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Guidebook of friendly bloggers

The 2nd edition of the popular Insider Guide covers 122 tips on just under 400 pages and is the perfect companion to the most beautiful, authentic & to explore the most adventurous corners of Bali! The three authors have put their heart and soul into it, including tips for sustainable travel in Bali!

The first comprehensive travel guide to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi! A book with so much attention to detail, with many tips not only to the route, sights, but above all about the culture! We especially like the little stories from locals and emigrants between the travel tips!

Our closest friend Sara & Marco from the blog Love&Compass wrote an eBook about the island next to Bali: Nusa Penida! Should it take you there, we can recommend the book to you as we know the two of them and know that they are writing informative posts and eBooks!

Not an ordinary guide, but a “real guide” to you inform, inspire and entertain. For browsing, reading and browsing during the trip, we can recommend the eBook “Across Peru”! With much love from Anne & Nora, who knows about Peru, creates like in her back pocket!

Sina has asked some travelers including us for the most beautiful spots and experiences in Thailand: The result is a nearly 300 pages thick Collection of the most beautiful spots in Thailand, where there is something for every taste!

A detailed travel guide for Bangkok by Stefan and Flo, two real Bangkok lovers! The two have been tidying the city upside down for years and years all corners and angles are illuminated. You’ll find plenty of tips and insider tips for your trip to Bangkok here!

Sara & Marco of Love & Compass have discovered their second home in Andalusia and have written this detailed travel guide! You will find here nicely designed the best and personal tips of the two for your journey through the south of Spain!

Other products of friendly bloggers

Not only does Katrin run one of the largest travel blogs in Germany, she has also published a road trip diary: for the best memories of your road trip! Included:

✓ Checklist & Tips
✓ Roadtrip packing list
✓ Tips for car hire & camper
✓ Overview of your route
✓ For up to 21 road trip days
and much more!

At last! The new blog is online!

Tidied up, cleaned and repainted! Many contents have been revised, new ones have come to it and our digital home has opened!

Rochester Falls and the family house • Mauritius • Vlog # 168

We stay with a family, go to our first waterfalls in Mauritius and a lizard is also in the video!

EP 011 • Alone on a world tour? Yes or no?

"Would you both have gone on a world trip alone??" If we had realized the dream world trip, if we had not known each other?

So personally we will be in our newsletter! Be there – just enter!
More info!

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