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Shirt Mateo for the child and flower hoodie for the woman

I don’t know how long ago it was that I tried a “new cut” – felt like forever. Most of the time I walk on proven paths and shy away from the experiment. But recently I discovered a cut at Farbenmix that made me curious: the Mateo shirt by Bienvinido Colorido. And when I told you in the announcement post about the Shietwetter-Sew-Along that I have Mateo on my inner list, you were immediately interested in comments :-) Apparently it wasn’t just me who asked myself the question: Does it look cool with the collar or in the end somehow weird? Your comments definitely motivated me even more to try Mateo – and voila, (I think it’s very nice!) I’ll show you today. And for mine Mrs I also sewed, but not Mateo :-), more on that later.

The "Mateo" wrap collar is easier to sew than it looks :-)

So, Mateo: The cut is designed for jersey shirts. The special thing about Mateo is the collar: It is a kind of combined wrap-scarf collar, which, however, does not lie against the neck, but is in principle folded out or folded over after sewing.

In terms of sewing technology, this works in such a way that the collar is cut in two layers of fabric and falls. This long, wide stripe is narrower on one side and wider on one; it is then sewn in between the upper part (at chest level) and the left shoulder part and then stitched all around. Once you understand how the strip should be and where it should start, it’s easy :-) But admittedly I had a knot in my head at first (the instructions could have been a little more detailed at this point … ).

This shoulder piece is cut separately, here you can play with the fabrics!

By cutting a separate shoulder piece on the one hand and the Collar has a “lining” visible at the end, you can play wonderfully with the fabrics. Since the shirt that you see here today is practically my “sample”, I have not leaned too much out of the window in this regard, but have chosen very similar fabrics from a series. (The mint-colored robot fabric "Robot Vibes" from Stick & Style, with its two combination fabrics, was purchased for several shirts at the child’s frequent request. You already know the fabric from this shirt …).

So now my question is: How do you like “Mateo”? I am thrilled myself! I find the collar the shirt quite upgrades and the look fits school children very well. And our son also feels very comfortable in the shirt and speaks very positively about the comfort of the collar. The fit of the overall shirt is also good, but the shirt turns out to be rather narrow – for the successor (yes, it is already tailored!) I admitted a bit in the width.
By the way, you can also optionally sew on a fanny pack, I did not use it this time. From my point of view, it was thoroughly worth it to leave the beaten track! Mateo will take its place here, especially for shirts in the cooler months of the year. I will show you another shirt after this cut :-)
What annoys me with the cut, however, is that the shirt is marketed as a "boys shirt". I don’t understand why at all. Are girls not allowed to have wrap collars? Häää. I am happy to let you explain that to me :-)

My wife’s floral hoodie

So, and then a UFO has landed in the last few days – another "flower hoodie" from my wife. My wife loves floral, especially when it comes to fabrics. And she loves floral hoodies made from Summersweat or French Terry. In spring she also bought the fabric you see here on her own (at the "Stoffsalon", the fabric is called "Vintage Flower off-white", I couldn’t find it online anymore …) and unobtrusively put it on the sewing machine ….

The matching lining material for the hood comes from the rest of the box …

The hoodie was washed and tailored quickly, but then somehow it lay there over the summer and waited – for the shiet weather sew-along, as I now know!
My wife has hardly taken off the hoodie since its completion – the highest praise for me :-)
The cut is (again) the one from this Makerist course here.

All the best!

I sewed on the interventions of the fanny pack with jersey stripes like cuffs.


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