places. Anne only chose Yvonne because the others told her even less. She was also elected to the student council.

The school day was over after a good two days. "Do we want to have another coffee?" Anne wanted to get to know Yvonne a little better. "Yes, we can do that, but if you don’t mind, I would like to come back to your offer from earlier." "Which one?" "Well, the tights." "Oh, of course!" "I like it too." not to run around with running stitches. ”Anne put her backpack on the chair to take out the replacement tights. "Aren’t you coming?" "Why?" "You wanted to show me that you were wearing tights under your jeans!" I have to go anyway. "
The two students went to the toilet.

A covenant for life (III)

bus ride

The bus Anne was supposed to use every day was very full when she got on. School transport. She couldn’t get a seat. She looked around a little. Certainly there were also some with whom she would go to college. But she could only look at the faces that were close to her. She looked down. With pleasure she found that she was not the only pantyhose. The three girls she discovered wore a skirt, but what you wear over it was initially irrelevant. A few feet were stuck in ballerinas from which finely trimmed things flashed out. Most of them were wearing fine knee-highs at most. One wore cotton socks to her ballet flats. ‘Terrible’, Anne thought, the problem was not being crushed at the next stop because some students got in again but nobody got out. An uncomfortable bump in the move tore her from her thoughts. "Oh, sorry," she heard behind her. Anne turned and muttered "Nothing happened".

She was blonde and, contrary to today’s beauty conventions, not as thin as many others her age. Anne eyed her as far as possible on the full bus. She looked at her feet and discovered that she was wearing black 7/8 pants, under which brown fine knee-high socks appeared. She also wore dark brown ballerinas. Anne also watched her counterpart. Her eyes also stuck to her feet. Both smiled sheepishly.

After ten minutes the bus finally reached the end station. The Albert Einstein High School was within sight of the stop in a residential area. The building was probably only renovated a few years ago, because everything looked neat and clean from the outside.
"Are you new to our school?" Anne heard in the background. She turned and saw the blonde on the bus. "Yes," she replied.

A covenant for life (II)


Anne stirred nervously in her coffee cup when Birgit came into the kitchen. "Tomorrow." She only noticed her with half an eye, but realized that her sister had had an intense night with Felix. It wasn’t just the rings under her eyes, but also the tights that ran from the right thigh to the calf. About that she was wearing a white nightgown, the white of which shone in the morning sun. "Is there any coffee left?" Anne pushed the almost full pot away. While Birgit was filling her cup with the brown stimulant, she asked her sister if she was excited. Anne nodded. "I don’t know a pig." After a deep sip, the older sister Anne encouraged. "It won’t be that bad. I had the same game four years ago. ”She told about the curious looks of the girls and the eyes that strayed from the boys. Anne listened carefully as far as possible. When she tried to light a cigarette, her lighter fell to the floor. She had to bend down to pick it up. The waistband of her tights was clearly visible. Birgit grinned: "I can see you are doing it right. Drop something at school too and the boys are guaranteed to see what you wear under your jeans. A hinted tights is a very good eye-catcher. "

They heard her father come out of the bathroom. They stopped talking. "Good morning, ladies!" The top button of his white shirt was still open. In his right hand he held the tie that was still to be tied. Either Stephanie, his wife, or Birgit had to do that. He was still unable to tie ties after around 25 years in the job. Birgit stood in front of her father and fiddled with his collar. "Well, you just got out of bed," he eyed his eldest. "Is Felix there?" Birgit blushed a little. She did not hold it against him now that her parents appeared at the breakfast table no less deranged, especially on weekends. In the morning Herbert was always in a hurry and disappeared into the office without breakfast. Stephanie and Herbert were the dream couple they were. Her children learned early on that they still have a lot of fun at night. Herbert put on his jacket, took his briefcase and left the idyllic home. "Good luck, Anne!" He called after his youngest.

The daughters were among themselves again. Her brother Thorsten was still asleep, as was Birgit’s friend. She asked her nervous sister what kind of shoes she wanted to put on. She recommended her black ballet flats to her because her stockinged feet would look better. Anne packed up her things, put on her light brown corduroy jeans jacket and put on the recommended ballerinas. "Good luck, sister heart!" Birgit gave Anne a kiss on the left cheek. She pulled the waistband of her tights a little higher. "Better safe than sorry," she grinned.

Then Anne also left the house.

A covenant for life (I)

The third beginning

The sun blinked into the dimly darkened room. She couldn’t wake Anne anymore. Anne has been rolling back and forth in bed since 4 a.m. She slept badly even though she went to bed early.
A new school year was just around the corner, but that wasn’t why Anne slept. First She had already had enough school days. It was only exciting when she first entered a school as an ABC shooter, and when she first hoped to honor the sacred halls, the Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium, as a hopefully prospective high school graduate. It was not planned that she would leave the venerable school without a high school diploma. The 12th grade was too big a hurdle for her, among other things, so that she wanted to try a new start. The “AEG”, as the Albert Einstein High School was called, should now pave the way to university entrance.
At 19, she was definitely one of the older ones, Anne thought. She was not quite comfortable with the idea, but on the other hand she was glad that the Italian-French combination course was offered there. She failed miserably with Latin and art.
Anne turned back to face the wall to avoid the sun’s face. But the sun was trickier than she was today. Even the wall made her feel uncomfortable for Anne. The clock radio didn’t make a move to get her to sleep, but she decided to get ahead of him.
Actually still tired, but completely scratched up inside, she went to the bathroom. Even her parents, who were usually awake before her, could not be seen in the apartment, which got a lot of sun, especially in the morning. It took around half an hour for the morning toilet, which was more nervous than usual. Anne was distracted by the doorknob. "Oh, sorry," she heard her father, who was the first to open family life during the week.
The clothes she had already laid out in the evening seemed appropriate to her. A green top, a white bra, white panties, and jeans, under which she wanted to wear skin-colored pantyhose, were on the toilet lid. The weather forecast promised temperatures of up to 25 degrees, but she could not convince Anne. Today was a day when security was required. Actually, she needed security every day. Even if she was so thin, tights offered Anne security. The pantyhose today was probably thicker than usual on such forecasted warm days. She dressed in the calm she could have that day. When she came out of the bathroom, she looked at her father, rather irritated. She was no less irritated and headed for the kitchen remotely.

Fantastic stories

… you will soon be able to read here. Fine yarn fantasies known as nylon. Tights and the people who wear them will play the main role.


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