Short christmas poems

Short Christmas poems

Short Christmas poems

The people and the family get closer again during the Christmas season. Contemplation and warmth are in the air at Christmas. You can literally smell it. During this time, Swiss Post has a lot to do year after year, as Christmas gifts and cards are sent en masse.

How about if you too expressed your wishes in a beautiful Christmas card with a short Christmas poem? Are you missing the right words? Or are you looking for a suitable Christmas verse for a companion card for a special gift for the best person in the world? But you are unfortunately not a great poet? Or maybe you just need a suitable text for a business Christmas email?

On this page you will definitely find short poems that express in a few words everything that makes up Christmas: love, warmth, happiness, joy and hope. Imagine the smile on the face of the recipient when he opens the card and the words hit the heart. This is exactly Christmas.

Short Christmas poems

Click through our short Christmas poems. Here we go!

Christmas tree
Do you hear the soft voices too?
come out of the colored candle?
the forgotten prayers
sing from the pine branches?
Do you hear the shy joyful too?,
bright children’s laughter sound?
You also look at the silent angel
with the pure, white wings?
You look at yourself again
distant and strange only as in a dream?
Greet you with fairy tale eyes too
your childhood from the tree?

Christmas snow
This is the old Christmas snow
from my childhood:
it is as soft as if it hurt,
snowed mild pain.

You wonderful white wide world,
how do you fill up with rest:
that slowly falls on you,
the sky covers you!

Don’t you hear it.
Can’t you hear the bells ringing?
Far in the winter calm forest?
You don’t see through fir darkness
Change a shape of light?

When the white flakes fall,
The forest shines with stars:
With the winter solstice,
Children, the Christ child is coming soon.

The tall firs are breathing
The tall firs breathe hoarsely
in winter snow, and puffier
its shine nestles around all Reiser.
The white paths are getting quieter,
the cozy rooms more cozy.

Then the clock sings, the children tremble:
A log cracks in the green oven
and falls in clear thunderstorms,
and growing outside in the flakes of flakes
the white day to eternity.

Now the Christmas candles light up again
Now the Christmas candles light up again
and awaken joy in all hearts.
Dear parents, these days,
what should we sing, what should we say?
We want to wish you holy celebrations
the most beautiful of the beautiful, the best of the good!
We want to thank you for all gifts
and still want you guys better.

Christmas will be for the world
Christmas will be for the world!
But for me – my drain is ordered,
I went on such a night of the year
Once shining on love’s splendor!
And in the childhood Christmas tree
Englein was the first dream!
And from the ice-crystal lap
Get rid of the first flower –
Since then I’ve been watching every year
Not what is still – only what was once!

The miracle of the holy night
Christmas is the big miracle
the forgiving grace of God
it offers eternal life to the lost people.
That is the miracle of Christmas,
that a helpless child will become our helper.
That is the miracle of Christmas night,
that the bright sun shines in the darkness of the earth.
That is the miracle of Christmas night,
that sad people can become very happy.
This is the miracle of Christmas night:
The child takes our life in his hands,
to never let go of it again.

Author: Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

Holy Night
Was born in Bethlehem
a child from the Sem tribe.
And it was a long time ago,
since it was in the crib,
so people are very happy
to this day.
Minister and Agrarian
Bourgeois and proletarians –
every Aryan celebrates
at the same time and everywhere
the birth of Christ in the cattle barn.
(The people alone to whom it happened,
prefer to celebrate Hanukkah.)

War Christmas 1916
Even if there was nothing left on earth
And all empty of joy and love:
The stars remained in the dark night,
The mountains remained in white splendor,
The blissful childhood dream remained
From the gift table and the fir tree,
It was Christmas!
Everyone wants to be humble,
In front of the sleeping Jesus
To be silent children of need.

Christ child or Santa Claus?
What have you got, you parents,
The Christ child done,
That you want to suppress it
Through your Santa Claus?

What is the Christmas magic
The child’s everywhere?
The light-illuminated crib,
The little Jesus in the stable!

Ringing in love through candlelight,
mild, like forest fragrance, the Christmas season.
And a simple happiness sprinkles on the threshold
beautiful flowers of the past.
Hand hugs hand in hand in a narrow circle,
and the old song of God and Christ
shakes with souls and announces quietly,
that the smallest world is the largest.

Christ child
That was once a child on earth,
Christ child comes every year;
comes from the high starry tent,
makes everyone happy and happy!

With children it happily celebrates the day,
where Christ Child lay in the crib;
the Christmas tree ignites everywhere,
awakens organ sound and bell sound.

Christ child comes to poor and rich,
the good guys are all the same to him.
Then thank him and greet him fine,
happy Christchild too!

Hoarfrost before Christmas
The Christ child went through the forest,
his veil got stuck on the branches,
he was frozen in the winter air
and shines like a loud scent this morning.

I walk quietly through the Christ Child’s garden,
a sweet heart is stirring in the heart
The earth is already so richly considered,
what did it bring me?!

Christmas feeling
Approach the jubilant time,
A yearning comes to me too,
Bliss escaped long ago
I think with tears.

Christmas time
Christmas time creates miracles.
In front of the village, covered in snow
Every yard and every house,
Rowanberry, night after night
Carries a hundred little lights, kindles,
They shine far out there.
Pay attention to his glory
Nobody even in the winter horror,
If the wind doesn’t blow it out to him,
All shine in close rows –
Christmas time creates miracles.

The christmas star
A star shines in from the east
with wonderful bright glow,
it is approaching, a heavenly light is approaching,
that breaks in a thousand rays!
Your little star on the dark blue,
that decorates all of heaven’s building
pull back from this glow.
You are all getting tiny!
Hide yourself, sunlight and moon,
that you perched so proudly in the sky!
It is approaching, it is approaching from afar –
from the east – the poinsettia.

Christmas – the best time
Christmas – the best time,
where in the glow of many candles
we should forget about stress and strife –
then peace moves into our hearts!

Christmas tree
Winter is a barren man,
He has a little skirt on from snow;
Two shoe of ice
Are not too hot;
A hat from rough hoarfrost
Makes little heat.

He complains: The fields and fields are impoverished!
He only has the green Christmas tree;
He carries it out
In every house,
In huts and royal halls:
The most beautiful bouquet of all!

The Christmas tree
Radiant, like a beautiful dream,
the Christmas tree stands in front of us.
Just see how golden light
on the delicate balls breaks.
"Merry Christmas" it sounds soft
and a star goes on the journey.
Shines brightly from the sky tent –
down to the whole world.

O Christmas!
O Christmas! Christmas! Highest celebration!
We can’t believe her bliss,
she wraps up in her holy veil
the most blissful secret dense.

night and dreams
Holy night, you sink;
Dreams also fall down,
Like your moonlight through the rooms,
Through the still breast of man.

They eavesdrop on them with lust;
Call when the day wakes up:
Come back, holy night!
Sweet dreams, come back!

Completely filled with bliss
Completely filled with bliss –
Candle happiness and joy.
Glow in the Christmas season
and all fears grow small!

Candlelight and Christmas lantern
Candlelight and Christmas lantern
light up Christmas brightly.
Bells ring near and far,
Peace should be on earth.

O wonder splendor, o winter splendor!
O wonder world, o winter splendor!
now the silent, holy night is approaching.
In heavenly dress on slender deer
Christ Child rides through the snow.

It rides quietly in a gentle step,
Little angel and elf walk along,
and where she smiles lovingly,
Christmas bliss is opened!

Fir trees, tinsel, balls and lights
Fir trees, tinsel, balls and lights,
Baked apple smell and happy faces,
Joy of giving, the heart widens,
I wish you a happy Christmas season!

In Christmas times
I like to travel in Christmas
and I’m far from the children’s cheers
and go alone in the forest and snow.
And sometimes, but not every year,
arrives my good hour,
that I was there from everything,
healthy for a moment
and somewhere in the forest for an hour
feel the scent of childhood deep in mind
and I’m a boy again.

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