Short vacation with children: the most beautiful travel destinations

Short vacation with children.

All really important information on how a short vacation with children is a highlight can be found here:

Short vacation with children

A short vacation with children is a highlight for the whole family. But such a trip can quickly become a stressful event for the parents. We give you useful tips to prepare yourself and the children perfectly for a relaxing holiday.

Useful tips for a short vacation with children.

Good planning is half the battle.

Plan your short vacation in good time! The more leeway you have in advance, the more relaxed you can go about it and there is no risk of forgetting important things. Find out about the local conditions on the website of your destination in good time.

First, find a hotel that you can use as the starting point for numerous excursions and activities. Make sure when booking that the hotel is child-friendly. Read hotel reviews carefully and decide which points are important for you and your family.

Unfortunately, a short vacation with children always includes travel, which can become a real stress factor for everyone involved. But it is also important to remedy this and make the trip as entertaining as possible, especially for the children.

Arrival by bus or train

If you arrive by public transport, this usually means a relaxed start to the holiday, you don’t have to expect the long traffic jam on the highways.

The advantage of this way of traveling is that you, as parents, can fully concentrate on your children. Find out about special offers from Deutsche Bahn. Children up to a certain age often travel free or at a reduced price. The railway provides separate compartments with play corners especially for parents with children.

But also keep in mind that you should plan enough buffers for transfer times with children, because the train is not always on time and the platforms are right next to each other. Also make sure that you find a suitable and safe parking space for the stroller if necessary. This is not always easy!

One disadvantage is local mobility. Make sure that your hotel is connected to public transport. Ask specifically for a hotel pick-up and delivery service to train stations in the area. It can also be interesting to take a rental car for the duration of your stay on site. So they are always mobile and reach even the most remote places.

Arrival by car

Of course, you can also enjoy a relaxing short vacation with children when you arrive by car, because you are flexible in terms of time and location. Here, too, there are important tips for planning ahead, which will make your journey with the little ones relaxed.

Plan the route in advance and pay attention to intermediate destinations such as rest areas, because children should drink a lot during a trip, which in turn often leads to pipip breaks, which you should definitely consider in your time schedules. Combine the small breaks with playful elements to encourage the children to move. The onward journey is then accompanied by new energy and whining children’s voices cease immediately.

Also consider in advance when you want to arrive at the destination and whether it makes sense to start at night. The advantage is that the little ones sleep and you can start your short vacation in peace. Check vacation times in other (federal) countries and avoid going on vacation when everyone else is doing it. Even if parents are often dependent on vacation times for a short vacation with children, do not drive directly on the first vacation weekend, but rather two to three days later.

Car safety plays a major role. Avoid risks by taking the car to the workshop for a check-up if necessary before driving. Child seats guarantee perfect traffic safety for the little ones. It is best to pack the car the day before departure and do it systematically. Keep in mind that you should stow things you need while driving.

The most popular attractions in the Schloss Thurn adventure park

For a relaxed trip to a short vacation with children:

Take enough food and drink with you, because rest areas or on-board restaurants often leave the wishes of the children unfulfilled and are also very expensive. Bread, fruit and water should not be missing in any travel provisions. Of course, small treats such as chocolate and gummy bears can also be taken to reward the children for their good behavior.

Also think of a small first aid kit, because children often suffer from travel sickness, which can make the trip a real pain for everyone involved. In your pharmacy, ask specifically about tablets or chewing gums for travel sickness.

It is very important that children do not start whining. Therefore, be creative and ensure that children are entertained. A positive side effect: time flies by for you too.

On the one hand, think of little games with which you can keep the children happy. A long list of children’s game ideas can be found on the Internet. But today’s technical aids can also help keep the little ones busy. Take your favorite stories with you on the trip as an audio book or play children’s DVDs. Time passes for the children like in an instant.

Let children take part in the planning

Even if you have the scepter in hand, it doesn’t hurt to include the little ones in the holiday planning. In advance of the short vacation, ask what activities your child would want on vacation. You will be amazed at the valuable tips you will receive. By involving your children, you also increase the anticipation for the short vacation, because the children know all the more what awaits them.

Take a look around the internet with your child, or get yourself a local guide and learn a lot about your little ones’ preferences beforehand. But also remember that the whole family can decide together.

For some travel days, children can also be given two or three options from several activities. So you have the feeling of being involved in the travel planning and having a say in how the holiday goes.

The ideal travel destination for a successful short vacation?

Children often choose to visit the zoo or zoo or an amusement park.
We want to offer you an exciting alternative that combines both, from the Thurn Adventure Park. In addition to numerous attractions and shows, you will also find worlds of experience with animals. There are also opportunities for parents to retreat to our sunbathing areas, for example, while the children can let off steam in the adventure playground.

Increase the anticipation of the children to the climax by including it when packing their suitcases, because this is the starting signal for the holiday. Write a packing list in advance in order not to lose the overview. It is best to summarize important documents such as booking documents and travel plans in an extra travel folder so that they are always ready to hand.

Avoid doing boring things permanently. Culture certainly doesn’t harm children, but think of a varied mix. For example, go to museums where there are children’s areas or where children can interactively touch and participate. Combine seemingly boring activities with playful elements for children. Let the children keep a travel diary in which they report on all activities.

Think negative

A short vacation with children does not always go smoothly, despite perfect planning. Therefore, always think a bit negative in advance, because here too, certain scenarios can only be made to appear half as bad.

Get a first aid kit to help with small emergencies. It should contain cough tablets, fever and diarrhea, nasal spray and eye and ear drops. But of course also plasters and wound cream. Also think of circumstances such as the sun and insects. Therefore, pack sun protection cream, mosquito spray and disinfectant wipes with it.
Depending on the age of your children, the first-aid kit needs to be expanded. Also remember to check the shelf life of the medication.

A child can also experience “homesickness” despite lots of action and fun. Take precautions by taking everyday items with you on the trip – for example, the child’s favorite stuffed animal.

Of course, you know your child and your family best, so our small guide is only intended as a support for a short vacation with children. Always plan your trip in such a way that you can spend a few relaxing and eventful days that you will continue to talk about with your loved ones for a long time. Always set small highlights alternating with recovery phases.

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