Short vacation with children, short trip with rewe

Short vacation with children, short trip with rewe

Short vacation with children

The holiday season begins in May. Take the opportunity and treat yourself to a short break! If you take vacation on the bridging days, that means extended Short vacation with the family nothing more in the way. A little further journey is also worthwhile if you have a long weekend available.

Where do you want to travel?

When planning a short trip with a child, the time and type of arrival play an important role. If the chosen travel destination is reached quickly, quarrels are avoided. If you have one package tour booking, the type of arrival has already been determined. You can also reserve a holiday home or hotel room. The self-drive can be done by train, long-distance bus or with your own car. In this case, Germany and the neighboring countries are particularly recommended as a travel destination.

A weekend full of adventure

Promise exciting vacation days with a wide range of entertainment Adventure hotels and holiday parks. Extensive animation is very important in these hotels, so that your children are guaranteed not to get bored. Are very popular Resorts with an aqua park, because even in the cooler seasons there are no limits to bathing pleasure. At the North and east Sea there are numerous holiday resorts within Germany for an exciting short vacation with the family.

Vacations on a farm

You and your children can gain many new impressions if you take a long one Weekend on a farm spend. In Bavaria You will find numerous inns, surrounded by flowering meadows and imposing forests that are on the family holiday have specialized. The peculiarities of these pensions usually include a petting zoo, riding lessons, horse rides or horse-drawn carriage rides are also offered.

Book a short vacation with children cheaply

Are attractive for spontaneous people Last minute short trips. If you want to travel spontaneously, you can make remarkable bargains. So you can enjoy the full service of a high-class hotel while protecting your vacation budget. Both for package tours and when booking with your own arrival are cheap Last minute deals available. With REWE Reisen you save money.

Adventure trips with a visit to the park

Your short vacation with children will be spectacular if the trip is a visit Animal or amusement parks includes. You can find corresponding offers at REWE Reisen – from a cozy visit to the zoo, where your children can marvel at exotic animals or get up close in the petting zoo, to an action-packed stay in Europark or Disneyland.

A trip by air is worthwhile for a short vacation with the family

A long-haul flight is certainly not appropriate for a multi-day trip, but there are many great destinations in Europe that can be reached by plane in a few hours. The Mediterranean Sea invites you to take a dip in the waves even in late spring and autumn with warm temperatures. Family-friendly vacation countries that are for you Short trip with child offer are Italy and Croatia.

Tips for your short trip with a child

This is especially important when traveling on vacation with an infant or toddler checklist essential for luggage. Even if you are only on the road for a few days, there are some things to think about. Especially when traveling abroad, it is important that you do not forget anything, because what is left at home may not be available in the holiday country. Pack clothing for every weather, think of baby food and care products. Comprehensive sun protection is particularly necessary for a beach holiday. Vote that travel pharmacy depending on the needs of your children. You should also take along toys, painting utensils, radio plays or the like that your offspring can take care of during the journey. Likewise, the favorite cuddly toy, the cuddly blanket and a night light belong in the luggage so that your baby can also sleep happily on vacation.

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