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Your short vacation in North Rhine-Westphalia will be exciting: World-famous sights, amusement parks with world record roller coasters, volcanic landscapes in the Eifel and the most famous carnival celebrations in the republic.

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On a short trip to NRW, you can take a city trip to Cologne or the state capital of Düsseldorf. A romantic wellness break in NRW’s numerous spas? No problem. Active travelers hike in the Eifel National Park or in the Sauerland.

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Popular German regions

The best excursion tips for the NRW short vacation

A city trip to Cologne during a short trip to NRW is not only recommended for the carnival. Anyone who has never been to the megacity on the Rhine could even be a little overwhelmed by the noisy and bustling processions. But no matter when your short trip to NRW takes place, the sights in Cologne are a feast for the eyes in every season.

A visit to Cologne Cathedral is simply a must. From the cathedral plate you either get directly to the city center or you walk to the banks of the Rhine and through the colorful old town of Cologne. At the weekend you stroll through the flea market on the Rhine and go partying in the alternative district of Ehrenfeld. If you travel to Cologne, your short trip to NRW will definitely be exciting.


Hui, that’s classy here. At least that’s what you might think if you strolled along one of the most exclusive shopping streets in Germany. The Königsallee, Kö for short, is probably one of the most famous sights of Düsseldorf. But extensive window shopping is enough to spend his short vacation in NRW in Düsseldorf?

Surely for shopping fans, everyone else should definitely have a look at the Rococo Palace Benrath and the palace garden, walk along the casemates on the banks of the Rhine and eat in the media harbor. But your short trip to NRW’s capital does not only include a compulsory program. There is also a free program.

You drink the obligatory glass of old beer at the longest bar in the world, the old town of Düsseldorf, in a cozy pub and not in a modern bar. If you can’t get too much out of old traditions, you should move on to the student districts of Flingern and Unterbilk.

Aachen and Bonn

It doesn’t always have to be the largest city if you want to discover an exciting city on a short vacation in NRW. Bonn is big, but still spreads a very cozy small town flair. Especially in May, the former federal capital is a real insider tip for a romantic getaway for 2 in NRW.

At the “Rhine in Flames” festival, countless ships sail across the river, are equipped with Bengali fires and create a breathtaking atmosphere. Along the banks of the Rhine there are also countless stands, installations and music shows that accompany the spectacle.

In Aachen, the so-called imperial city of Charlemagne, you should definitely visit the Aachen Cathedral. The UNESCO cultural heritage is also known across national borders. If you are only a few kilometers away from the student city with the thermal springs, your spa holiday in NRW will quickly expand to a trip to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Are you wondering how you can do all of this if your short trip to NRW only includes 2 nights? Quite simply: You drive to Vaals to the border triangle on the Vaalsberg, where Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet.

Palaces Nordkirchen, Augustburg and Falkenlust Brühl, Benrath

Don’t worry, the esthete in you need not fear that he can only visit industrial buildings in the Ruhr area during a short vacation in NRW. There are unexpectedly ornate, impressively decorated and imposingly furnished castles in NRW.

The Westphalian equivalent to Versailles Palace is in the Münsterland. Nordkirchen Castle is an adult moated castle with a gigantic landscape park. If your short trip in NRW leads you to the region around Cologne, it is only a stone’s throw to the castles Augustburg and Falkenlust in Brühl.

The ensemble of Rococo buildings is a UNESCO cultural heritage. Even if you look at the unrealistic pompous staircase in Augustburg Castle, your mouth will be open. You get a particularly nice combination of urban atmosphere and royal chic if you want to take a short walk on the NRW short trip in the castle garden of Düsseldorf’s Benrath Palace.

Top 7 sights for your short vacation in NRW

What highlight region
Cologne cathedral 157.38 m high, most visited attraction in Germany Cologne, Cologne / Bonn
Old town of Dusseldorf "Longest bar in the world“, Enormously high density of quaint pubs and bars Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf and Mettmann district
Aachen Cathedral UNESCO world heritage Aachen, Aachen / Eifel
Zollverein colliery UNESCO World Heritage Site, formerly a coal mine, now a cultural center with numerous museums and galleries Essen, Ruhr area
Beethoven house Birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven Bonn, Cologne / Bonn
Benrath Castle Baroque castle in the state capital with an incredibly popular castle park Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf and Mettmann district
Augustburg and Falkenlust castles Rococo castle with hunting lodge with magnificent furnishings Brühl, Cologne / Bonn

Romantic wellness break in NRW

Be honest: Sometimes you just want to shake off everyday commitments. If there is not enough time and postage for a full-blown luxury wellness holiday, you do not have to make up for your dream of quick deep relaxation: A wellness short holiday in NRW for two over a weekend is an obvious alternative that is more versatile than you might think at first glance could.

The thermal baths in North Rhine-Westphalia are widely distributed across the various regions of the federal state. From the Ruhrpott to Depending on your preferences, you will find the cheapest offer for your short wellness break in NRW. The thermal baths and bathing world of Euskirchen even send you to the tropics.

You can not only bathe in the thermal water and regenerate yourself, but also relax under real palm trees, a convertible roof and in exotic saunas and then cuddle up in your bathrobe. With the right people at your side, your visit to the thermal baths will even become a romantic getaway for lovers in NRW.

Even if you can’t even spend a weekend for the wellness short trip in NRW, you will be relieved of any kind of tension within a few hours.

However, if you are just cycling from your city break in Cologne, you can even visit one of the thermal baths in Cologne. The facets range from an Asian-inspired atmosphere in the Neptune bath to modern and inventive in the popular Claudius Therme.

Short vacation with children in NRW: The most beautiful leisure attractions

Short trip to NRW with action: amusement parks for adrenaline fans

Phantasieland Brühl is one of the best amusement parks in Germany. The reason for this? Different themed worlds such as China Town or Africa, crazy roller coasters with seemingly endless loops or catapult drive and detailed shows in the park.

Regardless of whether you spend your NRW short vacation with children, seniors or the family: Phantasialand is a top leisure activity for your short trip to NRW.

Fans of well-known film and action figures will feel right at home in Movie Park Germany in Bottrop. You not only immerse yourself in the world of Star Trek and Co., but cling to the bracket of wooden and catapult roller coasters with your family during a short break in NRW.

Probably the most special amusement park in NRW is the Wunderland Kalkar. Shortly before the border with the Netherlands, you can actually drive in the cooling tower of a chain carousel that was never commissioned. Guests from the Netherlands often take a short trip to NRW for this experience.

Family-friendly amusement park alternative: summer toboggan runs

If not every fiber of your body cheers, if your children want to ride a roller coaster on a short vacation in NRW, a trip to the family-friendly summer toboggan runs in NRW can be a great compromise.

Do not think, but please, that a ride on a summer toboggan run cannot ruin your hairstyle properly. The carriage, that are either on rails or in a driving groove are only briefly above the ground, so that you are deliberately shaken properly.

In addition, you can easily reach a speed of 40 km / h on a descent. In short: Both adults and children enjoy summer tobogganing on the NRW short trip.

One of the most popular summer toboggan runs in NRW is in the Alpincenter Bottrop. The indoor ski slope is an additional highlight.

If you want to loosen up your active short trip to North Rhine-Westphalia a little, the summer toboggan run in the Sternrodt adventure mountain is a recommendation.

Top 4 leisure attractions for a short vacation with your family in NRW

What highlight region
Phantasialand Brühl One of the most popular amusement parks in Germany, various theme worlds, roller coasters for the whole family Brühl, Cologne / Bonn
Movie Park Bottrop Film and leisure park with series and film themes and roller coasters Bottrop, Ruhr area
Alpincenter Bottrop Summer toboggan run and indoor ski slope Bottrop, Ruhr area
Kalkar Wonderland Amusement park on the site of a former nuclear power plant, fries, soft drinks and ice cream included Kalkar, Lower Rhine

Short trips in NRW’s nature

Game parks for all generations

If your short vacation in NRW includes not only 2, but 3 or 4 overnight stays, it is worthwhile to go out into nature. Urban travel destinations for a city trip such as Cologne, Aachen or Düsseldorf are often surrounded by unexpectedly lively and calming nature.

However, if you spend your short trip in NRW with small children, it can quickly happen that the little ones feel bored with vineyards and mountains in the Sauerland. A great link between nature walks and entertainment for the whole family on a short vacation in NRW is a visit to a wildlife park.

Just before Cologne, for example, is the Dünnwald wildlife park, which has enough space to discover with its area of ​​20 hectares. Another wildlife park in NRW is located near Düsseldorf, the Grafenberg Forest. Children are especially excited about the cheeky raccoons. Parents, however, from the free entry to the wildlife park.

In the Anholter Switzerland Biotope Wildlife Park near the Dutch border, you can observe rare wild animals such as lynxes and wolves in a natural environment.

Short vacation in North Rhine-Westphalia at the lake

"Come on, darling, we’re going on a beach holiday to Duisburg." Anyone who thinks that this romantic getaway in NRW am See is doomed to failure through this statement can rest easy. A total of six lakes make up the Six Lakes Plate in Duisburg.

If you just want to swim or take a walk, it doesn’t matter which of the lakes you choose. Should it be something special? There is an open-air swimming pool with a sandy beach at Wolfssee and a nudist area at Großbaumer See for a short break in NRW am See.

One of the most impressive lakes in NRW is without a doubt the Rursee in the Eifel. In the middle of one of the most impressive national parks in Germany, you can hike on the lake shore and discover over 2,000 endangered plant and animal species.

Are you an animal lover? Then spend your short vacation in NRW with a dog by the lake.

Short trip in NRW’s geological history: stalactite caves

North Rhine-Westphalia is famous for the industrial history of lignite and coal mining. But not only the buddies dug long corridors in the soil of the state. Visiting old mines inspires fans of industrial monuments for a short break in NRW.

But there are also spectacular natural wonders hidden in the ground, which you would not expect at first. 400 million years ago, NRW was covered by a flat sea. The water dug through the layers of the earth and created glowing stalactite caves in NRW.

The Atta cave in Attendorn is 50 meters underground and allows explorers, small and large, to explore a total of 1,800 m of cave passages. It is one of the most visited stalactite caves in Germany.

If you have bad weather during your cultural holiday in NRW, you can simply retreat underground.

If you visit the Kluterthöhle in Ennepetal, you can take part in guided adventure tours between stalactites and stalagmites. Children love to explore the cave with a lamp and a helmet on their heads during a short vacation in NRW.

For adults there is the physically challenging XX-treme tour, where you, under professional supervision, squeeze yourself through narrow shafts in complete darkness.


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