Short trip to london with children – tips and sights

Short trip to London with children – tips and sights – my weekend trip to London with child

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. One main attraction is lined up with the others. London has great museums, beautiful parks and a whole new culture, and it’s just an hour’s flight away. I spent an exciting weekend in London with my son. Here are my tips and sights for London with kids.

London Eye

The location is crucial

The location in London is crucial. If you don’t want to spend most of the day on the subway, it’s worth taking a hotel or AirBnB in the city center. On our weekend in London we made the mistake of booking a hotel outside. We felt like we were in the tube for half a day. For a short break in the afternoon we had to take half an hour’s drive. It is worth paying a few pounds more and staying overnight centrally.

Architecture in London

Tube ride with young children?

In London, traveling by subway with small children, buggies, scooters etc. is not always easy, despite the elevators. Lots of people, up stairs, down stairs – all very stressful. It is easier with the bus. Buses can be found on almost every corner in London. There is enough space behind the back door for the stroller.

The famous red telephone boxes in London

Children ride for free

Children travel for free in London on public transport up to and including the age of 10.

Eating out with kids in London

London is very expensive and this is also noticeable in the restaurants. But if it doesn’t have to be that chic, there are a lot of pizzerias, sandwich snacks and falafel stalls in London.

But London has more to offer. We found the many street food and food markets particularly great. A small selection of our favorites.

Tower Bridge in London

Borough Market in London with children

The Borough Market is one of the largest food markets in the world city. It is below the London Bridge pillars and around them. The market offers high quality products from across the UK. If you have gone through once and feasted on all the tastings of cheese, bread, cakes, cookies and Co. and are still hungry, you will go straight to the Green Market. On the Green Market, which belongs to the Borough Market, one food stall is lined up with the other. I highly recommend the vegan burgers.

The Acklam Village Market in London with children

If you are traveling with children in Notting-Hill, you should not miss the Acklam Village Market. At the end of Portobello Rd., Where most of the tourists are walking back, you shouldn’t turn back. The street food market near Ladbroke Grove Station is a bit more alternative and less crowded as the Borough Market. There is great paella and many other international dishes. The best street food in London.

Acklam Village Market

Pret A Manger – reasonably healthy fast food

For a little snack in between, you can rely on Pret A Manger. The Pret A Manger Bistros can be found almost everywhere in London and offers delicious soups, sandwiches, cheese macaroni and fresh juices.

London with children – sights

If you are in London, you will not be able to avoid the main sights such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. You simply cannot overlook these giants.

Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross London

The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace is very popular with children

Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace is particularly exciting for children and also free of charge. During the summer, the changing of the guard takes place at 11:30 a.m. In winter only on odd days. Together with a thousand other onlookers, we pushed behind the barrier and could hardly see anything. Since most of the things happen in the yard, behind the fence at Buckingham Palace, it’s worth being there in time to get the best seat.

Changing of the Guard in London

Walk in Green Park and St. James Park at Buckingham Palace

The two parks around Buckingham Palace invite you to go for a walk in good weather. Beautiful playgrounds, for large and small children and many birds and squirrels do not let the little ones get bored. We really enjoyed the beautiful autumn weekend in the parks.

Top London attractions with kids – London Eye, BigBen, London Tower, Tower Bridge and so on

We deliberately left out all these great things and only enjoyed them from the outside. The waiting times at the ticket counters are simply too long. London is felt to be the most visited capital of Europe. If you want to see the top sights that London has to offer without stress, you either have to bring a lot of time with you or dig deep into your pocket and buy tickets without queuing in advance. We didn’t have either.

Our top attractions in London

There are certainly no more secret tips in London, but I will tell you what you can do in London with kids without having to wait long.

HMS Belfast is a must for all boys

The HMS Belfast is a British warship, which is not far from Tower Bridge and belongs to the Imperial War Museum. Visiting HMS Belfast was one of our highlights in London.

HMS Belfast

The life of the crew was reproduced on a total of nine decks on the ship. In the kitchen, a cook is pushing bread into the oven while the ship’s own hospital is operating and mail is being distributed in the post office. Touching and climbing is allowed here.

The ship probably still looks exactly like it did then. You can climb into the engine room on the lower decks and play the ship’s captain on the upper decks. Even after 3 hours I hardly got my son off the boat. The thing is gigantic and there is a lot to see.

The Tate Modern – brilliant destination for bad weather in London

Behind the Millennium Bridge, which is a pure pedestrian bridge, is the Tate Modern. A gigantic art museum for modern art, in a really nice factory building.

You have to bring a lot of time to this museum. Various exhibitions and installations are located on several floors. Shops, bar, café and a viewing platform with a 360 degree view of London. The Tate Modern is the ideal excursion destination in bad weather and also free of charge. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to see everything and will definitely try again and come back here. So far this is the most beautiful modern art museum I have been to.

Shopping in London with kids

Children will be happy between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. In the gigantic M&M store, there is M&M´s in all colors and color combinations.

Directly opposite is a large Lego shop, a Nickelodeon store and a few other shops for kids. The prices, as everywhere in London, are quite high. In the M&M Store has toilets in the basement. For a break in between and a bag of M&M’s worth the detour.

Travel safely to London with kids

My advice for all Parents traveling in big cities with children. It happened to me once that I lost sight of my son when he was younger. Since then I have always tied a bracelet with my cell phone number around my wrist. At 10 years old he is out of his age and can memorize my number. When he was younger, the bracelet gave some security, especially as a solo traveler with a child. There is the "official" bracelet, which can be used several times or simple festival wristbands for little money in different colors.

Have you been to London with children before? what did you liked the most? I appreciate comments &# 128578;

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